A Bluetooth audio receiver is a small device that you can connect wirelessly to sources of music in your home, office, car, or any other place.

With such an audio receiver, you can play loud music and avail efficient sound quality without the need of transforming or disturbing your audio system.

You can stream any device wirelessly with the receiver and it will provide you with amazing sound quality.

With the Bluetooth enabled technology, it is possible to enjoy music and make it easy to listen to high-quality sound at any time and from any device.

You can use this device with speaker and devices with the option of wireless music streaming.

It is even possible to regulate the music playback without the requirement of switching off or on, or without coming close to the receiver again and again.

The market is filled with numerous Bluetooth enabled audio receivers that claim to deliver high performance, excellent functionality, and extraordinary design.

If you are confused among the various options available and are not able to make a reliable decision, then here we present you the list of the top 7 Bluetooth Audio Receivers that you may pick.

The list has been compiled on the basis of design, performance, functionality, and features of the audio receivers. So, have a glance at it and know yourself the best audio receiver that suits your requirements.

Things to look before buying Bluetooth audio receivers

Buying an audio receiver can be one of the biggest issues for a buyer. It is because the buyer is putting a good sum of his earned money into this, and hence, you intend to buy the perfect receiver that can serve you with all sorts of features at great affordability.

If you are planning to buy a Bluetooth enabled audio receiver for yourself and don’t want to make a mistake, then there are numerous factors that you must take into consideration before making a final investment.

Level of Frequency – The ultimate aim of a Bluetooth receiver is to offer users with lasting performance and high sound quality.

So, you must evaluate the effectiveness of the Bluetooth receiver and pick a piece that is capable enough of offering you high performance. Check for the range of the device and ensure that the receiver is able to offer you with high definition quality of sound.

The better the level of frequency, the better will the receiver would work for you. The level of frequency of the Bluetooth receiver holds a range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

If you are able to find a Bluetooth receiver with a frequency range between 40 Hz to 20 KHz, then it can be a great option to consider.

Life of theBattery – The hours that an audio receiver can work before the need of charging. It is a very important factor, particularly when you are traveling.

Definitely, you would not prefer buying a receiver that turns off every other hour. You must look for a receiver that takes less time in charging and the one, which is able to deliver high performance for long lasting hours.

This factor is also very important if you wish to listen to a movie or to sound that you don’t want to switch off in between.

Price – This is an imperative factor that you cannot overlook! The most important thing is to make sure that you buy a receiver that suits your pocket and the one, which is affordable to you.

So, before you pick any receiver or plan to buy one, then it is essential to frame a budget in advance. It is not necessary that you will be able to avail a good audio receiver only if you are spending more money.

You must be sure that the Bluetooth receiver that you intend to plan is of high-quality and is able to serve you features that are worth the value. In short, you should go for a receiver that offers you with good features at affordable prices.

Additional Features – Bluetooth audio receivers are efficient devices that offer you the convenience to listen to your favorite sound without the need for additional wires or connections.

It is not necessary for you to have sockets around in order to use this receiver. Another amazing benefit of such receivers is that they are portable and can be carried around easily.

These receivers have a great battery life and hence you don’t have to recharge them again and again in order to use. You must check for these additional features before buying a receiver for yourself.

Compatibility – There are powerful Bluetooth audio receivers available in the market that are water-resistant and can be used to stream the music with any of the devices.

You must, therefore, pick for a receiver that is equipped with all such features and that is compatible with various devices, which you use for listening to your favorite sound.

Best Bluetooth audio receivers

#1. Audioengine B1

The Audioengine B1 audio receiver is an affordable, elegant, and wireless home audio solution that hosts Bluetooth similar to that of the Apple AirPort Express.

Audioengine b1 premium bluetooth music receiver

With an adapter-like design, this receiver is an ideal unit for music lovers. It offers excellent fidelity output that can be plugged conveniently into the stereo system.

It allows wireless streaming with your mobile phone or any Bluetooth equipped desktop with spectacular sound quality.

Audioengine receiver


  • It houses excellent design, efficient sound, and offers absolute ease of use. It offers much Bluetooth range better than the average one.
  • Besides offering excellent range it delivers high-quality sound for Bluetooth. The simple setup makes it easy to use. It hosts powerful DAC and does not own a discernible delay.
  • This receiver is well built and comes with optical link options and RCA connections. You can pair it with numerous devices and can stream from all types of Bluetooth device. It serves within 100 feet range.
  • With a 24-bit audio output, it offers stutter-free and hassle-free audio stream.


  • It is quite expensive as compared to the other audio receivers in the market.
  • It just pairs with one device at a time.

#2. StarTech BT2A

The Startech.com is a reputed company known for offering helpful and simple doodads that allow you to link the receiver to all bigger gadgets.

With a 3.5mm plug, 2-channel RCA, and optical audio cable you can link this with almost every device.

Startech.com bluetooth receiver

From your phone, tablet, to other Bluetooth enabled devices, you can link it to all with ease.

The dimensions of this receiver are 84 x 77 x 26mm and weight is 54 grams that are packed in a simple and black plastic unit of shape and size similar to a hockey puck.

While the single white LED would flash on the front, you can still hide it if you want.

Startech.com receiver


  • It houses excellent design, efficient sound, and offers absolute ease of use. It offers much Bluetooth range better than the average one.
  • It comes with numerous cables and inputs offering a good range.
  • It offers high-quality Bluetooth range and efficient performance. You can use it with any type of stereo equipment.


