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5 Best Tangle Free Earbuds With Mic That Have Flat Cable

When using some wired earbuds, one of the annoying problems you face is the tangling of the wires. That's where tangle-free earbuds come into play.

In this post, I've listed some of the best flat cable earbuds that come with a mic.

The earbuds which do not have flat cables, tend to tangle a bit quickly when you put them up in your pocket or even when you put it on your couch.

If you are a curious human (I guess you are!), you may have sometimes wondered why the cables of earbuds tangle all by themselves. Finally, scientists are now able to explain why wires tangle itself.

In the study, they found that almost 50% of the time, the string would form a knot by itself.

How strange? Added to that, the strings that are less than 46cms do not get tangled at all. The cable of earbuds is obviously above 46cms, so they tangle a lot.



Frequency Response

Philips In-ear High Precision Tx2 Earbuds

2.4 ounces.

6Hz - 25.5k Hz

Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Earbuds with Mic

0.3 ounces

20Hz - 20kHz

Sennheiser CX 300

1.44 ounces.


NoiseHush NX80 Earphones

2.4 ounces


Klipsch Image S4i-II Black In-Ear Headphones

5.28 ounces


After some research, scientists found out that flat-cable earbuds do not tangle easily. So, if you want tangle-free earbuds, flat-cable earbuds are the way to go.

The earbuds I mention, do also come with the inline mic so that you find these tangle-free earbuds to be used easily with your smartphones or iPhones on the go.

Best Tangle Free Earbuds - Hand Picked For You

Cable: These Philips In-ear High Precision Tx2 Earbuds are the best tangle free earbuds with mic below $50. This earbud comes with a tangle-free flat cord with slider technology.

This enables you to get rid of any slight tangles that may occur easily.

You can easily pull them out from your pocket and use them on the go, without worrying them to untangle them.

The cable also includes an inline mic and remote control. The mic does an excellent job of getting rid of background noise, so you'll have clear conversations with these on.

Sound quality: If you've ever used earbuds from Jlabs or Panasonic in this range, Philips clearly beats them regarding sound quality.

As they fit nicely into your ears, the extended bass can be felt strongly in your ears. The bass is tight and extended.

The mids are very clear; you often notice the details of the songs you've never noticed before. The highs are crystal clear, and there is no distortion whatsoever.

To get a awesome sound quality, you can go with dual driver earbuds.

Comfort: These Philips In-ear earbuds come with three sets of ear tips. These ensure that you find the perfect pair that fits in your ears snugly.

If you have tiny ears, you may find it difficult to find a good ear tip pair out of these.

So, you may need to get another set ear tips preferably Comply Foam Eartips that suits your ear size and fits in perfectly.

Once you find the perfect fit, the sound isolation is excellent.

Cable: If you are looking for a completely tangle-free, and durable earbuds for working out, these work like a charm. Most of the zipper earbuds come with a zipper.

However, these earbuds come with a Zipperless Zipper Cabling, which lets you use the earbuds without worrying about tangling.

The lack of the actual zipper is a significant upgrade over the previous version of ZipBuds and makes the earbuds very lightweight for everyday use.

The zipper starts from the remote pad and does an excellent job of holding the two wires together and prevent them from tangling.

Zipbuds Slide Sport Earbuds with Mic (Most Durable, Tangle-Free, Workout in-Ear Headphones) - Guaranteed for Life - (Black)

Sound: The bass is balanced and punchy. It does not sacrifice mids and highs due to the strong bass. These earbuds can even satisfy needs of a bass-head to some extent.

For the price, the audio quality is excellent. The mids are clear and highs are very crisp. You won't be noticing any muddiness and distortion in your sound at all.

There is an inline mic that is sweat proof and gets you rid background noise effectively. The voice turns out to be very clear, nd I personally thought that the mic could be much better in terms of sound quality.

Comfort: These Zipbuds SLIDE Sport earbuds come with multiple sizes of Dual-Composite Silicone Ear Tips. These ear tips, when combined with the Sport Fit Mold gives you the utmost comfort and great fit for even intense workouts.

They are very comfortable for long use, and never fall off your ears with a secure fit. As they are meant for the active lifestyle, they are designed so that the earbuds won't irritate your ears due to the sweat while working out.

Although these Sennheiser CX 300 earbuds don't come inline mic, these are worth mentioning as they are best tangle-free earbuds under $50.

Cable: Below $50 this is the best bet if you want tangle-free earbuds with a strong bass. The earbuds come with 1.2m tangle-free cable that's of high quality.

