5 Best Completely Wireless Earbuds in 2017 (Tested) – No Wires At All!

Ever since Apple announced AirPods, people are going crazy over buying completely wireless earbuds that connect to their phones via Bluetooth. As you may have seen, even the wireless earbuds available in the market do come with neckband or some wire connecting the two earbuds. But the earbuds I'm gonna mention in this post are totally wireless and come with no wires.

It is quite hard to find the true wireless earbuds when you search plainly on Amazon. The 90% of the time, you'll encounter the earbuds that have some sort of wires and are really not wireless. In that 90% of the earbuds, only 5% of the true wireless earbuds come with a pair and rest of them are only singular earpieces.

Choosing the best earbuds among those, that too which has the best value for money is a difficult task to do. So, I've researched about these completely wireless earbuds and presented this blog post to you.

Let's dive in.​

How to choose the right pair of totally wireless earbuds?

As these kind of earbuds are new to the market, you may find it quite challenging to find the right pair for your great experience.

Here are some of the features that I'd look into while buying a pair of these true wireless earbuds.

Waterproof: This is one of the most important features that you need to have while buying this kind of earbuds. As you have these earbuds in your ears every time; in the rain, while running or while working out. To ensure that the earbuds provide good longevity for the money you spend, you need to make sure that it can survive in spite for the exposure to moisture.

Noise isolation: Like that of other noise isolating earbuds, these also come with multiple sized ear tips so that you can find the perfect fit for your ears. This ensures that you find the perfect fit for your ears, and the background sound will be effectively isolated from the playback.

Battery life: As these are completely wireless, you need to charge these earbuds for them to operate. The battery life of anything above 3 hours is great as there are two earbuds that need to operate. While commuting, with any of these earbuds, you may need to carry your charger and a power bank to charge it on the go. Whereas some of these earbuds come with a charging case that's a plus point.

Mic: All the good true wireless earbuds come with a Bluetooth mic. This enables you to answer the calls easily without making you pull out the smartphone from your pocket and unplugging the earbuds.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds

As I've told you there are only a handful of true wireless earbuds are available in the market. It's very difficult to go ahead and buy a new pair and satisfy your desires.

That's why I've handpicked some of the best true wireless earbuds that are completely free of wires.







Apollo 7

Our Top Pick!

Apollo 7 by Erato Audio - Our Top Pick!




Bragi - The Dash




Treblab x11

Our Budget Pick!





Rowkin bit stereo
Rowkin Bit Stereo




Fkant gemini
FKANT Gemini



#1. Apollo 7 by Erato Audio - Our Top Pick!

Apollo 7 erato

Design: The design is the aspect where these earbuds stand out. Each earbud weights only 4 grams and is very comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Apollo 7 colors

The earbuds are available in different colors, like gray, gold, rose gold, silver, and others so as to match the color of your iPhone. Since these earbuds are designed taking iPhone users in mind, this is great. Along with this, the design is also very simplistic similar to the Apple line of products. It's very appealing.

Functionalities: The earbuds come with omnidirectional mics, yes two of them, that does the job well of making your communications clear.

The earbuds come along with a charging case, that acts like a power bank enabling you to charge the earbuds twice on the go. The lithium ion batteries offer 3 hours of music listening. So, if you have fully charged earbuds along with charging case, you can forget about power outlet for 9 hours. Wow! That's awesome.

The earbuds come with Single Touch Multifunction. This button lets you power on/off, answer the calls, skip the tracks, and change the volume by either single tapping, double tapping, or holding the touch button. You can even access Siri by using the button. This feature is a great touch to these earbuds.

Sound: The sound quality is great considering it to be true wireless earbuds. You can't expect the sound quality to be like that of wired earbuds that often contain multiple drivers.

These basically are low-frequency dominant earbuds. The mids and highs are decent though. If you listen to more classical and acoustics, you may notice the slightly poor sound quality. But if you are like me who listen to lows and mids heavy songs, you'll love it 😉

Fit: They are tiny and fit inside your ears very comfortable. They won't fall at all during your workouts. This secure fit combined with the IPX5 ratings of the earbuds make it ideal to be used during workouts and while running. When it comes to fit, there's nothing really to complain. After some time, you won't feel the presence of the earbuds in your ears at all!

#2. Bragi - The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones - Truly Smart


Design: The design of these are great than any of the true wireless earbuds in this range. They look as gorgeous as you can see the image. They are small like any other completely wireless earbuds.

Functionalities: Bragi brags of having more features than any of the earbuds in this range! Yep! It's feature rich.

The smart biometric tracking feature lets you track activities like running, swimming, heart beat and receive sensory live feedbacks. This feature along with free Bragi app on the App Store makes it great to use.

The earbuds also come with 4GB of onboard storage that lets you stream the music directly from the earbuds without the need of any smartphones or pairing. This a nice feature that lets you treat Bragi as also a standalone mp3 player inside your ears! That's appealing.

The earbuds come with two ear mics and also two environmental mics. The two additional mics do a great job of filtering your voice even in the busiest environments. But I think that the mic sound quality could be much better for the price it comes at.

The earbuds offer battery life of 3 hours. The charger offers you the ability to charge your earbuds for up to 5 times before hurrying yourself to the power outlet. Regarding battery life, Bragi beats Erato Audio (our Top Pick).

Sound: The sound quality is pretty decent and not up to the mark. The bass is decent. You can pump up the volumes without worrying about the surrounding as they offer excellent sound isolation. The sound quality is decent considering it to be wireless earbuds.

