18 Best Bass Headphones in 2023 That Vibrate Your Skull!

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If you are looking for the best bass headphones to buy under $1000 – $100, stop here.

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After extensive research, I’ve put forward some of the best bass headphones that you can buy right now. If you are a bass-head, craving for bass in every song you hear, you’ll love this post.

Table for best bass headphones under $200:




Frequency response

Amazon product page


45mm dual drivers

15 Hz – 24 kHz.


50mm dual drivers

5 Hz - 30 kHz


50mm dual drivers

40 Hz - 15 kHz


40mm drivers

3 Hz - 28 kHz


50mm drivers

5 Hz - 30 KHz


55mm drivers

5 Hz – 28 kHz


30mm drivers

4 Hz – 29 Hz


50mm drivers

5 Hz – 45 kHz


50mm drivers

5 Hz – 45 kHz

There’s a common misconception that Beats Headphones that are used for brain waves are the only ones that offer great bass.

This is not true.

There are other headphones in the market that actually beats out of the water.

Let’s dive in.​

Top Bass Headphones Reviewed Under $200

#1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Build and design of ATH-M50x

Sound quality

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is equipped with large aperture dual drivers of 45mm. This exquisite pair of headphones boasts of having copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, and its magnets are constructed using rare-earth.

The ATH-M50x headphones have a sensitivity level of 98 dB and extended frequency levels of 15 Hz – 24 KHz. It delivers exceptional clarity, thanks to its remarkable sound isolation and superb engineering.

This pair of bass headphones is quite versatile. Its excellent sonic performance makes the ATH-M50x ideal for tracking, mixing, djing, and personal use. Enjoy exceptional bass quality when you purchase these headphones, especially if you are a Rock music lover. For Rock music, you need some bass enhancement and a lot of detail in the mids. The ATH-M50X excels in these features.


Comfort with Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The ATH-M50x headphones are designed for portability and comfort. The earcups swivel up to 900, permitting one-ear monitoring for users. However, if you wish to isolate yourself, these headphones will completely cup your ears to give you an immersive listening experience.

If you require a pair of headphones to use in loud environments, the ATH-M50x comes highly recommended. It employs a circumaural design for optimum noise isolation, providing the perfect insulation and extended clarity in wide-ranging environments.

Audio-Technica has utilized professional-grade materials to construct the headband and earpad of the ATH-M50x. This not only guarantees wearing comfort but also boosts the durability of the headphones.

Build and design


The ATH-M50x is constructed using durable materials – it’s truly built to last.

It features a collapsible design that saves on space and enhances portability. These headphones come with two detachable cables (coiled and straight) and a compact carrying pouch for convenient packing.


  • Remarkable bass quality
  • Rugged, ergonomic design that offers great comfort
  • Multipurpose headphones
  • The ATH-M50x enjoys exquisite reviews for delivering unmatched sound quality


  • The earcup padding quality is poor (cheap foam)
  • The over-ear clamping force is noticeably high during initial usage

#2. V-MODA Crossfade LP2

V-MODA Crossfade LP2

Sound quality

The V-MODA Crossfade LP2 adorns 50mm dual drivers that deliver a well-balanced sound consisting of tuneful highs, vivid mids, and a scintillating bass.

These headphones have a passive noise isolation feature that eliminates external noise interferences. Good noise isolation means that you don’t have to turn up the headphones gain to the maximum. Doing this can lead to gradual hearing loss.

The V-MODA LP2 delivers powerful audio clarity that endears it to musicians and producers who desire reliable studio performance.

Although it delivers an excellent bass quality, the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 over-ear headphones also provide clear highs and crisp mids. This pair of headphones recreates live concert performances, providing a trusted sound for audiophiles worldwide.


The V-MODA LP2’s earcups are hexagon-shaped to reduce the clamping force imparted on your ears. The headband is designed to contour around your head, providing a snug fit.

The earcup’s inner padding is a high-quality Ergosoft Foam Cushion that helps improve wearing relaxation. This material molds naturally around the ears, offering unmatched noise isolation and enhanced user comfort even with extended use.

Build and design

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 design

The V-MODA Crossfade LP2 has a SteelFlex Headband that provides superior durability to the user. This headband can be stretched by softly blending it outwards, helping to relieve any sort of pressure imparted on the head.

The headband has ten flat bends that permit bending. This flexibility drastically reduces the chances of breakage.

The sturdy construction of the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 makes it highly resistant to humidity, UV rays, salt spray, and extreme temperatures.

These in-ear headphones combine style with versatility. You can customize the earcup shields to feature your desired logo design.


