10 Best Cycling Headphones with Excellent Sound and Safety

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Today in this post, I am going to review the best cycling headphones that are highly durable and safe to use.

Cyclist's Favorite Headphone
Aftershokz Air Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Slate Grey
Best Value for Money
Bose SoundSport Wireless, Sweat Resistant, In-Ear Headphones, Citron
Best Bluetooth Headphone for Cycling
Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips, Slate Grey
Aftershokz Air Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Slate Grey
Bose SoundSport Wireless, Sweat Resistant, In-Ear Headphones, Citron
Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips, Slate Grey
Cyclist's Favorite Headphone
Aftershokz Air Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Slate Grey
Aftershokz Air Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Slate Grey
Best Value for Money
Bose SoundSport Wireless, Sweat Resistant, In-Ear Headphones, Citron
Bose SoundSport Wireless, Sweat Resistant, In-Ear Headphones, Citron
Best Bluetooth Headphone for Cycling
Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips, Slate Grey
Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips, Slate Grey

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For cyclists like you, good headphones that accompany your long rides are very important. The cycling headphones, enable you to remain motivated during the long cycling periods.

A good pair of cycling headphones are a necessary item in every cyclist’s travel kit. Aftershokz AS600SG, AS650SG and are the top headphones that cyclists prefer.



Battery life

Audio controls


Product page


6 hrs

Answer/end, play/pause

Dual noise-canceling 


6 hrs

Answer/end, volume



6 hrs

Volume and multifunction button

Dual noise-canceling 


2 hrs 34mins

ANC button, voice assistant



4 hrs

No volume buttons

Decent quality 


5 hrs

Control, volume, and multifunction buttons



7 hrs

Volume and multifunction buttons

Good quality 


8 hrs


Good quality 


9 hrs

Multifunction and voice control



9 hrs

Volume and multifunction buttons


The fact is that the majority of audio equipment and generic headphones you find in the market won’t serve you well while cycling.

And, you know this fact well. That’s why you are here!

You need headphones that won’t fall out and as well effectively isolate the playback from the buzzing noise of the wind.

Your cycling headphones should also be water and sweatproof, though.

The headphones should also let you be aware of other vehicles on the road so that you won’t be crashed.

You can use wireless cycling headphones for other activities including running, gym, and also for workouts.

10 Handpicked Headphones for Cyclists [Both wired and wireless included]

AfterShokz Trekz AS650SGCyclist’s favorite


Aftershokz trekz as650sg


  • Mic included? – Yes, it has a dual noise-canceling mic inbuilt
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Waterproof/sweatproof – yes
  • Weight – 1.27 ounces
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth V 4.2
  • Mic sensitivity – -40 dB
  • Audio controls – Answer/end, play/pause
  • Run time (Up To) – 6 hours
  • Standby time – 480 hours

Sound quality

The impressive feature of the AfterShokz Trekz AS650SG headphones is their exquisite sound. It delivers a premium audio experience, thanks to its Premium pitch plus technology that supports deeper bass quality and dynamic range. Thus this headphone gives you the best ambient awareness.

With this headphone, you can receive crystal-clear calls, thanks to the built-in dual noise-canceling mics located within the AfterShokz Trekz headphones. This provides you with more freedom and convenience when running, cycling or lifting weights.

As650sg noise cancellation

Enjoy uninterrupted music using these open-ear headphones that are great for outdoor and indoor cycling. Considering their affordability and impressive features, the AfterShokz Trekz AS650SG provides the perfect addition to your workout gear.

You can enjoy uninterrupted music by pairing it with your PC, laptop, Mac, iOS, or Andriod by using its Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.


AS650SG has its volume buttons on the right earbud. Without using the app, you can call, mute, navigate through tracks and adjust playback volume. 

The AudreySays voice prompt can guide you through more complex features while you’re on the move. Also, the mic is voice-activated.

Fit and ambient noise

These intriguing headphones utilize bone conduction technology to transmit sound into the eardrums. You might be wondering: what’s the importance of this technology?

Although bone conduction technology provides a less immersive listening experience to users, it boosts awareness of ambient noises in the immediate environment.

This way, you can hear passing cars and other distractions that cyclists and runners normally encounter while on the road.

