Top 7 Best Portable Party Speakers With Booming Bass in 2019

Portable party speakers

If you are looking for some of the best party speakers that are portable, you need to make sure that you choose the speakers that can be loud without any loss in quality.

Added to that, having some extra bass with a built-in subwoofer is also preferred, as most of the parties play rock and hip-hop. Some of the speakers may be portable with a rechargeable battery, and some others may need a power outlet.

With the wide variety of speakers available in the market, it may be a tough job for you to pick a speaker that serves your purpose well and is under your budget.

I would recommend you to go for portable party speakers as they'll be handy to use in any party situations, whether it be house parties, BBQs, or beach parties.

They are also very easy to be carried. Most of the portable speakers come with a rechargeable battery. Whereas, only a few of them need a power outlet.

Things to look while getting party speakers

Sound quality

When it comes to party speakers, it's essential to buy speakers that are loud enough to spark up the dance floor. As you may have noticed, some of the speakers make a crackling or buzzing sound when in high volumes.

They sacrifice the sound quality for loudness. Although many of the speakers have good bass, they lack in details, especially when in the high volumes.


As you'll be playing plenty of bass-heavy songs in parties, it's essential to have some punchy bass. Some of the party speakers do come with an inbuilt subwoofer for enhanced bass output.

The bass sets the real party mood. Previously, portable speakers were not offering good bass. Nowadays, the bass-heavy party speakers like TREMOR Bluetooth Speaker offers up to 8 hours of playback at full volume and bass, and 18 hours for a normal use.


Most of the party speakers are made portable to make them easily be used in different parties. They come with a rechargeable battery that can offer a decent playback time.

However, if you plan to play the speakers at maximum volume, it's crucial for you to choose a party speaker that has good playback time for a single charge.


With Bluetooth speakers, apart from playing music from the USB you can also stream music from your smartphone. People are moving towards hip- hop music, nowadays.

Although there will be some loss in quality when playing via Bluetooth, some speakers that support AptX encoding works great. However, do note that the smartphone should be near to the speaker even while partying in case of Bluetooth. For house parties, Bluetooth feature works great.

7 best party speakers picked for you

After extensive research, this post reviews some of the excellent speakers suitable for parties.

#NameBattery lifeBass ratings
1TREMOR Bluetooth Speaker15 hours4.7Check price
2Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker10 hours4.9Check price
3ION Audio Block Party Live10 hours4.5Check price
4Sony RDHGTK37IPNeed AC4.9Check price
5ION Audio Party Rocker Plus8 hours4.5Check price
6Pyle Wireless Portable Speaker5 hours4.3Check price
7Sondpex CSF-D45B8 hours4.1Check price

The top 5 reviewed..

#1. TREMOR Bluetooth Speaker

The main reason why I picked up these speakers as the best speakers for parties, because of its massive 20800 mAh that offers up to 15 hours of playback.

The loudness of the speaker is excellent as the name says it all – tremor. The speaker can go to high volumes without any hissing or crackling sounds.

The built quality of this speaker is rugged. The build quality is the one that you notice when you unbox it for the first time. The speakers are made especially for outdoor use with a nice rubber sealing for the buttons.

The speaker is rated IPX5, which can survive rain or any water splashes. The speaker is also shock-proof to some extent. We can call this the perfect rugged party speaker you can ever get for the price. It's a great speaker both for indoor and especially for outdoor use.

Dreamwave speaker

The consistency of these speakers in various frequency ranges is great. The bass is roaring, and the treble is excellent. The bass is shockingly deep even in open-space environments.

The two passive radiators coupled with powerful full range drivers does the bass magic.

The sound can go loud so that you may end up closing your ears when playing with these indoor. At any levels of volume, the sound won't distort at all. Thanks to the anti-distortion circuitry that does the job well.

You can pair your smartphone with this speaker with Bluetooth. You can also use the NFC feature by placing your smartphone device on the left side of the speaker near the small NFC logo.

The only downside of this speaker is that the sound is directional. If you want the omnidirectional sound with same sound quality, go for BigBlue Party speakers that I've reviewed below.

Check price

#2. Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Big blue party speaker

This speaker comes with four full-range drivers. These drivers enable the speaker to produce 360-degree sound.

The bass is roaring, and the trebles are also crystal clear. The speaker can get to any loudness with no distortion in sound quality at all.

I was amazed by the loudness of the music these speakers offer. Thanks to the drivers that are housed in every direction, giving you omnidirectional full range playback.