  • Impressive bass quality
  • Provides supreme convenience and style
  • Highly customizable, thanks to its stealth mode
  • Provides the perfect noise insulation, making it ideal for use in loud environments


  • The clamping pressure might be uncomfortable at first
  • Might need an initial EQ balancing

#3. Sony XB 1000

Sound Quality

The bass response of the XB 1000 is excellent. It reaches deep, punches hard and gives a lot of detail. If you listen to a lot of rock music and heavy metal, you probably need a lot of bass and midrange detail. 

This means that the enhanced bass in your music should not overshadow the guitars or vocals. This is exactly what the XB 1000 gives you – a lot of bass without overshadowing other frequencies.

The other midrange and treble frequencies have a lot of detail, but not as pronounced as the bass frequencies. If you’re an audiophile, you may not be a fan of the bass enhancement, but you’ll surely hear all other elements.


Though the headphones look large, they don’t put a burden on your head. The earpads are huge and soft, and the 375g weight is well distributed for optimum ease. Even after wearing the XB1000 for hours, it still feels soft and plush.

Build and Design

At first glance, the XB1000 seems imposing. The headphones are large, with parts of it thicker than an average wired headset. 

The earcups have an over-the-ear design that covers the whole of your outer ears. Thankfully, the headphones are not as heavy as they look. Also, the cable is not detachable, so you have to be careful with it.

#4. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Sound quality

The bass response offered by these headphones is outstanding. There is a bass controller by which you can control the amount of bass you wish.

There are bass levels from 1 to 4. The last level (4th level) certainly overpowers the music and for most of them, the levels 2 and 3 would be great.

When you first buy these headphones, you need to pass the headphones burn-in period of 48 hours enabling the headphones to sound to its best.

The bass is certainly what these headphones excel in. Apart from this, the mids are crisp clear.

The treble is softened a little bit, that is an audiophile thing you would not notice unless you hear to EDMs and octave waves!

The soundstage and surround sound is decent. But it can be nowhere compared to J.V.C HA-SZ2000.

beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones with Accessory Kit and Remote Microphone Cable, Black


These are circum-aural headphones, meaning that the earpads rest around your ears and not on them.

This alleviates the pressure that is put on your ears due to the tight seal. The cushion in the earcups is super soft and offers comfort like that of pillows.


Beyerdynamics custom one pro

The build is another thing that these headphones excel in. The bass control button and the detachable cable features truly set these headphones apart from the competition.

The headphones come with 16 covers, that can replace the design on earcups. The headphones are greatly durable.

The headphones also come with an accessory kit and a remote mic cable, that includes an inline mic.


  • Great bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Superior comfort
  • Highly customizable


  • Treble is bit softened

Bottomline: Best bass headphones for customization freak.

#5. Sony MDRXB950BT/B Bass Headphones

Sony mdrxb950bt

These are the best bass headphones ever by Sony.

Sound quality

The headphones come with extra-large 40mm drivers, that are exclusively engineered to produce deep rumbling bass at ultra-low frequencies.

The bass is crisp and tight but not at the cost of the music of other frequency ranges. You can almost listen to any type of music with these headphones.

The best part is unlike other bass headphones, you can drive these headphones to their full potential even with devices like the iPhone with great bass at even low volume.

In the long end, they also have the capability to handle high power (3000 mW) which makes it good for studio applications. They absolutely sound great at all the frequency ranges. If you are looking for a good headphone for mixing, then go with planar magnetic headphones.

I would rate 5/5 when it comes to sound quality.

There’s nothing to complain about.


Looking at the size of the headphones, you may be wondering what fit this giant may offer.

Actually, Sony managed to turn the negative to positive quite effectively. The ear pads are made of extremely soft leather that completely engulfs your ears, and provides you a secured seal fit.

In hot weather conditions, the pads tend to develop some heat, but that would not be an issue for most of us. You can easily wear these on for 4-5 hours with great comfort.

Due to the secure fit, it offers excellent sound isolation.


It is nicely solid built.

They don’t feel cheap at all.

If you are not using a portable player, a decent extension cable may do the job.


  • Great bass
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Snug fit that’s comfortable
  • Solidly built


  • The cord is short

Bottomline: ​If you want good bass headphones that perform great throughout the frequency spectrum these won’t disappoint you.

#6. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

Sound Quality

These headphones come with dual-drivers of 50 mm each that enables the mid-highs not to be affected by bass.

This dual-driver configuration enables the headphones to produce deep bass and vivid mids and highs.

Bass is very powerful.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

After a good burn-in, the bass turns out to be tight and controlled.