As650sg sounding feature

These Bluetooth cycling headphones have a distinct wraparound design that provides a secure fit among users.

As650sg light weight and flexibility


In addition, this ergonomic design makes the AfterShokz AS650SG wireless headphones 20% lighter than other similar models. You can wear these headphones for extended periods without tiring – they are the perfect embodiment of stability and comfort.

Weighing a mere 1.27 ounces, these headphones are extremely lightweight and comfortable around the ears – you’ll barely notice wearing them. This comfort is further enhanced by the headphone’s bud-free design. They’re perfect for all types of environments.


AfterShokz ensured that you don’t have to worry about water damage by providing moisture-resistant headphones that can comfortably withstand a myriad of extreme weather conditions. The headphone is both sweatproof and waterproof thus making it one of the best workout headphones.

Running in rainy weather doesn’t need to be stressful. These impressive Bluetooth cycling headphones work effectively in extreme conditions.

Speaking of extremities, heavy perspiration is a rather common phenomenon that people experience when they work out. If you sweat profusely when exercising, it’s important to get a pair of headphones that don’t slip off or damage easily. In this respect, the AfterShokz Trekz AS650SG take the crown.

Battery life:

It comes with 6 hours of decent battery life on a single charge which is good enough for cyclists. It charges fully in just 2 hrs and has 20 days of standby time.

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones Best budget Bluetooth earbuds


  • Microphone operation mode – Omni-directional
  • Audio controls – answer/end, volume
  • wireless transmission range – 33 ft
  • Run Time (Up To) – 6 hrs
  • Battery – rechargeable lithium battery
  • Recharge Time – 2 hrs
  • Weight – 0.81 oz
  • Bluetooth Version – Bluetooth 4.2
Bose soundsport headphones

These headphones are perfect for both outdoor and indoor cycling. They’re equipped with both Near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth technologies that permit wireless connectivity.

Bose soundsport pluse

Since the Bose SoundSport is wireless, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of tangled-up headphones. In addition, they have effective noise-cancellation properties that eliminate wind noise.

Sound quality

Bose SoundSport Plus has powerful bass. You feel this more when you’re playing a trap song, and the kick drops seconds after the song starts. 

The bass is punchy and bold. However, the highs and high mids seem to be a bit muddled. This is partly due to the strong bass.

Bose cycling earbuds

Connectivity options:

Soundsport Pulse are wireless headphones that connect to your device using bluetooth. It is also NFC enabled. You can carry out these pairings by voice assistance.

Mic feature:

When on calls, the mic works well and picks voice with clarity. The mic is sensitive, and therefore picks some background sound during a call. Your voice will be heard loud and clear though.

You can use this earphone with the Bose Connect app to personalize your settings. If you lost your headphones then no need to worry. You can find them easily with the help of the Tile app. 

Fit and ambient noise

Multiple earwings

The StayHear technology used by Bose ensures that the earphones stay on the ears firmly. It reduces ambient noise to some extent, but not completely

Because of the powerful bass, it’s possible that some of the traffic noise is reduced. In this case, you can use maximum sound on one earbud while keeping the other ear free.


Whether you’re on running or cycling, these wireless headphones will fit securely over your ears providing you the maximum comfort.

Bose earbuds

They provide a stable fit, thanks to the StayHear+ Pulse tips that fit safely around the ears to avoid falling off during your workout sessions.


Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones are water-resistant, not waterproof. This means that they work well even with sweat or rainfall, but you can’t wear them swimming. It is sweat resistant with an IPX4 rating. 

The sound quality of Bose wireless headphones is simply outstanding. If you’re looking for wireless cycling headphones that fit perfectly over the ears and sound heavenly, this pair of headphones will not disappoint you.

Bose cycling headphone

In conclusion, the Bose SoundSport Bluetooth headphones provide great value for your money.

Battery life

Bose headphones comfort

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’ll certainly love how the Bose SoundSport will enhance your workouts. These wireless cycling headphones come with a single Lithium-ion battery that takes around 2 hours to charge.

You will get to enjoy 6 full hours of uninterrupted service when the battery is fully charged.

