7 Best Sites to Get Ableton Templates in 2023

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Ableton Live is one of the most popular DAWs today, used by millions of producers, DJs, and artists around the world. Like other popular DAWs, there are resources that make your creative process easier in Ableton.

Templates give you a great starting point especially when you’re trying to get the groove going quickly. Also, they can be good learning resources if you’re still finding your way around the DAW.

In this article, I will show you the best places to find Ableton templates on the internet.

Here are the 7 best websites for Ableton templates:

Ableton Templates

Ableton Templates

Ableton Templates is dedicated to improving your music production skills on Ableton Live, giving you access to over 200 unique templates.

The website gives you different options in terms of licensing, but all their templates are 100% royalty-free.

For producers who want to get their creativity going with samples and sounds, Ableton Templates gives you well-mixed unique options. Also, there are fully produced songs and projects that you can use in your music or learn from.

The templates cover various sub-genres of electronic music like progressive house, future bass, and dubstep.

If you want full rights to use and resell the templates, you can buy the full license.



Abletunes is a great resource for both new and experienced music producers. For new producers, the templates on Abletunes teach you the arrangement and layering of your sounds and tracks.

All the samples and projects are royalty-free, which means you means you can re-edit and tweak the sound to your own preference.

With their over 250 templates and samples available to you, they only have a few 3rd party VSTs.

And with their team of highly professional mixing and mastering engineer, you can be sure that every sample you are getting on Abletunes is fully mixed and mastered.



Loopmasters have a wide array of flexible sample libraries, which focus on improving every musician and producer’s craft. Also known as the Sample Boutique, the loop master is the best place you can get the best sample libraries for your music.

Their sounds and samples are royalty-free, which is a great benefit to every producer just starting out or even the professionals to gain access to inspirational sounds, presets, and effect chains at their fingertip.

Their samples are ready to sequence and play once you download them, which makes them pretty easy to sit in your mix. Their samples are easy to use, you can always find your way around the UI, and you don’t need an extra hand to get started on using their samples.

An added benefit of using the Loopmasters is that they also have samples that you can use on other DAWs.

Top Music Arts

Top Music Arts

The top music arts templates are a great start for every aspiring musician, producer, and beatmaker. If you want to learn how to produce music professionally, then it is a great place for starters.

Even more, they have great templates that professionals can get ranging from Dubstep, Reggaeton, Pop, and Future Bass.

They also pack a wide array of great samples that are perfect for your music production. You can also buy their full remake projects for learning purposes.

Most of their projects use stock Ableton plugins and effects.

We Make Dance Music

We Make Dance Music

We Make Dance Music is a platform where producers get access to hundreds of templates. Their platform offers a dynamic music experience for musicians, producers, beatmakers, and every lover of music.

They cover multiple genres of music which makes their platform a one-stop spot for every of your music production demand. We Make Dance Music has a collection of resources that covers electronic music, orchestral, film scores, and many more.

They have tons of tutorials that are available on their platform to help you get started as a newbie, everything you need to take your music production to the level you’ve always wanted is carefully dissected into different tutorials.

All their templates are 100% royalty-free, making them available to you at your fingertip, however, their stock plugins are optional.



Audiotent is a great place for electronic music producers. Their templates cover every electronic music such as a progressive house, techno, dancehall pop, trance, trap, and many more.

They are only into the electronic music genre, there is no hip-hop, future bass, country music, or pop-rock on the platform. So if you are into any other genre aside from electronic music, your best bet is to check out other platforms.

However, their platform is not only limited to making electronic music templates alone, they have also created quality content to help starters begin their journey into the world of electronic music.

You can learn sound design, mixing, and mastering technics of electronic music with the right tools they’ve made available for free on their platform.



SoundShock Audio is the place where you find the highest quality, industry-leading presets, samples, and plugins.

Their templates cover the trap, future bass, EDM, different house genres, and more electronic music.

All their templates are 100% free once you register on their website. Registration also gives you exclusive access to their expert tutorials and techniques to help you stay ahead.

Their newest stuff is now on their new platform, upstreamsquared.com where you get even better access to melodic electronic music.

Wrap up

Ableton gives music producers and every music lover tones of templates that can help better their creativity.

Most of these templates and tutorials are royalty-free, and might only need to pay for them to claim ownership and enjoy full access.

Their templates remain relevant to diverse music all around the world.

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