The midrange appears slightly recessed. But when you try it out with EQ, it’s still pleasing. The sound is smooth and clear. The treble is also clear and gets better after the burn-in period.

The soundstage is pretty good.

The great thing is that these headphones sound similar to Bose IE 2, the high-end headphones. But unlike IE 2, these cancel out unwanted noise pretty effectively.


As they are made for portable use, they are quite comfortable.

They tend to not develop warmth in your ears after some time, like that of Beats. The headband and ear cups are so comfortable that you won’t feel any tightness in your head.

The ear cups are of faux leather-based with memory foam, offering you a snug fit. You can easily wear these on for hours.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Matte Black Metal)


They have a rugged design. Every component from headband to the cord is built to last.

The CLIQFOLD design of the headphones makes it ideal for use while traveling and squeeze in compactly in your travel bag.

It also comes with a shield kit to customize the colors and design of the headphones shield.

It also comes with a noise-isolating mic, that’s a plus point if you are planning to use these with smartphones.


  • Dual drivers
  • Excellent bass
  • Rugged design
  • Unmatched comfort


  • Mid-range is slightly recessed without EQ

Bottomline: If you want the best bass headphones for travelling go for these.

#7. J.V.C HA-SZ1000

J.V.C HA-SZ1000

Sound quality

The frequency response of these headphones is from 5 – 28,000 Hz.

These headphones contain two drivers one is for mid-high frequencies and another one is a 55mm subwoofer dedicated to producing deep bass.

The thing that astonished me is that.

Even with great bass, these headphones offer good highs that are clear. It is due to the dual-driver set up in the headphones.

JVC Kenwood HA-SZ1000-E Victer Stereo Headphones

They offer good noise isolation, due to the snug fit. The sound does not easily leak out of the cans. Don’t try to drive these headphones right from your phone.

With just a little amp, these headphones can blow your ears off!


JVC Kenwood HA-SZ1000-E Victer Stereo Headphones

They offer good comfort.

Although they are a bit heavy due to dual-drivers, they are easy to wear for prolonged hours.

But the only downside is that for some of the people stock earpads may be uncomfortable.

In that case, opting for a pair of other earpads like Brainwavz one can do the job.


JVC Kenwood HA-SZ1000-E Victer Stereo Headphones

Durability would not be an issue as these are solidly built with a silver ring surrounding the driver housing and the premium plastic body.


  • Good bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Dual drivers
  • Good build


  • Stock earpads are a bit uncomfortable

Bottomline:If you are looking for a good bass headphones under $150 go for it.

#8. J.V.C HA-SZ2000

Jvc real sound system z series

These headphones are like the industry standard for bass. The Cylinder is made of brass, that’s specially designed for bass production.

As of now this product is imported from Japan by Amazon.


The headphones have 30mm drivers and also come equipped with carbon nanotube diaphragm. The drivers enable the headphones to produce sounds of frequencies ranging from 4 Hz – 29 Hz.

This kind of wide frequency range is what that matters while producing deep rumbling bass.

There are two drivers for each earcup. One is a generic driver and the other is dedicated to producing bass of low frequencies.

The mids and highs are clear. For the headphones to perform to its fullest, you may need to make use of an equalizer.

The soundstage is excellent.

Sounds fascinating!

They are like two stereo speakers mounted to your head. You can really feel the natural presence of the sound.

Due to the low impedance of the headphones, the sound is quite balanced and offer decent bass without an amp.

But when you connect these headphones to the amp, the bass roars in.

The sound isolation is excellent like that of most of the bass headphones out there.


JVC Real Sound System Z Series HA-SZ2000 Stream Woofer DB Headphones (Black, Japan import)

The headband is adjustable and the earcups are foldable.

For some of the people, the earpads that these come with are not comfortable. If you are too concerned about comfort, there is no shortage of earpads.

In my experience.

Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Earpad is greatly comfortable and durable.

With the built-in earpads, you can comfortably go for 3 hours of gaming or music.


JVC Real Sound System Z Series HA-SZ2000 Stream Woofer DB Headphones (Black, Japan import)

These are big headphones, that look odd for small heads. The build quality is great.

Truly speaking, like that of other bass-centric headphones, they are not portable. It comes with a 1.2m cord like always you make use of an extension cord if you feel the cord is short.


  • Explosive bass
  • Great soundstage
  • Good sound quality
  • Great build


  • Stock earpads are not comfortable

Bottomline:These headphones are the best bass headphones in the world.

#9. Denon AH-D600 Music Maniac

Looking at the image, don’t think this as wireless headphones. They do come with detachable cords.