These exquisite headphones provide exactly that. Their long battery life is perfect for athletes who train for hours.

Other notable features

These remarkable Bluetooth cycling headphones are equipped with an inbuilt heart rate sensor that effectively tracks your heart rhythm, allowing you to tweak your workouts and optimize your performance.

These Bluetooth cycling headphones are compatible with a wide variety of fitness apps such as RunKeeper, Runtastic, MapMyRun, and Endomondo. This allows you to track your health quite easily, allowing you to make health-conscious choices.

Bose soundsport earphones

The headphone’s sensor window must touch your skin to guarantee an accurate reading of your heart rate. This sensor is fitted within the left earbud.

However, if your sensor suddenly stops measuring your heart activity, check whether the Bluetooth feature is turned on and adjust your left earbud. You can also use a wet cloth to wipe the sensor window.

The Bose SoundSport headphones are specially engineered to optimize performance. Most fitness buffs desire to get headphones that can provide ample motivation to help them push through tough workouts.

Aftershokz AS600SG TrekzBudget-friendly wireless headphone


  • Speaker type: bone conduction transducers
  • Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB
  • Microphone: -40dB ± 3dB
  • Bluetooth version: v4.1
  • Compatible profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
  • Wireless range: 33 ft (10m)
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Continuous play: 6 hours
  • Standby time: 10 days
  • Charge in: 1.5 hours
  • Weight: 1.27 oz (36g)

Sound quality

The Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz uses an innovative way to send sound vibrations through your cheekbones rather than through your ear canals. This uses bone conduction technology to deliver the sound.

This technology is most loved by many cycling and sports enthusiasts!

These headphones also come with a mic, the sound quality of the mic is ok while riding, nothing exceptional.

Open ear design

The Premium Pitch+ feature of these headphones deliver great sound quality and good bass, that too is a bone conduction headphone.

Due to the technology used, these are very tough and flexible and the durability of these headphones is also great. The Aftershokz Trekz has 3 buttons – the volume buttons and the multifunction button.

These buttons let you control the playback without having to pull up your smartphone while riding.

Aftershokz as600sg calling feature

The headphones are also wireless, so you need not mess up with wires tangling while riding. You just need to connect these headphones to your smartphone with Bluetooth, wear it, and forget it.

The Bluetooth range is about 30 ft so that you can have your smartphone in the backpack and wear these on without any loss in quality.

Fit and ambient noise

Its open-fit design makes you aware of the surroundings and traffic ambiance. These headphones enable you to listen to music clearly as well as be aware of the fast car overtaking your cycle from behind.

These headphones let your ears open to the ambient sounds and make them hear the traffic and the horn of the vehicles.

The headphones like this are very helpful while traveling, riding, and in some of the scenarios where you want to listen to music and as well be aware of the things that are going outside.


As you’ll not be putting these headphones in your ear canal, they are indeed very comfortable for a longer time.

These headphones also feature a behind-the-neck fit so that it won’t cause you any discomfort due to your cycling helmet. For some people with extra-large heads, these headphones seem a little tight.

Comfortable fit

These are bone conduction headphones. The sound quality will be decent but nothing audiophiliac. This is our top-pick as the bone conduction headphones do not completely isolate noise and are safe for cycling outdoors.


They are also water and sweatproof. These are also Bluetooth headphones, BTW unlike our top product AS650SG, it has Bluetooth 4.1 version. It supports IP55 rating and is also best for workouts, gym, hiking, mountaineering, etc. It works well in bad conditions.

As600sg sweat proof

Battery life

6 hrs of battery life

Just like AS650SG, it also has 6 hours of battery life. But the difference is that it charges quickly i.e. in 1.5 hours it provides the full charge and has 10 days standby time. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Sony WF-SP700NCyclist’s favorite truly wireless earbud

Sony WF-SP700N/L True Wireless Splash-Proof Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Sound quality

The mic is pretty good and has noise-canceling properties. The hearing may only be difficult on windy days because the mic is positioned close to the exterior of the headphone. You can enjoy the hands-free calls with its built-in mic.  

Like most true wireless headphones, pairing first occurs between one of the earbuds and your device. The other earbud then pairs with the first one. 

