5 Best Cycling Headphones in 2017 That Ensure Road Safety!

For Cyclists, good headphones that accompany them in their long rides are very important. The cycling headphones, enable the cyclists to remain motivated during the long cycling periods.

A good pair of cycling headphones is a necessary item in every cyclist's travel kit.

The fact is that the majority of audio equipments and generic headphones you find in the market won't serve you while cycling. You need headphones that won't fall out and effectively isolate the playback from the buzzing noise of the wind. It should also be water and sweat proof.

The headphones should also let you be aware of other vehicles on the road so that you won't be crashed.

Below is the list of best cycling headphones.




Ratings for cycling


Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz - Our pick!




Plantronics BackBeat




TaoTronics Headphones - Value for money!




SENSO Bluetooth Headphones




Photive PH-BTE70



Things to consider while buying cycling headphones

Fit: The headphones should stay in place as you cycle uphills and downhills vigorously. The headphones should stay in place, no matter how hard you are cycling. Some headphones come with ear hooks and others with secure behind-the-neck fit. I'll address this aspect as the post advances.

Water and sweat resistance: You do not need headphones that stop working when exposed to moisture. While riding, you will be sweating. Keeping this in mind, you need to go for a headphone that is at least IPX5 rated and sustains sweat well, to serve you longer.

Windproof: While cycling, the buzzing wind noise should not interfere with the playback. No one desires to hear the buzzing wind-noise louder than the playback.

Safety: The headphones should not completely isolate you from the surrounding noise. You need to listen to music as well as the sounds of the vehicles coming behind you. Nobody likes to hear music at the cost of their lives.

Comfort: As you'll be wearing these headphones for hours while cycling, you need to make sure that they are comfortable. They should also be comfortable when you wear the headphones alongside with your cycling helmet.

Don't worry, after good research, I've put forward some of the best cycling headphones that you can put your hands on.

5 Handpicked Headphones for Cyclists

#1. Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz - Our Pick

Aftershokz as600sg trekz

The Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz uses an innovative way to send sound vibrations through your cheek bones rather than through your ear canals. This uses bone conduction technology to deliver the sound.

The headphones like this are very helpful while traveling, riding, and in some of the scenarios where you want to listen to the music and as well be aware of the things that are going outside. These headphones enable you to listen to music clearly as well as be aware of the fast car overtaking your Cycle from behind.

Due to the technology used, the headphones are very tough and durability is great. The Aftershokz Trekz have 3 buttons - the volume buttons and the multifunction button. These buttons let you control the playback without having to pull up your smartphone while riding.

The headphones are also wireless, so you need not mess up with wires tangling while riding. You just need to connect these headphones to your smartphone with Bluetooth, wear it, and forget it. The Bluetooth range is about 30 ft so that you can have your smartphone in the backpack and wear these on without any loss in quality.

Aftershokz as600sg trekz cycling headphones

As you'll not be putting these headphones in your ear canal, they are indeed very comfortable for a longer time. These headphones also feature a behind-the-neck fit so that it won't cause you any discomfort due to your Cycling helmet. For some people with extra large heads, these headphones seem a little tight.

The PremiumPitch+ feature of these headphones deliver great sound quality and good bass, that too being a bone conduction headphone.

These headphones also come with a mic, the sound quality of the mic is ok while riding, nothing exceptional.

#2. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones

Plantronics backbeat fit

These headphones are most loved by fitness and cycling enthusiasts for a reason. Because they are the best wireless headphones for your active lifestyle.

The design of the headphone is rugged and waterproof. Similar to the previous BackBeat Go 2, the BackBeat Fit comes with P2i coating that offers good resistance against the moisture to the headphones.

They let you hear the things that are going on the road to ensure safety. They won't cause any discomfort as they just sit over your ear canal and won't dig deeper.

The bike helmet strap won't interfere with the headphones behind the neck.