Sound quality

The bass is excellent. But they do need a decent burn-in time to perform to the fullest extent.

The bass is well controlled and certainly won’t overpower the music. But certainly being a bass headphone it’s punchy.

The mids are natural and vocals are clear. The trebles are sparkly, but sometimes they may go overboard in high volumes and annoy your ears.

They come with 18 ohms of impedance, making it easy to be driven by your cellphone. You make use of the official Denon app to tweak the sound according to your needs.


Denon AH-D600 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones, Black

They are great at comfort. They just rest on your head, neither tight nor loose. You can easily wear these while sleeping with great comfort.

The earpads are made of memory foam that does a good job of passively blocking out ambient noises while you wear them on.

For small heads, they may be slightly loose causing the bass to be heard less a little bit.


Denon AH-D600 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones, Black

The headphones are built solidly. They come with two cables one is 10ft NOFC cable and another is of 1.3 ft with inline mic for use with cell phones.

They are quite big headphones.

Nevertheless, they are greatly built and comfortable.


  • Good bass
  • Great sound quality
  • Superior comfort
  • Detachable cables
  • Mic cable included


  • A bit loose for small heads
  • Trebles are bit harsh

Bottomline: Great comfort bass headphones that you can buy.

​#10. FOSTEX TH900

Fostex TH-900mk2 Premium 1.5 Tesla Stereo Headphones

This is one of the most overlooked headphones out here. Maybe for some of the folks, Fostex is not a well-known brand. Its reddish body look is amazing. If you are a pink color lover, then don’t miss out to check the best pink headphones.

Sound quality

The frequency response of these headphones is from 5 Hz – 45 kHz.

Which is quite astonishing.

The low end is controlled and the bass is excellent and punchy. It certainly doesn’t overpower the main playback most of the time.

It offers you a clean bass.

When it comes to mid-range, these headphones are known for the excellent details they offer – absolutely great for vocals.

The high end is crisp and can go loud without screeching.

The sound stage is excellent. When hearing to the music you can feel the acoustic space around you. When it comes to sound stage, it can be compared to the open-backed headphones.

Nevertheless, they offer excellent sound isolation.

Although you can power these headphones with your iPhone due to the low impedance of 25 ohms, the quality is nowhere matched to that when you plug these to a good amp.


Fostex TH-900mk2 Premium 1.5 Tesla Stereo Headphones

The headphones feel solid. They are greatly comfortable as they provide you sufficient adjustment of the headband and the ear cups can be swiveled for the perfect fit.

The earpads are made of synthetic leather, that some of the people may find little less comfy than that of lambskin leather that you find in some headphones.


Fostex TH-900mk2 Premium 1.5 Tesla Stereo Headphones

The build quality is superb. The ear cups have a lacquer finish and are nice.

The cord that comes with these headphones is extremely long, making then suitable to be used in front of the TV.

Overall, the build quality is awesome.


  • Great bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent soundstage
  • Good details


  • Sometimes bass overpowers the music
  • Nondetachable cables

Bottomline:Best audiophile-grade closed-back headphones for audiophiles.

Best Bass Headphones Under $100

#ProductDriversDesign type Frequency responseAmazon product page
1Skullcandy Crusher Headphones 55mm and 40mm driverOver-ear headphones  20 Hz to 20 kHz Check price
2Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless 40mm driversOver-ear headphones  20 Hz to 20 kHz Check price
3Sony XB950N1 40mm drivers Over-ear headphones  20 Hz to 20 kHz Check price
4Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass 50mm drivers Over-ear headphones  20 Hz to 20 kHz Check price
5JVC HA-MR77x NAOver-ear headphones  8Hz to 20 KHzCheck price

#1 Cowin E7 Bluetooth Headphones

Sound Quality

The Cowin E7 Bluetooth Headphones have an enhanced bass as we expect. However the higher parts of the bass response have more power. This means that you will have more punch than depth. 

It should be good enough for rock music and some hip hop. However, if you’re watching an action movie, you may not get the best out of deep rumbles. The enhanced bass also extends to the l;ower mids a bit, so there’s some muddiness in that region.

The Cowin E7 has the active noise cancelling feature. It uses technology to get rid of background noise. 

The noise cancellation works fine, but the headset’s design gets in the way a bit. It’s an on-the-ear design that sits on your ears. This leaves some space for some external sound to find their way in.


The E7s have soft padding on both earcups, making them suitable for prolonged use. The earcups don’t clamp too tight provided your head is of average size. 

The headband stretches a bit to cover some heads, which may cause a bit of tightness.the upside is that they won’t fall up during a workout.