A powerful 5 1/4' woofer and a passive radiator are built right into the speaker, that sets the right mood for the party. The bass is as powerful as a separate subwoofer, which is surprising.

Big blue

The connection is Bluetooth. This means you need to have your Bluetooth enabled device or your smartphone near to the speaker for it to spark up the party.

The speaker is also resistant to rain and splashes of water. This is great for pool and beach parties.

Big blue indoor outdoor speaker

This speaker offers you up to 5 hours playback in full volume after charging it completely and 10 hours of playback at moderate volume.

Considering the sound to be omnidirectional with four drivers, this is decent.Using the speakers even while charging will not cause any damage to the speakers, which is great.

Check latest price at amazon

#3. ION Audio Block Party Live

Once you open the box, the first thing you notice is that the speaker is large. The speaker is too big to be called a Bluetooth speaker. However, the speaker stand comes with transportation wheels to make the moving of speakers easier.

The speakers are well built. When gauging the durability of these speakers, the first thing you notice is that the corners of the speakers are reinforced with steel. The construction seems very durable and professional looking.

This 50 watts speaker offers good bass than most of the Bluetooth speakers with the dedicated bass port.

The speakers can get very loud without any distortion for outdoor parties depending upon the settings of the speaker and also the smartphone which you connect to it via Bluetooth.

Ion audio block party

The one downside is that you can't control the treble or the bass in the speaker itself. You need to tweak them in your smartphone settings.

The Bluetooth range seems to be quite short compared to other speakers in this range. However, this may not be an issue for you if you use the speakers close to your smartphone

The battery life is too good and lasts up to 10 hours in moderate volume. It takes only 2 hours to get fully charged which is decent.

Ion speaker

The lighting fixture at the top of the speaker is a great attraction. You can set the lightings to be normal, random or sync according to the music beats.

You can also download Party Rocker app for your smartphone and control the lighting speed and colors. You can control the normal settings of the LED lights on the speaker itself.

#4. Sony RDHGTK37IP Portable Party System

If you are looking for a good party speaker from Sony, this speaker won't disappoint you. This speaker measures 3ft wide and roughly 1.5 fit and is very portable for go to parties.

This is a 420 Watt speaker, that means you need a power outlet for it to work. This means, if you are planning to use the speaker in beaches and pools this may be a setback to you.

This speaker is only suitable to be used in home parties and maybe in BBQs. Needless to say, this is a serious downside for most of them. If this speaker is made wireless without sacrificing sound quality, it would be in my top 3 picks.

Sony rdhgtk37ip

This speaker supports Bluetooth, USB, and AUX. With these options, you don't need to rely only on the Bluetooth for playing your music.

The speaker comes with two large subwoofers and 2 tweeters to perform well in the lower range and as well the treble range.

Sony party speaker

The bass is thunderous. If you don't like the powerful bass of the speakers, you can always turn the bass off to normal by hitting 'bass bazooka' button. The speaker performs great across all the frequencies and sounds absolutely loud when the volume knob is maxed.

The DJ LED lights are a bonus and are nice to have. There are different LED settings; you can tweak and play with. But the lights are not so dominant and fancy as that of ION Audio Block Party Live which I've reviewed above.

ION Audio Party Rocker Live

This speaker is an upgraded version of the previous ION Audio Party Rocker Live, which is currently priced at a lower price and lacks some fancy features like spinning lights and karaoke effects. These both sound the same.

As like that of any other ION Audio party speakers, the main attraction is LED lights. In this speaker, the LED light fixture spins causing a dynamic mood in the party.

The lights can be switched off, synced with the music, or can be controlled with the app as per your wish. It also comes with various light colors.

With this speaker, users have the ability to stream the music from Bluetooth or plug in the smartphone with AUX cable directly.

The speaker is rated at 50W power, and has a powerful 6.5” woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter. The overall sound quality is excellent. The bass is great but seems to distort a little when in high levels and volume for some music genres.

Ion rocker speaker

The bass is decent and punchy. As usual, you can boost the bass further by tweaking the music player settings in your smartphones.

The battery life lasts for 8 hours at a decent volume, which is great. Nevertheless, it takes less than 2 hours to charge the battery back up fully.

Check price

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Wrapping up

These are some of the best party speakers that you can buy today.

As you may have noticed that portability is one of the most important aspects you need to look for in party speakers. If you are going for battery powered speakers, make sure that the battery life is excellent.

Also make sure that the build quality is excellent, that too when planning to buy the speakers for outdoor use. The rugged construction with IPX5 ratings is good to go. The speaker should survive while trekking, pools, beaches and plenty of abuse.

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