7 Best Piano Courses On Udemy That's Worth Your Money

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Are you guys looking for the best piano courses on Udemy?

Online education has made the entire learning process very convenient for everyone. And it’s not just subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry, and so on.

You can even learn to play instruments over the internet now!

So if you are interested in playing the piano and looking for the best piano online courses, you have come to the right place.

It is understandable how choosing the right course can be a tricky task for a beginner.

There are many things to be considered – the type of course, its duration, outcomes of course, and the list goes on.

Well, you need not worry anymore. We’ll be talking about the best piano courses offered by Udemy. This will help you to get an elaborate overview of different piano courses.

# Course InstructorRatingsBuy
– Incredible Way To Learn Piano
Robin Hall4.6Buy now
2The Complete Piano Course
– Master The Piano
Iliya Ryakhovskiy4.3Buy now
3Jazz Piano –
Ultimate Beginners Course for Piano
Arthur Bird4.6Buy now
4Learn piano or keyboard from scratchMartin Cohen4.6Buy now
5Beginner PianoBenedict Westenra4.6Buy now
6Piano Fastlane –
Simon Kirkils4.7Buy now
7Piano for Singer/SongwritersRob4.6Buy now

After that, you can make an informed decision and choose the course that suits your needs the best.

Top 7 piano courses on Udemy: Our best picks

1. Pianoforall – Incrdible Way To Learn Piano

Course instructor:

Robin Hall (Piano Teacher, Artist, Therapist)

He is a piano teacher to a 300,000 online student base.

Through this course, he tries to share his passion for music and attempts to simplify all the complex concepts. 

Course instructor

Course overview:

Pianoforall is designed specifically for newly budding piano players. After the completion of this course, you will no longer be a beginner.

Pianoforall - Incredible Way To Learn Piano

This course is perfect to reach an intermediate level in piano within a short span of time.

It educates the user with all the basic and essential techniques in piano learning. You will be able to play any song, in any style, and rest assured, you will definitely sound like a pro.

Key unique selling propositions of the course:

  • You do not need to have any prior experience to join this course
  • From reading sheet music to playing any song – it’s quite a bundle
  • The contents of this course are practicable both on piano and keyboard
  • You just need 20 minutes from your day to make significant progress in this course
  • On enrolment, you can full lifetime access to the contents of the course along with 362 lectures and 184 downloadable resources

Who is this course for?

  • This course is suitable for teenaged users. Young kids wouldn’t benefit too much from the course
  • It is an ideal venture for those who wish to amaze everyone with their piano skills.

Number of lessons:

Pianoforall is divided into 9 sections. They are easy to follow and learn.

  1. Rhythm Style Piano (18 lessons)
  2. Basic Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll (5 lessons)
  3. Chord Magic and Inversions (7 lessons)
  4. Advanced Chords Made Easy (6 lessons)
  5. Ballad Style and Improvisation (27 lessons)
  6. Jazz Piano Made Easy (38 lessons)
  7. Advanced Blues, Fake Stride and The Entertainer (22 lessons)
  8. Taming The Classics (23 lessons)
  9. Speed Learning (19 lessons)

Total duration

The course duration of Pianoforall is 10 hours.

The good

  • Organized course structure
  • Great progress over less time
  • Well-explained video lectures

The bad

  • Can be quite advanced and fast
  • Compatibility issues on portable consoles, such as iPad
  • Lessons tend to be boring

2. The Complete Piano Course – Master The Piano

Course instructor:

Iliya Ryakhovskiy (Music Teacher, Producer, Pianist)

An instructor whose love for music has gathered his years of experience with different instruments.

Apart from the piano, he also plays saxophone, guitar, orchestral percussion and drums.

Alongside touring and performing around the globe, he produces music through piano compositions, electronic music, and orchestral orchestrations.

Iliya Ryakhovskiy

Course overview

As the name of the course suggests, you can literally master the piano by taking this course.

From understanding music theory, using key signatures to improvising like a professional – this course allows you to play anything on the piano.

The Complete Piano Course - Master The Piano

The course has three sections – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With each section, the difficulty level increases.

The step-by-step guided classes make the transition from one section to the other pretty smooth. Once you get your basic concepts clear, you can proceed to the next level.

Key unique selling propositions of the course:

  • This course is bundled with basic and advanced techniques that help the user to be motivated
  • It enables the user to improve their piano techniques, develop their unique sound, strengthen their musicianship, and also helps in impressing friends and family
  • The course adopts simple explanations for complex concepts that make it easy for the users to follow
  • With this course, the users get full lifetime access along with 1 article, 15 downloadable resources, and 240 lectures

Who is this course for?

  • The three sections make this course suitable for anyone
  • It is perfect for those who never played the piano before
  • For someone who wants to start playing again after a long gap
  • Also, for those who are keen on knowing everything about the piano

Number of lessons

This course has a total number of 240 lectures divided in the following manner:

  1. Piano knowledge
  2. Music theory
  3. Preparation
  4. Basic Introduction
  5. The Key of C, G, D, A, E, B and many more
  6. Intermediate Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, Improvisation
  7. Advanced Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, Improvisation

Total duration

The Complete Piano Course spans over a total duration of 21.5 hours.