Build and design

Cowin E7 looks really good – it’s something that stylish users will like. While handling the headset, it’s possible that you leave finger marks on the frame because of its glossy finish, so be careful. 

The controls arter on the earcups, and they’re easy to navigate. They make “click” sounds once you press them. Most of the headphone’s parts are made of plastic. 

Thankfully the headband has a metal frame that adds to the headphones’ durability. If you have them charged full, you can take the Cowin E7s for the whole day. It has 30 hours of battery life.

#2. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Microphone, Noise Isolating Memory Foam, Adjustable and Immersive Stereo Haptic Bass, Rapid Charge 40-Hour Battery Life, Black

Sound quality

These headphones feature a 55mm driver, that’s a bass extension driver. Another driver is 40mm and deals with mid-treble frequency ranges.

It is very rare to find good bass headphones under $100 that feature dual-drivers.

Along with this, there is also a bass control slider, which you can use to adjust the amount of bass you wish to listen according to the song you’re listening to.

This feature is also one of the most loved feature in Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro that costs double than these.

The 40mm driver does a good job of producing great mid and treble sounds.

The greatest selling point for SkullCandy is that there is no need for an external amp for driving them efficiently as the amp is built inline within the earcup.

But still, buying a good amp like Fiio E11 can make things better for some people.

Overall, these are bass-centric.


Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

The ear pads cushion is soft and offers good comfort even after prolonged use. The rest around your ears, blocking out decent amounts of external noise.

Don’t worry.

They won’t fatigue your ears.


Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Microphone, Noise Isolating Memory Foam, Adjustable and Immersive Stereo Haptic Bass, Rapid Charge 40-Hour Battery Life, Black

Build quality is good for the price. But they seem a little plasticky if you’ve ever used other audiophile-grade headphones.

But still, they can survive a lot of drops. For most of the people, it’s very durable.

These also come with a travel bag, that’s great for traveling. These are a bit heavy with dual drivers and built-in amp.


  • Bass crushes it
  • Bass adjustment
  • Dual drivers
  • Great balance in sound
  • Built-in amp


  • Little bit heavy

Bottomline: Best dual-driver bass headphones for the price.

#3. Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless

Sound quality

The Skullcandy Hesh 3 is an exquisite pair of over-ear headphones that are equipped with 40mm audio drivers. A powerful analog amplifier boosts the audio signal considerably, helping to deliver a rich, dynamic sound.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless sound quality

These headphones provide sufficient noise isolation, thanks to the well-cushioned earcups. In addition, it has a wireless design that improves user convenience – you won’t have to worry about dealing with a tangled-up cable.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless features

It has a great sound quality that consists of scintillating highs and good midranges. The bass is quite clean and elaborate, guaranteed to please any audiophile’s ears.


Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless comfort

The ear cushions of the Skullcandy Hesh 3 are made using memory foam, ensuring all-day comfort for users. You can conveniently adjust the headphone’s pivoting armatures to your liking, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit.

These over-ear headphones have an array of built-in controls for picking calls, adjusting the volume and changing tracks. These controls, coupled with the inbuilt microphone, make the Skullcandy Hesh 3 quite easy to use.

Overall, these headphones are very comfortable. You can wear them for hours without tiring.

Build and design

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 design and build

The Skullcandy Hesh 3 sports a collapsible design that saves on space. In addition, it contains a rapidly charging battery with a runtime of 22 hours when fully charged.

The wireless connectivity of this headphone is a great plus. Bluetooth pairing is straightforward, and users won’t encounter any connectivity problems when using the Skullcandy Hesh 3.

The sturdy plastic construction of these over-ear headphones makes it lightweight and portable. It’s well built using durable materials.


  • Comfortable headphones with great sound quality
  • The wireless operation provides added convenience
  • Long battery life (20+ hours) with Rapid Charging technology


  • Less bass-heavy compared to most over-ear headphones
  • Plastic build quality isn’t the best

#4. Sony XB950N1

Sony XB950N1

Sound quality

Sony is renowned for developing cutting-edge technologies for its range of audio products. Delightfully, the Sony XB950N1 is equipped with the best noise-canceling tech in the industry.

It has an integrated mic and Bluetooth functionality that allows users to enjoy hands-free convenience. You can pick calls, select music and adjust the volume by pressing distinct buttons located on the earpiece.

Sony XB950N1 build

These headphones boast of having extra Bass technology that boosts all low-end frequencies, allowing users to enjoy the rich bass contained in every song.


The Sony XB950N1 is quite comfortable when worn over the ears. Its cushioned earpads are soft and don’t smother your ears. In addition, these headphones incorporate a foldable design, allowing easy packing.