Using the Sony connect app on your phone gives you some additional options, like choosing different EQ settings to suit your taste.


Sony true wireless earbuds

The right side carries most of the controls, enabling you to navigate playback, pair your device, and engage the voice assistant. The active noise canceling control is on the right. 

Keeping just the ANC button on one side makes it quite accessible, and you can easily switch on ambient noise.

By just long-pressing the play button you can integrate the earbuds with Google Assistant, or Siri. 

Sony cycling earbuds

Fit and ambient noise

A firm fit is not an issue with these Sony headphones since the silicone eartips come in different sizes. You’ll surely find a suitable size.

Sony WF-SP700N has active noise cancellation. This means that it can effectively block out ambient sound if you wish. With the push of a button, you can have your ambient sounds back.


Sony earbuds

If you get the right fit, you can use these headphones for long hours without getting irritated. The area covered by the tips will get a little warm, but that’s all you’ll notice.


Even if you sweat a lot, these headphones will keep working like it’s nothing. Also, if it rains while you’re riding, have no worries; your headphones will be just fine. 

It comes with an IPX4 rating. This makes it ideal to use it for running, workouts and at the gym.

Battery life

Sony earbuds with charging case

This is one part where Sony WF-SP700N falls flat. A full battery charge will only last about 2 hours, and 35 minutes. This means it will only serve you well if you cycle shorter distances. With the charging case, you can use it for up to 9 hours.  

Jaybird Run XT

Jaybird RUN XT True Wireless Headphones

Sound quality

Jaybird Run XT’s mic captures decent sound quality. If you’re in a call in a relatively quiet area, the person on the other end will hear you quite well. However, the noise cancellation on the mic may not be quite effective in very noisy environments. 

The Bluetooth streaming quality is clear until you’re up to 167 feet away from your phone. Also, it has no NFC pairing features, so you’ll have to pair all devices the old fashioned way.


For easier connection and control, download the Jaybird Mysound app. It’s available on both iOS and Android. With the app, you get access to different EQ settings and button mapping functions.

Jaybird Run XT has no volume control buttons on the earbuds. That’s strange though because it’s one thing you want on your headphones as a cyclist, so you can turn it up or down without reaching for your phone.

The headphones reduce background noise but don’t completely remove it. Some ambient noise is good for cyclists, so it’s a welcome development.


Fit and ambient noise

Run XT ensures that you have a firm fit, regardless of the size of your head or ears. It has differently sized of both the fins and tips. Try out the different sizes to find out the one that fits best. Ambient noises also get in, especially low-frequency noise, like rumbling engines.

To hear higher frequency noises like car horns, you can remove one earbud, especially when in very busy areas.


The headphones are comfortable for the most part, although you may experience some warmth after hours of use, it’s not a deal-breaker.



It has an IPX7 rating. This means that the headphones can withstand sweat, rain and even an accidental fall in the water. However, it can’t be used for swimming.


Charging case

Jaybird Run XT works for four hours when it’s on a full charge. It’s not much but should serve some cyclists well. Surely not for marathon or cross country cyclists.

Bose SoundSport Free

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones

Sound quality

Call voice quality is loud and clear. The mic uses noise-canceling technology to eliminate background noise so that the person on the other end can hear you clearly. 

The connection is via Bluetooth only, and for some reason, the iPhone playback is smoother than Android. This is not something cyclists should notice, since their phones would be close to the headphones the whole time.

The Bose Connect app gives you additional options, including EQ settings and others. If you lost earbuds you can find them easily with the “Find My Buds” feature.

Bose SoundSport Free

The control buttons are on the top edge of the earbuds. You have the volume controls and the multifunction button in-between. The right earbud has a dual mic that allows you to handle the calls. 

This is achieved by the headphone’s design. You can hear traffic even while playing music with this Bose, although you’ll hear it at low volumes. I’ll advise that you turn down your music a few levels before you set out. This way, you’ll hear your immediate environment as well as your music. 

Fit and ambiance noise

Multiple tip sizes

Extra stability is provided by the StayHear tips. These tips make sure that the earbuds never fall off whether you’re cycling or running. 


Long hours of comfortable use is guaranteed with S/M/L stay hear ear tips. It doesn’t irritate your skin after a long time.


