Floor standing speakers, also known as tower speakers are important components of your home entertainment system.

These speakers much more surround sound experience and immersive sound effects when compared to other types of speakers. Klipsch RP-260F and Klipsch RP-280F are the great floor standing speakers by Klipsch.

Table of Best Floor Standing Speakers under $1k

#NameDriversAmazon product page
1Klipsch RP-260F  Floorstanding SpeakersBest pick One LTS Tweeter and dual Cerametallic cone woofers Check price
2Klipsch RP-280F – Tower speaker with excellent sound Dual 8" Cerametallic woofers epitomize Klipsch driver
Check price
3Cerwin-Vega XLS-215  – Best budget floorstanding speaker Dual 15-Inch paper cone foam half-roll cast-frame woofers
Check price
4Acoustics 3050 Floorstanding Speakers Twin cone drivers and 2-in-1 dome Tweeters
Check price
5Fluance Signature Series Speakers Neodymium tweeters, mids and dual 8" subwoofers
Check price
6Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker Two cone drivers and three subwoofers
Check price
7KEF Q500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker One tweeter and three bass drivers
Check price

Floor standing speakers are often tall and accommodate somewhat less area on the ground.

These speakers are great at producing bass as well as treble, as there are multiple drivers dedicated for each of the frequency ranges.

At times, you may have a dilemma to choose between floor standing speakers and bookshelf speakers. So it's important to know the difference in uses of each of these types of speakers.

Bookshelf speakers are suitable in small places like bedroom, where the environment is more stereo favorable.

Whereas, floor standing speakers are great for using great sound with powerful bass delivering you cinematic audio experience, tower or floor standing speakers is the way to go.

But you do need to also remember that the bookshelf speakers often cost less than the tower speakers. The good bookshelf speakers cost you as low as $100.

Whereas on the other hand, the entry level good floor standing speakers cost you at least $300. The mid-fi floor standing speakers cost you below $1000.

Choosing the best floor standing speakers

Floorstanding speakers

The majority of the floor standing speakers are at least 4 ft tall and consumes at least 1 ft area. Even some mid-fi speakers are as tall as 5ft. The height of these speakers depends upon the various speaker models and also the configuration.

Drivers: If you take any speaker, there should be four drivers in it to deliver the sounds across the various frequency ranges. There are mainly four types of drivers that come with any floor standing speakers. They are – Tweeters, Midrange drivers, Woofers, and Subwoofers.

Tweeters: These are relatively small drivers that are usually present at the top of the speaker.

They are responsible for producing distortion-free high-frequency Treble sound. They are entirely dedicated to high-frequency sounds.

Midrange drivers: These drivers specially meant for producing midrange frequency sound. the sounds that fall under this frequency are the vocals of the singer or the conversations in the movie that you are watching.

Woofers: These drivers are responsible for the superior Bass response that is given by your speakers. These drivers produce low-frequency sound ranging from 50 Hertz to 1000 Hertz or higher.

Subwoofers: these drivers focus on Ultra-low-frequency sounds between 20 Hz to 50 Hz. These drivers are responsible for the impact of the base.

Build: The build is one of the most crucial factors to be considered while buying floor standing speakers.

The cabinet should be sturdy and antiresonant so that the cabinet don't vibrate and cause distortion when the drivers are vibrating at higher volume sounds.

The color and feel of the cabinet should also in such a color that compliments your decor.

Best floor standing speakers under $1000 reviewed

#1. Klipsch RP-260F Reference Premiere Floorstanding SpeakersBest pick

Build and design:

These speakers are the mid range of the reference premiere series. These reference speakers are available either in the cherry or ebony finish. The speaker has a classic black ash touch to it. The speaker feels certainly premium.

The construction is of compressed molded rubber, and this ensures that the treble and the high-frequency part is produced distortion free and has good details.

The grills of the speakers are held in place by neodymium magnets, so you need not fit the grill on and off manually.

Klipsch rp 260f reference premiere floorstanding speakers


As the reference speakers, these floor standing speakers are very neutral sounding. The treble part is very lively and sparky. Whereas, the bass part is strong.

As the reference speakers, these floor standing speakers are very neutral sounding. The treble part is very lively and sparky. Whereas, the bass part is strong.

As these are reference speakers, some people, especially the bass-heads, find the bass to be not satisfactory.

In that case, adding a good subwoofer like SVS PB2000 makes a great difference when it comes to bass.

This is a common problem with all the floor standing speakers that don't come with a dedicated subwoofer built in them.

Klipsch rp 260f back view

In order to maintain the neutrality of sound, you may need to make use of a good receiver that has neutral sound. I usually recommend stereo receivers either by Yamaha or the Pioneer.