Sony XB950N1design

These over-ear headphones incorporate Bluetooth technology, allowing wireless syncing with your various devices. It also comes with a built-in mic that allows users to pick calls and converse hands-free.

Using Sony’s Connect app, you can conveniently regulate the bass level to your liking. This app also has an assortment of listening modes/presets that you can utilize. These include club, outdoor, hall, and arena stage.

Build and design

Sony XB950N1 bass headphone

The Sony XB950N1 features a sturdy build quality. They’re designed to last.

It has an internal battery that provides 22 hours of uninterrupted life on a full charge and it supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1.

It has a wide-ranging frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 KHz. Apart from the headphones, you also get two cables that you can plug into the headset for wired listening. A soft, protective casing is also provided.


  • Provides extra bass and great audio clarity
  • Amazing comfort for all-day use
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Easy pairing with Bluetooth devices


  • The outer casing is made of light plastic

#5. Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones with App Control, Black

Sound quality

These headphones are equipped with large 50mm drivers, that are capable of reaching the frequency as low as 5Hz. This enables the headphones to produce deep rumbling bass.

Considering this, these are absolute bass monsters.

These headphones have a nice balance between mid and high treble ranges.

At first, it seems like that the bass is bloated and treble is not clean. But after 48 hours burn-in time, the headphones really shine and excel in all frequency ranges.

But I do personally felt like that there is room for improvement in treble space.

Nevertheless, in this range with only one driver on each side, these do the job remarkably well.


Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones with App Control, Black

The earpads of these headphones sit around your ears, comfortably without any much pressure.

The pads are made of soft foam and enables you to wear these on for hours. These headphones feature an ergonomic design, that’s a proven success for comfort.

Although the headphones are big, they are actually lighter than that of its contenders due to single-driver construction.


Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones with App Control, Black

The earcups are layered with enamel, giving the headphones a glossy look. The headphones also include 3 hinges to enable compact storage for traveling.

The headphones also come with a flat tangle-free cord that’s 4ft long and are sufficient for everyday use.


  • Thunderous bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Ergonomic design for comfort


  • Lack of detail in the treble

Bottomline: If you’re a bass-head looking for good bass headphones below $100 go for it.

#6. JVC HA-MR77x

Sound quality

With these headphones the bass kicks in really hard. If you are trying to listen to classical music, with these headphones you will be disheartened as these headphones are geared towards bass-centric genres like rock and Hip-Hop.

The bass appears to be a bit bloated at first, but after a quite burn-in, the bass will be tight and under control.

Like that of most of the single-driver bass headphones, the mid and treble are recessed a little. The details of the music, especially in the treble is lacking.

They cancel out plenty of the external noise, you’ll be quite surprised.

These headphones perform really well when amped up.


JVC HAM55X Xtreme-Xplosvs Headphones

The earcups are of memory foam and are extremely comfortable. The headphone itself is really light and sits comfortably on your head with no pressure.

You can easily sit for hours of music or gaming sessions without any discomfort. The headband also comes with memory foam for comfort.


JVC HAMR60X XX Xtreme Bass Headset, Black

They are greatly durable. Even though these headphones are made of plastic, they don’t appear cheap.

They are well-built for the price. The construction is thick and sturdy.

They come with a cord of 2″ that’s somewhat short for most of the people.


  • Explosive bass
  • Great comfort
  • Good sound isolation


  • Short cord

Bottomline: Explosive headphones for the price of between $50 – $60.

Best Bass Headphones Under $50

#ProductDriversDesign type Frequency responseAmazon product page
1Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth (Wireless) 55mm and 40mm driverOn-ear headphones20 Hz to 20 kHz Check price
2Sennheiser HD 201 40mm driversClosed-back design21 – 18000 Hz. Check price
3Sony MDRXB450AP 30mm drivers Over-ear headphones  5 to 22,000 Hz Check price
4Maxell AMP-B 40mm drivers On-ear headphones  10 Hz to 23 kHz Check price

#1 OneOdio Wired Bass Headset

Sound quality

There are two things that stand out when you listen to these headphones – bass boost and warmth. The sound has a certain thickness to it. If you prefer music that needs a lot of bass and mid then these headphones are perfect for you.

For Rock music and heavy metal, these headphones bring the bass guitar, drums and electric guitars to the centre of the mix. However, the headphones do not have a very wide soundstage, so you may not have the cinematic feel with movies and games.


The OneOdio headphones have the combination of features to give you a comfortable listen. The earpads are soft and rest on your head, around your ears. They don’t put any pressure on your ears directly. 