It works well with sweat dripping down your head, even in rainfall too. It is both sweat and water-resistant with an Ipx4 rating.

Battery life

Bose earbuds with charging case

BatteryWhen fully charged, these earphones can keep working for 5 hours. With a charging case, you will get 10 hours of charge.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100


  • Battery – rechargeable lithium battery
  • battery life – 7 hours
  • Integration – Plantronics BackBeat app
  • Headphone design – secure fit earloops
  • Waterproof rating – IP57

These Plantronics BackBeat Fit headphones are most loved by fitness and cycling enthusiasts for a reason. Because they are the best wireless headphones for your active lifestyle.

If you won’t prefer Bone Conduction headphones for any reason, this headphone might be your best.

Along with cycling, if you are a good PC gamer, go with surround sound headphones.

Sound quality

Backbeat Fit 2100 has decent sound. The bass is good, but not something that will excite hip hop heads or EDM lovers. There’s only so much we can expect from the small 13.5mm drivers.

Voice commands:

The voice texture used in the voice prompts is not so soothing. It discourages me from using any voice commands. You can control different functions by simply tapping each earbud. The functions can be differentiated by the length of the tapping.

Pairing options:

You can connect more than one device to these headphones via bluetooth. The pairing button is located on the right earbud. It gives you up to 33 feet distance between your device and the earphones.

As like that of AS600SG I’ve reviewed above, these headphones also come with three buttons for volume up, down, and a multifunctional button.

Ability to hear surroundings

The headphones also come with a mic, but the quality is not up to the mark. The quality is quite great in silent environments but not during cycling.

The sound quality is great without any noticeable downsides. It’s great for casual listening.

Fit and ambient noise

Secure fit earloops provide a firm and comfortable fit. You can cycle through rough terrains without worrying about your headphones dropping off. 

Also, ambient noise is not filtered out of these headphones. You can cycle in busy areas while being well aware of everything that goes on around you.


Earloops fit

They let you hear the things that are going on the road to ensure safety. They won’t cause any discomfort as they just sit over your ear canal and won’t dig deeper. These are also wireless headphones and desired by most of the cyclists for comfort.

The bike helmet strap won’t interfere with the headphones behind the neck.



The design of the headphone is rugged and waterproof. Similar to the previous BackBeat Go 2, the BackBeat Fit comes with P2i coating that offers good resistance against the moisture to the headphones.

Integration with backbeat app

It has an IP57 rating and is both waterproof and sweatproof. It protects your headphones from sweat, moisture, rain, and even the most rigorous workouts.

I am in love with this headphone, because of it’s color. Female cyclists would like to have pink headphones.

Battery life

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100 Wireless Earbuds

It offers 7 hours of run time charge and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery life is relatively high compared to the AfterShokz headphones we reviewed above.

JayBird X4

Jaybird X4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sound quality

Mic audio is clear and crisp, with some noise reduction. The noise reduction is not 100% though, so people may have difficulty hearing you if you’re in heavy traffic. 

The earbuds are designed with thermo-reactive technology that is meant to provide excellent sound.

Jaybird X4

When paired, you should have a clear sound all the way. The Bluetooth connection works well for up to 10 feet. This is more distance that you’ll need when you’re cycling. You will have a clear sound even if your phone is in your backpack.

JayBird Mysound allows you to choose EQ settings and do more. You should choose all settings and mapping before you set out though. I would not recommend using your phone while cycling.

Custom EQ

Fit and ambiance

With multiple sizes to pick from, you’ll easily find a firm fitting combination. Remember to use smaller sizes to allow more ambient sound.

If you use well-fitting eartips, Jaybird X4 gives you a lot of noise reduction. To allow more ambient noise, use tips that are one size smaller. It’s a small price to pay for a less firm fit.

Accessories included with Jaybird X4


Another advantage of picking a smaller fit is that it won’t get too warm in your ears, because there’s space for air.



The IPX7 rating indicates that X4 works well even while you’re sweating profusely or beaten by the rain. These are best choices to use while running, for workouts and gym.