As like that of AS600SG I've reviewed above, these headphones also come with three buttons for volume up, down, and a multifunctional button. These are also wireless headphones and desired by most of the cyclists for comfort.

The headphones also come with a mic, but the quality is not up to the mark. The quality is quite great in silent environments but not during cycling.

The sound quality is great without any noticeable downsides. It's great for casual listening.

#3. TaoTronics Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones - Value for money

Taotronics bluetooth in ear headphones

TaoTronics is one of the most overlooked unhyped brands for headphones. It is the best-selling earbuds on Amazon for a reason.

It offers great value for the money you've spent.

These earbuds boast IPX5 splash proof resistance. You need not worry about the sweat and rain to decrease the longevity of these earbuds.

These are Bluetooth wireless headphones, that come with AptX support. That means the sound quality is comparable to that of wired earbuds although these are wireless. The sound is encoded and transmitted via wireless medium losslessly due to the AptX technology used.

When it comes to sound quality, these earbuds are tuned to perform great in bass and mids frequency range. The earbuds struggle a bit to perform to its fullest in the treble range and has some muddiness in the higher end.

These won't block out much noise. Although they do isolate some sounds, the isolation is not complete even at high volumes. This is good for safety purposes while cycling.

The comfort is good and won't cause soreness like the previous version of TaoTronics earbuds. You can wear these on without any discomfort.

The battery life in these earbuds is quite low, the battery runs out every 3-4 hours of good playback.

The mic is also not that great. You need to hold the mic closer to get a good sound quality.

#4. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Senso bluetooth headphones

These are IPX7 rated waterproof headphones designed especially for an active lifestyle like working out, running, and cycling.

These are wireless and noise-cancelling headphones.

The headphones do a great job of keeping out low-frequency wind noise while cycling. The sounds like vehicle horns can be easily heard at low volumes. These are not the safest headphones for cycling, as you cannot hear the ambient noise while playing loud music.

The ActivBuds offer good comfort for you to wear these on while riding. They are ergonomically designed to stay in place no matter what shape your ears are. The ear tips come with three sizes S, M, and L. So secure fit won't be a problem.

The earbuds offer a good battery life of 8 hours and feature a quick charge feature to get the juice back up within 1.5 hours which is quite great.

The sound quality is good without any distortions for the price. The bass is pretty decent, as these do offer good sound isolation.

These are not the safest headphones for cycling as they do cancel the ambient noise.

#5. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Photive ph bte70

These are wireless headphones that are designed for good comfort while working out, cycling, and running. There's nothing to complain regarding the comfort of these headphones. But headphones do not seem to be ideal for small ears.

The headphones are designed so that they stay inside your ears no matter what activity you are doing. Along with this, the headphones are also sweat-proof which enable you to use the headphones without worrying about the durability.

The bass is great and the mids are very clear. If you are an audiophile, you may feel that treble part has some room for improvement. The treble part distorts a bit at high volumes. The bass part also appears muddy at high volumes.

The battery life of these wireless headphones is 6 hours. That's decent.

These headphones have a good amount of noise isolation. But the wind noise will be an issue with these while cycling. You can clearly hear the sounds around you at lower volumes but not at louder volumes. If you listen to loud music while cycling, the safety would be an issue.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best cycling headphones for the price.

As you may have noticed, the ability to hear the background noise is crucial while cycling for safety purposes. So, buying a noise isolating earbuds for cycling would be a bad idea although they may cancel out wind noise.

I will definitely opt for bone conduction headphones like Aftershokz Trekz or the ones like Plantronics BackBeat, that ensure maximum comfort, safety, and durability when compared to other conventional headphones.

Hope you found the post helpful. Please do share this with other cyclists!

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On March 31, 2017
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I've reviewed some of the best headphones you can buy for cycling and bike riding. I'm sure you loved this guide.

I've reviewed some of the best headphones you can buy for cycling and bike riding. I'm sure you loved this guide.
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