Also, the headband is adjustable, so you can loosen the clamp as your listening hours increase. The headphones are wired, so you may not get the ultimate comfort that only wireless headphones can give.

Build and Design

The OneOdio wired headset has a regular over-the-ears headphone shape. T6he whole frame is made of plastic with a glossy finish. The plastic is not overly fragile, and it shouldn’t break unless you’re careless. 

The headband has a metal frame that helps you to adjust it and keeps the frame together for a long time. The earpads are made of leatherette , which also need good care to last you for years.

#2. Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth (Wireless)

Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth (wireless)

Sound quality

The Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth Headphones sound amazing. It delivers a balanced sound consisting of impressive highs, a crisp midrange, and a heavy bass.

Although these budget headphones by Skullcandy are not noise-canceling, their noise isolation is pretty decent. You can comfortably listen to music or podcasts without getting interrupted by ambient noises, simply by adjusting the volume to your liking.

These headphones come highly recommended. They deliver an exquisite sound for their price, making them the ideal starter headphones. Although the bass is conspicuous, it isn’t obnoxiously high. The treble is just perfect – high enough but not overpowering.


Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth (wireless)comfort

The Skullcandy Riff headphones are very comfortable when worn over the ears. Their earcups are designed to cover the standard ear size, and the earpads are quite soft.

If you’re wearing these headphones outside, you’ll probably hear some ambient noise. These headphones cover the ears but not entirely. However, you can increase the volume to enjoy a more immersive listening experience.

There are convenient buttons located on the Skullcandy Riff’s earcups. Users can control the volume, select music and pick calls and activate personal assistant by simply pressing the accessible buttons.

Build and design

Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth headphone build and design

The Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth headphones have a rugged construction. Their durable headbands are designed to resist breaking. However, the plastic used to make the headband feels cheap – these headphones shouldn’t be handled aggressively.

They employ a foldable design that enhances the convenience of packaging and carrying them around. These headphones are also lightweight (they weigh a mere 5.6 ounces) which is great if you’ll be utilizing them for lengthy periods.

The plush ear cushions are soft and comfy, so users don’t feel strained by significant clamping force. These wireless headphones utilize Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth pairing with other devices is simple and quick.

The battery is fast-charging. Ten minutes plugged into a power source bears two hours of charge.


  • Remarkable sound quality for their price
  • Pretty durable and lightweight
  • Fast charging battery
  • The wireless operation provides hands-free convenience


  • Less bass-heavy compared to expensive brands
  • Lackluster plastic build

#3. Sennheiser HD 201

Sennheiser HD 201

Sound quality

The Sennheiser HD 201 delivers an accurate audio reproduction consisting of rich, rhythmic sound. However, the bass is less pronounced compared to most high-end headphones.

These Hi-Fi stereo headphones feature some impressive clarity. Noise attenuation is decent, but certainly not the best.

They provide the ideal introduction for novice audiophiles who want to enjoy a rhythmically fulfilling listening experience. Although the bass response is “decent” at best, it delivers a powerful stereo sound.


Sennheiser HD 201 comfort

These headphones have soft leatherette earpads that enhance user comfort. These earpads are made using a hypoallergenic material, so you’re unlikely to develop an allergy when you wear them.

The Sennheiser HD 201 headphones weigh 5.8 ounces. They’re extremely lightweight and comfortable when worn over the ears. They’re essentially designed for extended listening.

These wired headphones don’t possess any wireless technology. This might inconvenience some users. However, one major benefit of using wired headphones is their accurate sound reproduction and zero lagging.

Build and design

Sennheiser HD 201 design

The cord length is 3 meters (9.8 ft.) which is quite impressive. However, this cord is prone to quick wear-and-tear.

It has a rugged, plastic build which improves durability. The earmuffs have sufficient cushioning, preventing the buildup of pressure over the ears.

The Sennheiser HD 201 has a pretty basic design, nothing fancy. It has a smooth black and silver design – the headband also adorns leatherette cushioning at the crest. As mentioned earlier, these headphones provide a perfect introduction to new audiophiles.


  • Provides faithful sound reproduction
  • Quite cheap and affordable to low-end users
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Great for basic listening in the office or at work


  • The bass range is lackluster
  • Cable wears out quickly when mishandled

#4. Sony MDRXB450AP

Sound quality

These headphones feature a bass booster enabling the headphones to produce deep bass.

When you hear the bass produced by these headphones you’ll be wondered how good are they considering the low price of the headphones.