Battery life

You can go riding for up to 8 hours when these headphones are fully charged. If you are a fitness enthusiast you will definitely love these earphones. 

Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics SoundElite 71

TaoTronics Wireless 5.0 Magnetic Earbuds

TaoTronics is one of the most overlooked unhyped brands for headphones. It is the best-selling earbuds on Amazon for a reason. It offers great value for the money you’ve spent.

Sound quality

The bass produced by these headphones is quite good, but not massive. If you want more bass, you can select a bass mode on the app.

When making or receiving calls, the mic cancels some of the surrounding noise, especially wind. However, if you’re cycling very fast on a windy day, you may not get much noise cancellation.

The multifunction button can be used to activate voice control. Simply press it twice when you’re not answering a call. Also, all the controls can be navigated by the three buttons found on the cable that connects the two earbuds to each other.

Pairing options:

Pair up the Soundelite 72 with any Bluetooth enabled device by pressing the multifunction button for 3-5 seconds. If your phone asks for a password, use “8888” or “0000”.

These are Bluetooth wireless headphones, that come with AptX support. That means the sound quality is comparable to that of wired earbuds although these are wireless earbuds.

Aptx technology

 The sound is encoded and transmitted via wireless medium losslessly due to the AptX technology used.

When it comes to sound quality, these earbuds are tuned to perform great in bass and mids frequency range. The earbuds struggle a bit to perform to its fullest in the treble range and has some muddiness in the higher end.

Fit and ambient noise

Ordinarily, the ear clip and tip don’t look like they’ll fit well enough, but these tips and clips come in different sizes. This means that you’ll have a pair that fits you just right so that you will get rid of background noises.

These headphones use Clear voice calls CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology for enhancing the call quality by reducing the ambient noise. This helps you to enjoy your music at the gym, during workouts or while traveling. 

Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Sweatproof Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Earphones 9 Hours Playtime (IPX6 Waterproof, aptX Stereo, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling Mic)

These won’t block out much noise. Although they do isolate some sounds, the isolation is not complete even at high volumes. This is good for safety purposes while cycling. The mic is also not that great. You need to hold the mic closer to get a good sound quality.


The comfort is good and won’t cause soreness like the previous version of TaoTronics earbuds. You can wear these on without any discomfort.

TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds


These earbuds boast IPX5 splash-proof resistance. You need not worry about the sweat and rain to decrease the longevity of these earbuds. Without any worries you can use them for workouts, running, and biking.

IPX6 rating

Battery life

The battery life in these earbuds is good with 9 hours of continuous music. It has 80 hours of standby time powered with a 5v charger.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Senso bluetooth headphones
SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Sound quality

The headphones do a great job of keeping out low-frequency wind noise while cycling. The sounds like vehicle horns can be easily heard at low volumes.

The sound quality is good without any distortions for the price. The bass is pretty decent, as these do offer good sound isolation.

Excellent sound quality

These are wireless and noise-canceling headphones and not the safest headphones for cycling, as you cannot hear the ambient noise while playing loud music because they cancel out the ambient noise.

Senso bluetooth headphones have a wide frequency range (20Hz to 22kHz), but it’s the bass part that is really worth mentioning. The bass is so much that is causes low mids and high mids to sound a bit muffled.

These headphones only support regular bluetooth connection with one device at a time. They can’t connect multiple devices at once. Also, it’s not NFC enabled.

Since Senso has no active noise canceling features, we only rely on the design for noise reduction. It’s actually pretty good. Only bass background sound is not reduced by much. 


Senso has three buttons that control all the features. Two volume buttons are also used for navigating playback. The third button is the multipurpose button which is used for power, pairing, and receiving and ending calls.

Fit and ambient noise

The ear hooks slide over your ear and stay fit. However, they only come in one size, so if your ears are larger or smaller than the rest of us, you may have issues with fit. Ambient noise gets in through the earbuds but at a reduced volume.


The ActivBuds offer good comfort for you to wear these on while riding. They are ergonomically designed to stay in place no matter what shape your ears are. The ear tips come with three sizes S, M, and L. So secure fit won’t be a problem.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds for Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets


These SENSO headphones are IPX7 rated waterproof headphones designed especially for an active lifestyle like working out, running, and cycling.