The sound produced by these speakers are ideal for both movie watchers and also audiophiles who preferably love to listen to pure music without any coloring whatsoever.


  • Reference or neutral sound
  • Great detail in treble
  • Premium feel


  • Pricey

#2. Klipsch RP-280FTower speaker with excellent sound

Klipsch rp 280f reference premiere floorstanding speaker

Klipsch has built a number of home theater sound systems, most of them are below $1000, but the RP-280F is the most imposing of them.

Klipsch RP-280F is one of the tower speaker brands under $1000 that promise top quality sound experience. You can fully expect to be blown away by the sheer crispiness and roundness of the sound; from the punchy, well-rounded bass to the clear, crisp high frequencies.

Before we go into all the very juicy stuff, let’s see what Klipsch engineers have done in the design:

Build and design

Klipsch rp 280f

So, what do we have here?

The Klipsch RP-280F is manufactured and sold alongside a tilted base, with the “face” of the speakers, covered with a detachable metal mesh. The speaker retains its majestic look whether you choose the grille on or not. This speaker works well with TV and you will definitely enjoy it.

Personally, I prefer it without the grille; it makes the speaker look a lot more “threatening”. Depending on your preference or taste, you can choose from 3 colors; black, ebony and cherry.

For your information, ebony is not the same as the black one. Perhaps it is better to see them as finishes rather than colors.

The cabinet is of polymer veneer finish, laid over medium density fiber board.

Detaching the front grille reveals a 90 X 90 Tractrix horn, a linear travel suspension titanium tweeter and two woofers made of copper.

Here is the note

The tractrix horn is a technology adopted by Klipsch to ensure precision, clarity, and power. This technology is used in all of Klipsch’s products except the headphones and subwoofers.

The linear travel suspension (LTS) prevents distortion when playing at high volumes. This ensures that the tweeters are long-lasting, and do not blow out for a long time.

The cerametallic woofers ensure minimal vibration of the woofer cones when producing sound.

The speaker’s back design is also worthy of note, with the bass reflex port. It’s not the tractrix horn, but it looks a lot like it, hence the reason it’s called the tractrix port.

Sound quality

The low-frequency production is top notch. The full package comes with 12 inch or 15-inch subwoofers, but the low end is quite good. This goes for all genres of music. This means that with the subwoofers, you can expect some groundbreaking discoveries.

The mids are also well represented. You can expect the vocals and other midrange instruments to be clear and have their space. The high frequencies are crisp and clean, without excessive sibilance or harshness.  

It is not impossible that your favorite music or audio was not well mixed. The Klipsch RP-280F can be quite flattering, which means if you play your music through these speakers, you may be hearing a slightly better version of the original, just because you’re hearing through the RP-280F.

What’s more?

Another plus in terms of sound quality is that even at extremely low volumes, every element of the music can be heard and felt. There is enough space for every element to thrive.

Pros and cons


  • Rich, wide soundstage
  • Exotic design
  • Highly efficient and easy to drive


  • Quite large

#3. Cerwin-Vega XLS-215Best budget floorstanding speaker

Cerwin vega xls 215

Build and design

At first glance, the Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 seems like something out of a concert venue. It is surely one of the most formidable floorstanding speakers under $1000. They’re really heavy, each of these beauties weigh over 100 pounds.

The makers have gone for the classic black grain wood finish. Cerwin -Vega really made a bold move with this one, deviating from the current miniature style demands of younger consumers. They have opted for a “larger than life” approach, which makes the speaker serve its true purpose.

Cerwin vega xls 215 outside view

Sound quality

The bass is well represented in the massive soundstage provided by these speakers. You are not likely to have any real issues with boomy sound as there appears to be a little limiting to prevent distortion and sound swell when playing a badly mixed song.

The midrange and highs are clear and crisp, without the resonant sounds that are sometimes heard in horn loaded speakers. Even at very high volumes, the Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 holds its own, without distorting or producing any unpleasant, grainy sounds.

If you listen to a music piece that was recorded live; vocals, instruments and all, it almost feels like your favorite band decided to give you a private show.  

One more thing;

Another good thing here is that this speaker needs minimal amplifier push to start playing loud.

Pros and cons


  • Wide and immersive soundstage
  • Smooth sound at high volumes


  • Bulky for small spaces

#4. Q Acoustics 3050 Floorstanding Speakers

Q acoustics speaker view

Build and design

These speakers are available in various colors like white and black lacquer, black leather, American walnut, and also matte graphite.

With the wide variety of options, you can choose that best suits to your home decor.

The cone material in the bass and midrange drivers are made of Kevlar material for more durability and performance.

Due to the Kevlar construction of the drivers, both the tonality and the durability of the drivers will be increased.