The smart noise cancellation is enabled once you plug in the earbuds. With a swipe, you can initiate Audio Transparency enabling you to hear what's going on outside.

Fit: The earbuds are very comfortable and do not fall out of your ears while running or working out. The FitSleeves comes with different sizes like extra small, small, medium, and large. The small sized FitSleeve would fit in perfectly for most of them. They offer excellent noise isolation as I described earlier.


Treblab x11

Design: It's small true wireless earbuds that fit in perfectly into your ears. You'll be amazed to see how these little earbuds perform.


Functionalities: These earbuds include mic that supports the Bluetooth protocols HFP and HSP. This will help you to quickly answer the calls while listening to music. The sound is AptX encoded enabling you to hear crystal clear music in spite of the earbuds being wireless.

The earbuds are sweatproof but not waterproof. It means that the earbuds can be worn while working out or running. Unlike Bragi Earbuds, you cannot wear them on while swimming.

The earbuds offer 6 hours of battery backup. This is more than enough considering it to take around 2 hours to charge the earbuds fully and also supports the multi-device connection.

Sound: As I've said you earlier the Bluetooth is AptX enabled. You can expect the sound quality to be great and lossless. You can expect the sound quality to be as good as your wired earbuds due to the AptX encoding that these earbuds come with. The bass is decent, the vocals in the mids and highs turn out to be crystal clear. But at very high volumes, the treble part seem to be distorted a bit.

Fit: These offer great comfort like that of other earbuds I mentioned above. You can easily wear these on while working out, jogging, running, and other sports. The included silicone and expandable foam ear tips are sweat proof and provide great comfort and isolation.

These easily stay in your ears in spite of your active lifestyle.

#4. Rowkin Bit Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Rowkin earbuds

Design: Like that of Apollo 7 by Erato Audio, these Rowkin earbuds are available in colors like gray, silver and gold so that it matches the colors of your iPhone. The WaterSafe nano coating technology that these earbuds come with ensures that your earbuds are sweat proof and IPX5 waterproof.

The earbuds also come with a lipstick style portable charging system; that's very sleek in design and they've added a premium touch to the design. Along with charging, this case also provides a good housing for earbuds so that they won't get damaged.

The body of the earbuds are made of aluminum and stainless steel enclosure. Whereas, the gold edition of the earbuds come with a pure 24K gold-plated surface. The surface has mirror-polished coating ensuring a premium look for the earbuds.

Functionalities: The best feature of these earbuds is the support for voice prompts. These earbuds prompt you who is calling you, pairing and caller ID. The multi-function button is also there to answer the calls and to manage the music playback. The Siri access will also be available via this multifunction button.

The earbuds come with an inbuilt mic that enables you to carry out clear conversations with other people in the conversation. The earbuds can connect to any two device sources at a given time, which is great.

The earbuds offer you 3 hours of battery backup, ensuring that you won't run out of charge while on the go. This battery backup along with the portable charging system enables you never to run out of power.

Sound: The sound quality is same as that of other earbuds I mentioned in this range. If you've ever used PowerBeats 3 earbuds, you can easily compare the sound quality of these to those earbuds. But there are completely wireless.

At higher volumes, the sound may be a little harsh but can be easily fixed with an EQ in your music app.

The sound is slight bass-centric. The mids are crisp clear, but they are less treble based. Sometimes, at higher volumes, the earbuds make a slight hiss sound in the high trebles. However, that's a not a major issue.

Fit: They fit in snugly into your ears, enabling you to stay comfort for all the time you wear it. They don't pop out like other wired earbuds you find in the market. As these are completely wireless, the fit is where Rowkins is focused on. Due to the good fit, coupled with echo cancellation technology, you'll get completely isolated from the surrounding sounds, which is great, to get rid of speaker sounds when in the gym.

#5. FKANT Gemini Completely Wireless

Fkant gemini completely wireless

Design: These earbuds come with a sleek design and is free of any kind of wires whatsoever. The design is very stylish and comes with a single button to control the music and the phone calls. The compact earbuds in a compact storage case make these earbuds to be the good companions for your traveling.

Functionalities: These earbuds offer up to 4 hours of playback battery backup, which is quite good. It takes only about an hour for it to charge fully. There is no charging case provided with these earbuds as expected within the price of $50.

The earbuds also have the functionality to report the name of the caller while wearing it. It's very handy feedback feature that few of this kind of earbuds come with.

Sound: The sound produced is certainly not audiophilic. The earbuds are great at producing clear stereo sound and good deep bass that's not overwhelming. But yes, at high volumes the sound quality appears to be distorted quite a bit. The noise isolation is great, and you barely can hear what's going on around you at slightly higher volumes.

Fit: They fit in great into your ears. Along with the ear tips, the hooks ensure additional security that the earbuds won't fall out. They are so light as I said you earlier so that you won't feel the presence of the earbuds at all after sometimes. The snug fit offers superior comfort like that any other true wireless earbuds I mentioned in this post.

Wrapping up

I hope you found these wireless earbuds helpful. As the development of true wireless earbuds that are completely free of wires are still in beginning stages, you can expect great wireless earbuds shortly from big brands. I'll ensure that this post will be kept updated and the new releases will be reflected in this post.

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Tim Seoul - January 2, 2017

Good review. I was thinking to get my hands on with Bragi. Now I think it’s my shiny object syndrome. Would go for X11.

Brendon - March 25, 2017

New true wireless earbuds are unveiling every month. I’m confused. I was looking to buy Skybuds, but resisted due to some negative reviews on it. Apollo one seems good. What do you think?


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