FL Studio Templates – Top 7 Sites to Download (Free Ways)

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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that FL Studio is the undisputed king of music production software. It’s the tool that producers of all genres used to create new hit singles, albums, and tracks.

FL Studio has a plethora of functions and feature options to keep your workflow moving without you having to think about it.

However, as music producers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our workflow and productivity.

That is exactly what you can achieve with free FL Studio templates.

So you want to download FL Studio templates but don’t know where to look?

The eight resources listed below are the best places to get free FL Studio templates.

FL Studio Templates – 8 Sites to Download Freely


Cymatics is one of the best places to get free FL Studio templates today. They have a team of dedicated professional producers who work hard to provide the best templates.

As a result, you can expect high-quality templates. The size of Cymatics’ template library will astound you. Cymatics has it all: dubstep, bass, future bass, tropical house, trap, and hip hop.

FL Studio Templates

FL Studio Templates

FL Studio Templates has a comprehensive collection of FL Studio templates that you can browse and download. FL Studio Templates has templates for every musical genre you can think of, from house to dubstep, trap, hip-hop, and more.

There’s a search bar to help you find the template you’re looking for, and the homepage lists the most recently added templates, so you can start there. They also have FL Studio project files available.



SoundShockAudio is a free FL Studio resource website that offers FLP projects, presets, and samples. This site’s templates from, all walks of life.

My favorite FL Studio template from this site is the Future House Sounds VOL 2.

Not only do you get a template, but you also get presets, drum one-shots, drum loops, and other fresh sounds.

W. A. Production

W. A. Production

My favorite thing about WA production is that they have an extensive library of templates from which to choose. This site allows you to search for templates by genre, rating, news, popular, low budget, high budget, discounted, and template features.

FLP Studio


FLPStudio is another excellent resource for easily downloading FL Studio templates. This contains hundreds of FL Studio templates. So, whether you’re looking for hip hop, trap bass, or EDM, you’ll find it at FLPStudio.



MYLoops is another great resource for high-quality FL Studio templates. One reason I like the MyLoops website is that you can preview each template before purchasing or downloading it.

MyLoops, like most of the sites mentioned in this article, has FL Studio templates for any genre you’re looking for. They have FL Studio projects as well.



ProducerBox is a well-known brand in the music industry. It has many templates to choose from as well as a variety of categories.

It’s a one-stop-shop for nearly every artist and producer out there. The template packs are well-designed and extremely useful for music producers looking to get the most out of FL Studio.

When you download templates from ProducerBox, you’ll also receive instructions for using the template packs in FL Studio and a demo video to see how your song will look after using the template pack.

FAQs on FL Studio Templates

Where are templates in FL Studio?

Finding templates in FL Studio is pretty simple. Go to Files> New from template> Load the template of your choice.

How do I use FL Studio templates?

On the right top corner, Press Files> New from template> Load the template of your choice. You’ll see whatever template you have listed in this section.

How do I open templates in FL Studio?

Opening templates in FL Studio is pretty simple. On the right top corner, Press Files> New from template> Load your template of your choice.

How do I install a custom template in FL Studio?

Open the Options Menu> Navigate to the File Settings tab> click on the “Show” button next to User data folder> On file browser window> Navigate to the folder labeled “Data” > Go into “Patches” > Drop your template file into this folder> You should see your template under the template section.

Wrap up: Dowload FL Studio Templates Now

There are many websites that offer FL Studio templates, but only a few stand out by providing high-quality products.

The 8 websites mentioned in this article are excellent resources for finding high-quality FL Studio templates; you should be able to find something that catches your eye and appeals to your tastes.

Here are our top three recommendations to make your decision even easier.

  • Cymatics.fm: (By far my favorite) It offers a wide range of templates for any genre you’re looking for.
  • MYLoops: It’s well-known for its high-quality FL Studio templates, which you can preview.
  • FL studio templates: Cover every genre imaginable, and it’s simple to find FL Studio on this website.

There you have it: our recommendations for the best websites to download FL Studio Templates. I hope you found this article to be useful. Let us know where you go to get free FL Studio templates and what your favorites are.

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