5 Best and Cheap Alternatives to Countryman E6 Reviewed

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The desire of a public speaker is to be heard clearly while speaking and have a quality audio recording without putting on excessive weight on the ear.

The Countryman E6 is a lightweight mic and has been one of the best in the industry for years. However, there have been some comments about the price of the countryman.

Why spend so much money on such a microphone when there are alternatives that match its quality at a cheaper price?

Let’s explore other omnidirectional earsets with matching or higher sound quality than the countryman E6.

Top 5 alternatives to Countryman E6

Pyle Pro PMEMS10 – Super comfortable

Pyle Pro PMEMS10

This is a price slash microphone compared to the countryman E6.

Pyle Pro is a professional omnidirectional mic with high-quality audio. The Pyle Pro is a reliable corded earset mic- ideal for any vocal use and speech.

The flesh-toned color of this premium earset blends in with various skin and makes it practically invisible.

The Pyle Pro PMEMS10 has an omnidirectional polar pattern which enhances plosive protection without proximity effect. The earset features a TA4F connector which makes it usable with a Shure bodypack transmitter or connected directly to the mixer.

In the package are two microphone windscreens that enhance the mic from picking unwanted room sound.

Shure MX153T/O-TQG – Superior clarity

Shure MX153T/O-TQG

The MX153T is a low-profile single ear-loop mic with a high gain before feedback. It has rich detail and clarity in the sound.

Like the Pyle Pro PMEMS10, it is compatible with Shure bodypack wireless transmitters. The Shure MX153T features a comm shield technology that guards against interfering cellular RF devices and other digital transmitters.

You will have to spend more on this mic but not as much as the countryman E6.

Included in the package are three windscreens, a protective storage pouch, and a collar clip. It has three color options that blend with the skin and make it invisible while in use. The Shure MX153T makes speaking fun.

Samson DE50x – Crisp-clear vocals

Samson DE50x

The Samson De50x is a low-profile omnidirectional microphone designed for various vocal operations including, presentation, live broadcast, and fitness training.

Its polar pattern is ideal for picking crisp and clear vocals, even when the speaker paces up and down, turning their head around on stage.

DE50x is known for its smooth, flat frequency response with a boost at 10000 Hz for vocal presence. This boost eases the stress of EQ after recording. It delivers a competing audio quality with the Countryman E6 at a lower price. Samson De50x is rated at IP65 for dust and water resistance. This mic can handle up to sound pressure up to 130dB.

Shure MX153C/O-TQG

Shure MX153C/O-TQG

The MX153C/O-TQG delivers an exceptional clear speech ideal for presentations, conferencing, and house of worship.

Both the Shure MX153C/O-TQG and the Shure MX153T/O-TQG feature a comma shield technology that guards against interference from digital bodypack transmitters and cellular RF devices.

A Speaker presenting with the Shure MX153 speaks with confidence, not fearing other transmitters in the room or any proximity effect.

The TA4F connector connects the microphone directly to Shure wireless bodypack transmitters. It is also compatible with all Shure wireless systems.

The Microphone’s subminiature cartridge offers clarity and protection against plosive sound. The package comes with a collar clip, three windscreens, and a storage pouch.

Audio Technica 92CH

Audio Technica 92CH

If you desire comfort while presenting and with a clear vocal articulation, the Audio technical 92CH is the right pick.

Similar to the Shure MX153, it is an omnidirectional condenser head-worn mic that features a condenser capsule, and an adjustable boom for a comfortable fit.

The microphone comes with a rugged 4-pin lock-in connector that provides a secure connection to all compatible Audio Technica Body-pack wireless transmitters.

The Audio Technica 92CH is suitable for lecturing, presentations, and other conditions requiring a clear articulate vocal.

Unlike the Shure MX153, this is simple to put on. You need not worry about wrapping your neck with a microphone which may not be a comfortable option for all.

Wrap up

What’s common to all the reviewed Countryman E6 alternatives includes the omnidirectional polar pattern, versatility of use, and compatibility with all wireless transmitters of the mic brand.

However, some exceptions help us choose the top three Countryman alternatives.

  • The third to the top is the Pyle Pro PMEMS10. It is the cheapest and yet delivers professional sound quality. It is a versatile microphone even at a low price.
  • The runner-up is the Audio Technica 92CH. What sets Audio Technica in the top list is its comfort. It is not bulky like the Shure MX153- it’s simple and professional.
  • Samson DE50x wears the crown as the winner. The boost on the 10kHz sets this microphone unique from others. Not much EQ is needed.

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