Q acoustics 3050 floorstanding speaker

The tweeters are isolated from the main cabinet with butyl rubber, to make sure that the high treble range frequencies are unaffected by the vibration and impact caused by the bass and mids.


These are not reference speakers, but have good consistency in various frequencies.

Q acoustics 3050 speaker

The bass is deep, crisp and makes a great impact. This the reason why the Tweeters are decoupled from the main cabinet to keep the tonality and the detail of the treble part unaffected.

The speakers perform surprisingly consistent across all the frequencies.

The soundstage offered by these speakers are full and wide and is remarkable.


  • Punchy bass
  • Great treble
  • Kevlar driver construction
  • Amazing soundstage


  • Pricey

#5. Fluance Signature Series SpeakersBest for bass

This is the best floor standing speakers you can get if you love bass.

Build and design

Being 4ft high speakers these are a little big when compared to other tower or floor standing speakers in the range.

Fluance front end view

Due to the great looking finishing and the sleek drivers, the unit appears to be more expensive than it is.

One thing I absolutely loved about the build quality is that the drivers have a separate enclosure inside, which is pretty unheard of in case of mid-fi floor standing speakers.


The speakers come with two 8" woofers, a 5" mid-woofer, and a 1" dome tweeter. As you can notice some emphasis is given the low frequency and bass sounds.

Fluance signature series speaker

The bass is thunderous. Unlike Klipsch RP-260F and other reference speakers, there's no need of external subwoofers.

Added to the two built-in woofers, the speakers support bi-amping. You can amp the low frequency/ the bass part separately without affecting the mids and the treble part.

Although these speakers don't have a subwoofer built in, the bass crossover frequency has been considerably reduced from around 1000Hz to 530 Hz. So, yes there's emphasis on low-frequency details.

Fluance connection hooks


  • Thunderous bass
  • Support for bi-amping.
  • Good treble
  • Built-in subwoofers


  • Pricey

#6. Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker

It is a quite old tower speaker in our list. But still, it is selling quite great online. Let us look how this speaker stacks up with other floor standing speakers below $1000.


The speakers are available mainly in black and cherry wood versions.

I'll take cherry version as an example, as this version is what I recommend. In the cheery version of the speakers, the speaker assembly is made completely of wood.

This ensures the speakers perform well without any resonance. The speakers are beautiful in design and performance.

The speakers flaunt MDF construction and resonance-free enclosures. The Medium Density Fiberboard enclosures will be darn good when it comes with dampening out unwanted vibrations and resonance. They are made of real wood.

Polk audio rti a9 speaker


The first thing you notice is the loudness of the speakers even at low volume levels. The speakers can go to great volumes without distortion.

The bass is tight and controlled. The bass is not strong and boomy like Fluance Signature Series. For most of them, the bass is just more than enough. However, you can also consider getting a subwoofer to couple with these speakers for much more stronger bass if you wish.

Polk audio speaker

The highs are very clear without being harsh or too bright. The 1" soft dome tweeters do the job great.

The soundstage is wide when compared to most of the mid-fi speakers out there. It is pretty immersive.

There's no special emphasis on a particular frequency range. These speakers sound pretty consistent.


  • Louder than other speakers
  • Great soundstage
  • Controlled bass
  • Pretty good treble


  • Bassheads need more bass

#7. KEF Q500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Build and design:

The main uniqueness of the speakers is the Uni-Q array. This array contains the midrange drivers and the tweeters placed concentrically within the same structure.

According to the manufacturers, the Uni-Q array construction ensures that the tonality and the wideness of the frequency response are maintained.

Kef q500 speaker

The speakers come with different colors like Black, Rosewood, American Walnut, and White.

The speakers have four steel 'plinth' spikes and they are the height is adjustable. It also prevents any rocking resonance when the speaker is hitting really loud.


The sound is very balanced. The bass is not boomy at all. The bass is certainly punchy and detailed.

The speakers have 1 inch vented aluminum dome tweeter and also whopping three 5.25 inch bass drivers.

So, if you are an audiophile by some observation, the speakers tend to perform really well with when in the low frequencies and there's no distortion in the bass range whatsoever.

The soundstage in these speakers is excellent. They produce a good soundstage effect of making the movies and songs come alive.


  • Good bass – not too heavy not too less
  • Good treble and highs
  • Soundstage is great


  • None

Wrapping up

While buying floor standing speakers, you need to consider your needs. For example, speakers like Fluance Signature Series are great at bass.

Some of them are good at the treble part like Klipsch RP-260F and are great if you listen to treble-heavy music like classical songs.

You also need to consider the color of the speakers that suit your home decor and setup.

Hope you'll make a wise decision while buying a good floor standing speakers under $1000.

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