Senso earbuds

Battery life

Powerful battery life

The earbuds offer a good battery life of 8 hours and feature a quick charge feature to get the juice back up within 1.5 hours which is quite great.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds for Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets

Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Loopilops earbuds

Sound quality

The bass of these headphones is great and the mids are very clear. If you are an audiophile, you may feel that treble part has some room for improvement.

The treble part distorts a bit at high volumes. The bass part also appears muddy at high volumes.

These Photive PH-BTE70 headphones have a good amount of noise isolation. But the wind noise will be an issue with these while cycling.

 You can clearly hear the sounds around you at lower volumes but not at louder volumes. If you listen to loud music while cycling, the safety would be an issue.


These are wireless headphones that are designed for good comfort while working out, cycling, and running. There’s nothing to complain regarding the comfort of these headphones. But headphones do not seem to be ideal for small ears.

The headphones are designed so that they stay inside your ears no matter what activity you are doing.

Loopilops parts and functions


Along with this, the headphones are also sweat-proof which enables you to use this without worrying about the durability.

Loopilops for gymming

Battery life

The battery life of these wireless headphones is 6 hours. That’s decent.

Which style headphone is right for cycler?

Bone conduction headphones

Cycling headphone

These bone conduction headphones take advantage of the technology used in making hearing aids. They are worn such that the earbuds are on your cheekbone, rather than in your ear canal. 

This means that the sound bypasses your eardrum and goes straight for the inner ear or cochlea. 

What does this mean for you?

With such headphones, you can listen to music or whatever audio is playing, while hearing everything in your immediate physical environment. This makes bone conduction headphones ideal for cycling and other outdoor activities.

True wireless earbuds

Wiresless earbuds

True wireless earbuds are in-ear earbuds that connect to your device without cables. Though they usually sound better than bone conduction earphones, they offer some level of isolation, which may not be healthy for cyclists.  

Simply because their earbuds go in through the ears, they will always reduce the ambient sound that you hear. 

If your true wireless earbuds stop you from hearing a lot of ambient sounds, it may be dangerous for cycling. You can use one earbud instead, so you’ll hear the world with the other ear.

Things to look while buying cycling headphones



The headphones should stay in place as you cycle uphills and downhills vigorously. The headphones should stay in place, no matter how hard you are cycling.

It will be really annoying if the headphones fitting is not well causing them to fall off in the middle of cycling. To overcome this problem, you can use true wireless earbuds with ear wings. Also, some earbuds come with multiple eartips to fit right in your ear canal.

Some headphones come with ear hooks and others with secure behind-the-neck fit. I’ll address this aspect as the post advances.

Waterproof and sweatproof:

You do not need headphones that stop working when exposed to moisture. While riding, you will be sweating. Keeping this in mind, you need to go for a headphone that is at least IPX5 rated and sustains sweat well, to serve you longer.


The headphones should not completely isolate you from the surrounding or ambient noise. Hence on-ear headphones or open-back headphones are preferred in this case, as you need to be aware of the entire surroundings and the traffic.

You need to listen to music as well as the sounds of the vehicles coming behind you. Nobody likes to hear music at the cost of their lives.


As you’ll be wearing these headphones for hours while cycling, you need to make sure that they are comfortable. They should also be comfortable when you wear the headphones alongside with your cycling helmet.

While cycling, the buzzing wind noise should not interfere with the playback. No one desires to hear the buzzing wind-noise louder than the playback.

Don’t worry, after good research, I’ve put forward some of the best cycling headphones that you can put your hands on.

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Wrapping up

These are some of the best cycling headphones for the price.

As you may have noticed, the ability to hear the background noise is crucial while cycling for safety purposes.

So, buying a noise isolating earbuds for cycling would be a bad idea although they may cancel out wind noise.

I will definitely opt for bone conduction headphones like Aftershokz Trekz or the ones like Plantronics BackBeat, that ensure maximum comfort, safety, and durability when compared to other conventional headphones.

Cycling is a good practice to stay healthy. I also advice you to meditate early in the morning for your personal development. Go with best binaural beats headphones in this case.

Hope you found the post helpful. Please do share this with other cyclists!

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