6 Best Music Genre Finder Websites to Check Genres of any Song

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Do you find it challenging to explore different genres with your streaming platform?

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and other music streaming platforms generally have a way of selecting what music to show you. Many times, you are presented with styles and genres that are common in your location, in addition to worldwide popular music.

So, if you’re like me and you have a widely varied music taste, you may not have the best experience. That’s why you need music genre finder websites. They help you to explore new genres and also give you more depth of choice in the genres you’re familiar with.

So, what are the best music genre finder websites on the internet? Let’s find it out.

Top 6 music genre finder websites reviewed

Chosic – Our best music genre finder


Chosic is a website with a number of different tools for discovering music. Some of the tools help you to find similar songs, similar bands or artists, song titles and playlists, and so on. Among all these great tools is the Music Genre Finder.

Chosic’s music genre finder tool gives you a search bar where you can type the song title or artist’s name.

Once you start typing, it gives popular suggestions. The search result presents you with the genres on your chosen songs. The genres are displayed as they are on Spotify. Usually a song would have more than two genres. Chosic also displays the song’s genre tags on LastFM.

Every Noise – Best AI powered genre finder

Every Noise

Every Noise is arguably the most interesting website on this list. It uses AI to populate its list of genres and subgenres. Currently it has over 5000 genre-shaped distinctions. You can also search an artist’s name to see their music.

The home page is simply a large cluster of genre listings. The list seems random, but there’s a method to it:

1. Down is more organic
2. Up is more electronic
3. Left is denser and more atmospheric, and
4. Right is spikier and bouncer.

So, the genres are arranged according to how they feel.



LastFM is a website that has a gigantic catalog of music and videos. The home page shows you a live update of music making waves across the world. It makes it easy for you to keep up with new music trends if that’s your thing.

If you have a song and you wish to know its genre, simply type in the title in the search bar and select it from the results. The song, artist name and its different genre categories will be displayed.

Also, you can explore different genres by going to the music page.



Discogs is primarily a database of all artists, labels and bands.this platform exposes you to a vastly diverse range of music genres right from the homepage. The “new releases” section contains music from different cultures and continents.

If you want to explore any genre, simply go to the “explore” option on the header. For any genre or style you select, Discogs gives you the description, new releases, most popular releases and a chart showing the yearly volume of music released.

At the bottom, you can explore further by selecting any of the related styles listed. If you love to get familiar with new music styles, you would love discogs very much.

Beatport – Best for EDM


Beatport is the website that really digs into electronic music. It doesn’t treat EDM or House as a genre, but as a huge category with different styles and genres under it.

If you don’t fancy electronic music a lot, you may not appreciate the amount of material in Beatport’s database. But if you want to learn about electronic music, Beatport is the place to be.

Also, if you love listening to electronic music remixes of famous songs, Beatport’s got you. It’s the DJ’s and remixer go-to website to upload their work for the ever vibrant community of electronic music fans.

Music Gateway

Music Gateway

Music Gateway is primarily a platform that helps creatives with representation, licensing, promotion, and collaboration opportunities. The website has some pretty interesting tools like royalty calculator, mp3 converter, file transfer, and Spotify mixtape creator.

Scrolling to the bottom of the home page, you’ll find the Music Genres Map link. This tool gives you important info about various music genres from all continents. It’s a robust list that includes styles and genres from Subsaharan Africa as well as music from Australia.


Music is vast, and no one can say they’ve truly mastered all kinds. These websites help you to explore and navigate different worlds of genres, styles and artists. Have fun as you check through them and choose your favorite.

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