7 Best Shure SM7B Alternatives That are Affordable

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Shure SM7B is a dynamic mic that is popular among podcasters, streamers, and other content creators. It is excellent at rejecting background noise and capturing a rich vocal tone.

However, not everyone can use an SM7B. One reason is the cost. The mic itself comes at a decent price, but you’ll also need an interface to connect it to your computer. Also, the microphone usually needs a preamp like Cloudlifter CL1 because it has a low gain.

Another downside of the SM7B is that it only has one pickup pattern. So, for a podcast with two people, you would need two SM7B mics.

For these and more reasons, you may need an alternative to Shure SM7B. In this article, I will show you the 7 best options you have if you need a Shure SM7B alternative.

7 Alternatives To Shure SM7B

Rode NT1A

 Rode NT1A

The Rode NT1A is a mic that needs no introduction. It is a condenser microphone that’s famous as one of the world’s quietest microphones.

There are many benefits that come with recording with a condenser microphone over the dynamic mic. Condenser mic reproduces a natural and clearer sound at their higher frequencies.

Another benefit the NT1A holds over the Shure SM7B mic is its compactness. If you have limited space for your recording, the NT1A is a better option.

Audio Technica AT2020

 Audio Technica  AT2020

The AT2020 is a condenser mic with a cardioid pickup pattern. It is an ideal mic for your studio applications.

The 16mm low-mass diaphragm microphone gives you an extra frequency response and perfect transient response for the quality articulation of your audio recording.

It is the ideal mic for music production, podcast, content creators, and every music enthusiast. Despite the fact that it is a very affordable mic, it still handles a wide dynamic range to capture every detail. Also, it isolates any unwanted noise from the background.

The AT2020 is built for durability while it also delivers the best performance you can expect from it.

AKG Pro Audio C214

AKG Pro Audio C214

The AKG Pro Audio C214 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that captures recording with its dual capsule system. If you do so many different things with your mic, this is one you should consider. It is great for podcasting, gaming, streaming, vocals, and instrumental recording.

Though the C214 is quite costly, its performance justifies every penny you spend on it. The one-inch capsule reduces mechanical noise, which means you don’t have to bother whether you are close up to the mic or not

The switchable bass-cut filter allows you to record even closer to the mic without the proximity effect. It has a cardioid polar pattern.

Electro-Voice RE20

Electro-voice RE20

The Electro-voice RE20 is also a dynamic mic like the Shure SM7B. The mic serves all your studio purposes such as music production, broadcasting, podcasting, and many more.

It is mostly ideal for the broadcast studios as a voice-over microphone. And it is a mic that is capable of delivering the sound quality you’ll get from more expensive options.

A noteworthy feature of the Electro-Voice RE20 is its frequency response. It is capable to record even your low-end instruments such as the bass or the kick drum while still delivering a crisp and clear sound at the top.

Sennheiser MD 421II

 Sennheiser MD 421II

The Sennheiser MD 421II is a dynamic mic that comes with a large diaphragm and has a cardioid pickup pattern, a five-position bass control makes it a classical microphone that is able to deliver at its best no matter what is thrown at it.

The bass roll-off makes it possible to give a clear recording for your string instruments such as the guitar. It’s an ideal choice for instrument recordings, radio broadcast announcers and voiceovers, vocals, and many more.

It delivers a clear and highly detailed sound reproduction, while it also cancels out any feedback.

Shure SM58LC – Best for vocals

 Shure SM58LC

The Shure SM58LC is a dynamic mic with a cardioid pickup pattern. It is a vocal microphone that is commonly used for vocal recordings.

The mic is considered the leading industry standard for vocal performances due to its ability to deliver the best vocal articulation.

The wired microphone is connected using a 3-pin XLR cable. The SM58LC is cheap considering its performance, with a beautiful design that is rugged and built to withstand usage even in critical conditions.

Beyerdynamic M88 TG Dynamic Mic – Best for stage use

Beyerdynamic M88 TG Dynamic Mic

The Beyerdynamic M88 TG dynamic mic comes with a hyper-cardioid pattern pickup that offers you quality response and voice transmission, top-notch audio quality perfect for stage and studio use.

The mic has a very wide range of frequency responses that fit each of your vocal needs while also sorting your instrumental recording needs.

The M88 is connected by an XLR cable through the 3-pin port available at its base. The moving coil in the microphone helps it to reduce the risk of feedback to the minimum.

The M88 TG dynamic mic is pocket friendly. The mic Is not plug and play as you need a preamp in order to get its best result.

Wrap up

I have reviewed 7 alternatives to Shure SM7B. All the mics are great, but my top 3 picks are Rode NT1A, Audio Technica AT2020, and AKG C214.

  • Rode NT1A is a mic that gives you premium audio quality at a decent price.
  • AT2020 is also a budget-friendly option that has a USB version for east plug-and-play use. This means you can have the same mic quality but with a USB connection straight to your computer.
  • Lastly, AKG C214 is a versatile mic. Its bass roll-off lets you have crisp voice quality even without editing.

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