The main problem with most of the bass headphones is that they lack treble and mids. But these headphones perform exceptionally well in wide frequency ranges and offers crisp high-quality trebles as well.

Thanks to the 30mm drivers designed especially for wide frequency response (5 to 22,000 Hz).

Sounds good.

These headphones are made for use with portable devices like your iPods or iPhones.


Sony MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass Headphone - Black (International Version U.S. warranty may not apply)

They are very comfortable. The soft ear-pads tend to heat up a little bit after some hours in hot weather conditions.

The headband is not padded with any material, for most of the people that would not cause any discomfort.

If you still want to pad on the headband, be ready to shell out 30 bucks for Bose QC15 headband they fit in easily.


Sony MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass Headphone - Black (International Version U.S. warranty may not apply)

The image definitely speaks to you of the design and build. They are solidly built.

The headphones come in different colors so as to match your taste and likes.

The rugged and flat cord of these headphones features a Y-type design that makes it tangle-free. It also includes an inline mic that does the job pretty well.


  • Bass booster
  • Sound quality is consistent across wide frequency
  • Various color options
  • Good comfort


  • Headband not padded

Bottomline: If you want the best bass headphones under $50 here is your thing.

#5. Maxell AMP-B

Maxell is one of the lesser-known headphones brands, that is great at producing quality headphones at a dirt-cheap price.

Let us see how they stack up with the competition.

Sound quality

With 40mm large drivers, these headphones are meant to produce deep rumbling bass and superior sound. The bass is so strong, that it vibrates your ears a little bit.

But they certainly aren’t overpowering. You would be surprised to see the quality of the sound that these headphones can produce under $20.

The treble is also crisp clear, and mids are well balanced.

It comes with a built-in amp like that of SkullCandy Crusher, which does the job very well. As these are over-ear headphones, they leak sound a little bit.


These are very lightweight headphones that rest on your head gently with no pressure at all.

The earpads are padded thickly, so as to contribute the overall comfort of the headphones.

The ear cups swivel and rotate, giving you a perfect fit for the buck. You can easily wear these on for hours.


The durability of the headphones is really amazing. They survive lots of torture. They fold up and take very little space to store.

The cord is made of tough rubber and is lengthy. The cord tangles easily, that’s the downside as they are not flat.

These also come with an inline mic.


  • Deep bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Durable
  • Superior comfort


  • Cable tangles a lot
  • Leak some sound to the surroundings

Things to look for in bass headphones

Bass headphones


The driver size is the first thing you need to check for while buying good bass headphones.

Larger drivers are capable of producing a quality sound of the wide frequency range, reaching the greater depths of bass.

Sometimes, having a single bass would not be ideal for satisfying a bass-head. In those cases, the bass headphones come with a dedicated bass driver on each ear cups along with the default drivers.

These dedicated drivers operate on the lower frequency ranges, that’s where the bass falls in.


Impedance is the measure of resistance.

Headphones with higher impedance produce a great bass definition, but they do require a good power source.

The bass headphones that have an impedance of above 35 ohms may need an amp, for it to sound good.

Even some of the relatively high impedance headphones can be driven by your smartphone, but they may not shine to it’s fullest potential.

If you are looking to use the headphones with your smartphone, impedance is the factor you need to look at.


If you are looking to wear the headphones for prolonged hours, comfort is the thing you need to look at.

The ear pads made of extra soft material, and some of the headphones even have a breathing foam to reduce the heat production in the ears while wearing.

On ear headphones tends to sit on the ears comfortably, whereas over-ear headphones cover the ear fully blocking out the noise.

Note that, if you are shelling out more money, it doesn’t mean that you are buying comfort.

FAQs on bass headphones

How can you tell if headphones have good bass?

The best way to know this is by listening to music through headphones. If you’ve not bought it yet, look at the bass area of the frequency response chart.

How to measure bass in headphones?

The best tools you can use to measure headphone bass is your ears. Just play your favorite bass-heavy music and see how punchy it sounds.

How do headphones produce bass?

Most good headphones have a separate driver for producing bass. They also have a built-in crossover that separates it from the high frequencies.

How to decrease and increase bass on headphones?

Some headphones have bass boost buttons that you can use. For headphones that don’t have, you have to do it on your music source.

How to boost bass in headphones?

To boost your headphone bass, use an equalizing app on your phone or use the built-in eq on your music source.

How to add more bass to your headphones?

Increase the low end from the device you’re using to okay the music if your headphone has no bass boost button.

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Wrap up

These are some of the best bass headphones that I’ve come across after extensive research.

If you think that there are some headphones that deserve to be on this list of best bass headphones, do let me know in the comments section.

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