  • The cost is on the higher side.
  • There is scope for improvement for the conventional circular plug.

#3. Bose Wireless Audio System Adapter

The Bose Wireless Audio System Adapter is a powerful device that works well with all sorts of Bluetooth enabled devices.

You can link this adapter with the present Wi-Fi network and stream internet audio, like Spotify, Deezer, iHeart Radio, and Pandora.

Bose wireless audio system adapter

You can even connect this adapter with your smartphone, PC, or any other Bluetooth-enabled gadget in order to build strong connection and to listen high-quality audio sound.

The adapter comes with an onscreen setup for instructions and holds excellent compatibility with the Bose CineMate 520, 120, and 130 entertainment systems.

Bose adapter


  • This is a powerful adapter that offers excellent sound quality and efficient performance.
  • The design is simple yet elegant, and even compact. You can hide this adapter while playing the audio system if you wish to and even if it is visible still you will find it graceful.
  • It doubles as FM/AM radio and can also be used as an alarm clock.
  • The equipment comes with exclusive connectivity features and can be linked to various sorts of gadgets and equipment to avail unmatched performance.


  • It is a powerful device, but can deliver excellent results if used at home only.

#4. Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth

The Bluetooth device from Etekcity allows wireless streaming with use of conventional audio speakers from a distance of 33 feet. Besides speakers, you can also connect it to an A/V receiver of a 3.5mm or 2RCA audio cable.

Etekcity receiver

This enhances its usage and connectivity. If you wish to connect this to mobile devices with a single press, then the speakers will be ready to use after that.

Etekcity wireless bluetooth receiver


  • You can connect this device instantly to all sorts of phones with NFC, and it consumes very less energy. It is because that of the version 4.0.
  • It offers efficient data transmission rate between the audio receiver and a Bluetooth device.
  • It can function up to 10 hours and requires only two hours to charge the battery.


  • The audio output generates a remarkable noise when linked to a USB port.
  • The level of audio tends to be slightly low at times.
  • Might be the auto connect feature may work only 8 out of 10 times. That you can know only when you use it.


The HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver is an efficiently designed unit that delivers an excellent balance between appearance and functionality.

With subtle design and easy grip, it is one of the handiest units that you can carry along. There are two inputs and a single button provided at the back.

Homespot receiver

You can activate Bluetooth through the button and pair all sorts of devices with ease.

You can connect the device with any of the 8 memory slots available to you. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and A2DP. It is even compatible with Bluetooth 2.1 and other older versions.

Being a wired device the Bluetooth receiver is efficient enough of full transmission. It can work under 66 feet range and is ideal for all sorts of users.

Homespot nfc enabled bluetooth audio receiver for sound system


  • You can play high-quality sound with the A/V receiver. It allows you to move freely to all locations and conveniently control as well as stream music from around 67 feet / 20 meters away.
  • It offers efficient data transmission rate between the audio receiver and a Bluetooth device.
  • It is a highly compatible device that can be linked to all sorts of Bluetooth enabled devices or gadgets.
  • You can play excellent sound wirelessly with Bluetooth-capable smartphone, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and iPad.


  • You may find it a little pricey than other audio receivers available in the market.

#6. Uniwent Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver (Best Portable Bluetooth Audio Receiver)

The Uniwent Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Receiver is a portable and affordable receiver that comes with a wireless audio adapter incorporated with a Dual Aux output.

The device offers hands-free, extraordinary functionality and is an ideal unit for a car or home stereo system.

Uniwent bluetooth 4.1 receiver

It is a fully compatible unit that can be used with all sorts of Bluetooth enabled devices, smartphones, and gadgets.

You can even connect it to your PC or TV in order to listen to excellent sound whenever you wish and desire.

Uniwent receiver


  • This is a powerful device that comes with exceptional sound quality. It needs very short time to charge and hence is an ideal device to carry along.
  • The setup is really very simple and with the dual aux output, you can connect it to two speakers at a time. You can even connect it to headphones from two distinct verticals at the same time.
  • It offers high performance from a distance of 20 meters away.


  • Might be the Bluetooth connectivity get spotty after long hours of usage.
  • While the setup is simple, connecting the device with each other might consume some time, which can be frustrating if you are in a hurry.

#7. Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter (Best Budget Bluetooth Audio Receiver)

The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is one of the most amazing receivers that you can think of buying.

Its excellent compatibility and extraordinary performance make it one of the finest audio receivers equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Logitech bluetooth adapter

The best thing about this adapter is that it is available at a budget and still offers quite a number of nice features. You can connect it to your speaker and then to any of the devices.

The connection is reliable and can be obtained from up to 50 feet. The receiver includes both 3.5mm audio jack and RCA jack.

Also, the device comes with a dedicated button to pair with other Bluetooth enabled devices and you just require a button to connect it to the other available options.

With excellent performance, even the design of this unit is elegant and compact. You can carry it along yourself with ease.

Logitech adapter


  • It is a powerful device that can be connected to all sorts of devices and gadgets. You can connect it to your TV and desktop as well.
  • The setup is simple and even the connectivity is very powerful.
  • It offers efficient music streaming and is ideal to use in the home and other places as well.


  • It lacks efficient battery and hence does not operate much longer as compared to other devices in the market.


So, these are important factors to consider before you buy a Bluetooth audio receiver. By considering these factors, you would be able to buy the best device that is able to serve you with numerous features and within your budget limit.

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