It also comes with 3.5mm right-angled connector to prevent the wear and tear of the connection between the cable and the earbuds.

If you've ever used the previous version of these earbuds the CX300II, they tend to tangle. But these earbuds is a great upgrade to the previous one as this never tangle in your pocket.

Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black In-Ear Headphone

Sound quality: The bass in these earbuds are strong. But the bass of these can't be compared to the Sennheiser CX 300 II earbuds - the bass monsters. The bass is well balanced and certainly don't overpower the other sound ranges.

The mids are where these earbuds are great. The vocals sound clear, and you love it. The highs are not harsh but pleasant to hear. It is a pleasant surprise to see these earbuds performing great in all the frequency ranges.

The earbuds do a great job of blocking out an ample of ambient noise; they are good at isolation.

Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black In-Ear Headphone

Comfort: They are very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. You can expect these earbuds to serve you well in the gym while working out.

The earbuds stay fit in your ears even while moving. The earbuds come with four rubber ear tips but don't come with Comply foam ear tips. The ear tips offer great seal and comfort.

Best Value for Money

If you want more features in your earbuds out of the money you spent, these earbuds won't disappoint you.

Cable: The tangle-free flat cable enables the earbuds to get rid of any natural tangles. This lets you use these earbuds without any hassle. The connectors are of the right angle and it ensures that the connection won't get broke.

These NoiseHush NX80 earbuds are comfortable to carry and fold without worrying about those knots. The cable has a unique feel, with a nice blue or red color based on the color of the earbuds you buy.

NoiseHush NX80 earbuds do come with an inline mic. That's fairly good at getting rid of the noise. The sound quality is good and more than enough for voice calls.

Although there's an inline control there's no option to change the volume. But that would not be a serious downside for most of them.

Naztech [NoiseHush Technology] NX80 Stereo 3.5mm High Fidelity Sound Earphones. Tangle-free Cable, In-line Noise-isolating Microphone & Control Button to Switch between Music & Calls (Blue/Black)

Sound quality: The sound quality is great for the price below $20. These are bass-heavy earbuds. These earbuds deliver that thumping effect for rock and rap genres kind of music.

The bass overpowers the mids to a certain range. Although the bass does not sacrifice the mids entirely but it affects it a little. But with some slight EQ changes, this can be fixed, though. The mids are clear.

The highs are not too high. But are not too harsh.

The mic quality is great and conversations turn out very clear.

For the price, these offer good value.

Comfort: These NoiseHush NX80 earbuds are comfortable. These come in with three various sizes of ear tips. For most of the people with medium sized ears, the small ear tips are very comfortable.

You can easily wear these on for hours without getting hurt.

Cable: This Klipsch Image S4i-II is one of the good flat cable in-ear headphones under $50. Like that of the majority of the Klipsch earbuds, these also do come with a tangle-free flat cable.

With this flat cable, you do not have to worry about untangling your earbud cables repeatedly.

The cables are bit heavier and thick, and they bounce out a little when running or jogging. Nevertheless, this design makes the earbuds very resistant to tangling.

Klipsch Image S4i-II Black In-Ear Headphones

Sound quality: Bass is balanced and not overpowering. The bass is pleasant to hear.

The mids and highs are pronounced accurately with no distortion at all. The earbuds add some warmth effect to the songs which is great to hear and relax.

The major downside of this earbud is microphonics. With the flat cords, these earbuds produce some cord noise when in movement and rubbing against your cloth fabrics.

The earbuds are not suitable for working out due to this.

As I said earlier, the cord is little heavy causing the buds to fall out for some people while running.

The earbuds come with the three-button remote control and also an inline mic for voice calls. The clarity of the voice in mic is decent and serves its purpose.

Comfort: These Klipsch S4i-II earbuds come with multiple ear tips. The patent-pending oval ear tips provide great comfort for extended hours of listening.

They fit in perfectly. However, in case if you didn't find the perfect fit, you may find the earbuds fall out of your ears in case of very intense workouts due to the slightly heavy cords bouncing while you are running on the treadmill.

However, if you got a spare short clip-on, this can be prevented.

Apart from falling out sometimes, these offer great comfort without causing any discomfort in your ears.

Stay Tangle-Free

Let's admit it. Untangling wires of the earbuds especially in a crowded place may seem a little embarrassing. So, these tangle-free earbuds come handy at those times.

Wireless earbuds are also good choice.

I hope you found these best tangle-free earbuds helpful. Most of the best tangle-free earbuds come with a flat cable, although zipper earbuds I mentioned is the exception.

Before picking up a good earbud, make sure it also has an inline mic. Don't preassume anything.


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