7 Best FL Studio Stock Plugins (Stock Synth VSTs) in 2022

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Creating a creative beat requires a little extra artistry, but it does not have to be complicated because you can often use stock sounds as a starting point for new ideas.

When it comes to creating a fantastic beat or melody in FL Studio, you have the upper hand with the stock plugins I will discuss in this article.

I’m an FL Studio fanboy, and after years of use, I can say with confidence that it’s one of the best DAWS available today.

Sometimes you don’t require the most expensive plugins to create the next hit song. You can do so much with the stock plugins until you can invest in third-party plugins to expand your library.

If you’re looking for the best FL Studio stock plugins, check out the list below, start experimenting with them, and see how they improve your musical creations.

Top 7 FL Studio Stock Plugins (Stock Synth VSTs) reviewed



Harmor is one of the best FL Studio synth plugins. It has distinct sounds that you can use in any genre.

The interface is fantastic, complete with knobs, filters, and oscillators. The presets are also excellent, and they are easily customizable.

If you haven’t tried Harmor, you’re missing out on one of FL Studio’s best stock plugins.

Harmor is an additive and subtractive synthesizer, so it gives you a lot of creative freedom.



Morphine is an underappreciated synth included with FL Studio since version 10. Morphine has a smooth and warm sound ideal for electronic and ambient music.

The best thing about morphine is its simplicity.

Many producers overlook this plugin, but they are unaware that it can create pure gold.

Morphine is a fantastic plugin and one of my favorites. It’s incredible how simple it is to find good-sounding presets.

Morphine is also great for retro sounds and has many effects to help you manipulate your audio to your liking. It is suitable for almost any genre, especially house music.



Sytrus is another excellent stock plugin you should use in FL Studio. It has many features that other synths don’t have, such as a spectrum editor, vector modulator, and noise shaping tool.

The best thing about Sytrus is that it includes a plethora of ideas and presets.

There’s a section for Arps, bass, bells, drums, brass, organ, orchestral, percussion, plucked pads, synths, and so much more.



Flex is the most recent addition to FL Studio’s stock plugins, and it has far more to offer than the other stock plugins. Flex includes a collection of high-quality sounds that you can use if you have FL Studio 20 and above.

Flex isn’t your average synthesizer. It filters your sound using subtractive synthesis and a plethora of oscillators.

Furthermore, it is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface. Flex is one of the FL Studio stock plugins with the most extensive library.



Maximus is a fantastic stock plugin you can use for mixing and mastering in FL Studio. It’s handy if you need to punch up your master or mix.

Maximus has a plethora of presets and compression modes to help you achieve the sound you desire. Maximus will bring your tracks to life if they sound dull or lifeless.

A plugin like this is essential because it ensures that your final song is high quality and meets industry standards.

You can use Maximus to add that final polish and shine to your mixes or masters.

It also functions as a multi-band compressor, de-esser, EQ, and transient shaper. It has a friendly GUI with simple controls, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble learning how to use it on your own.



You know already that your recordings have a significant impact on the overall quality of your music.

As a result, you must opt for clean and high-quality audio, which you can achieve using FL Studio’s stock plugin, Edison.

Edison is a powerful and feature-rich audio editing and recording plugin, but it also includes many tricks for cleaning up recordings.

Edison’s denoise module lets you remove unwanted background noise from your recordings. If you don’t have a high-quality microphone or recording environment, this is an excellent tool for cleaning up audio.



Sakura is one of the best FL Studio stock plugins. It’s a fantastic VST for creating melodic sounds, ambiance, and a variety of other unique sounds.

It also employs effects such as delay and reverb, which you can adjust to your liking.

Sakura has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create unique sounds to add to your beats. The stock plugin also includes an ADSR envelope (attack, decay, sustain, release) for editing the sound.

Sakura is one of our favorite FL Studio stock plugins for creating melodies and ambient pads for beats.

This plugin is potent and is at par with third-party plugins such as Omnisphere and Kontakt.

You can use the preset sounds or create your own from scratch. The former is more straightforward, but the latter provides more flexibility and control over the sound of your music.

Wrap Up: The Best Stock Plugins at Your Disposal

The stock plugins in FL Studio aren’t the most well-known on the market, but they can meet all of your needs for sound design, mixing, and mastering.

Experiment with this seven plugin library in FL Studio, and they’ll surprise you with what you create.

We have presented you with plugins that can create a wide range of sounds, so there will be something for you no matter what genre you prefer. Let us know your favorite FL Studio stock plugins.

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