The good

  • Thorough course with many exercises
  • Quite engaging and interest-generating
  • Informative instructor

The bad

  • Possible errors in video playback
  • Too much information to process
  • Lessons can be slow and over-descriptive

3. Jazz Piano – Ultimate Beginners Course for Piano & Keyboard

Course instructor:

Arthur Bird (Piano Teacher, Professional Musician, Session Player)

With over 20 years of experience in piano playing, the instructor is a stalwart in recording studios.

He is an approved piano tutor by the City of York Arts Council. 

Arthur Bird

Course overview

Interested in playing Jazz on the piano?

You’ve come to the right place. This course is your first step towards understanding and learning jazz.

Jazz Piano - Ultimate Beginners Course for Piano & Keyboard

It includes elaborate tutorials on jazz chords, scales, and patterns. Loads of exercises help you gain expertise in piano soloing and improvisations.

This ultimate beginner’s course lets you apply your newfound jazz knowledge to jazz in your compositions.

Key unique selling propositions of the course:

  • Makes you familiar with chord voicings, chord extensions, quartal harmony, rootless chords, etc.
  • Pieces from Jazz classics and artists such as Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and many more.
  • Transcribed scales, exercises, songs into staff notation
  • Users will get full lifetime access of the course along with 7 hours of on-demand video lessons, 45 articles, and 46 downloadable resources

Who is this course for?

  • Anybody who is interested in learning about the fundamentals of jazz piano

Number of lessons

This course has a total of 137 lectures categorized into the following sections and lessons:

  1. Getting started and basic introduction into Jazz
  2. II-V-I chord progression
  3. Pentatonic hand grips
  4. Jazz classic with swung rhythm
  5. Walking bass line
  6. Comping, syncopating, and arpeggios
  7. Extended chord voicings
  8. Soloing and improvising
  9. Quartal harmony
  10. Advanced techniques

Total duration

This course spans over a total duration of 7.5 hours

The good

  • Covers everything from fundamentals to advanced
  • Super structured and well explained
  • Sufficient insight into music theory

The bad

  • More theoretical than practical
  • Fails a proper implementation of ideas into songs
  • Some may find it very basic

4. Learn piano or keyboard from scratch – Complete piano course

Course instructor:

Martin Cohen (Teacher, Musician, and Composer)

He has been playing the piano since the age of 8 years. He has experience in playing different genres such as blues, rock and jazz.

Currently, he is a member of a jazz trio. He specializes in composing techniques and music theory.

Course overview

If you are a complete stranger to a piano and willing to start from scratch, this is the right course for you.

Once you ace in the beginner stage, this course will prepare you to proceed to an intermediate level. You can even advance to high levels if you try harder.

Learn piano or keyboard from scratch - Complete piano course

You get a thorough understanding of piano playing, music theory, sheet music along with lead sheets and chord sheets, pentatonic scales, blues scales, and much more.

From being an absolute beginner to playing songs on the piano flawlessly – this course has it all.

Key unique selling propositions of the course:

  • Teaches the proper application of theory and skills through lectures
  • Play-along files, both in MP3 and MIDI, makes practicing a real pleasure
  • Loads of practice files, in MP3 and MIDI, in 12 keys and several tempos
  • Comes with a free ebook of scales and chords, inversions and finger positions
  • Users get full lifetime access of the course along with 34 articles and 468 downloadable resources

Who is this course for?

  • Anybody who is keen on learning to play the piano from scratch
  • For those who want to play songs through sheet music
  • For those who want to obtain a better understanding of music theory and start improvising

Number of lessons

This course has a total number of 205 lectures categorized into the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Scales
  3. Chords
  4. Reading music
  5. Improvising

Total duration

This course covers a total duration of almost 20 hours.

The good

  • Great course for beginners with fantastic results
  • Brief and easy to follow lessons
  • Ebooks and photos complement the video lectures and demonstrations

The bad

  • Lacks certain advanced lessons
  • Inconclusive explanations
  • Some may find it pacy

5. Beginner Piano

Course instructor:

Benedict Westenra

He is a piano teacher from London with an experience of over 10 years in piano playing.

He has taught a number of signed artists, music industry professionals, and senior record executives.

Benedict westenra

Course overview

Beginner Piano is an excellent course for learning to play the piano without wasting hours in understanding music theory.

The course progresses through lessons based around playing simple songs. The user gains a certain sense of accomplishment after the completion of each lesson.

Beginner Piano

It keeps you engaged, motivated, and encourages you to keep playing. The Beginner Piano course is full of good piano techniques.

You can polish your skills through practice lessons, develop flexible hand positions, phrase proper melodies, learn about two-hand coordination and the list goes on.

Key unique selling propositions of the course:

  • Teaches you to play in time with a metronome
  • Eliminates the prior need to read music before playing
  • Learning experience amidst among classic songs and musical pieces
  • The users get full lifetime access of the course along with 2 articles and 7 downloadable resources

Who is this course for?

  • This course is specially designed for those beginners who wish to play real songs without being stuck being music theory
  • Those who wish to learn how to read music shouldn’t opt for this course

Number of lessons

Beginner Piano has 89 lectures in total neatly divided into chronologically arranged lessons:

  1. Note names
  2. Tune
  3. Hand movement
  4. Left hand
  5. Black notes
  6. Bassline
  7. Metronome
  8. Playing chords
  9. The scores

Total duration

Beginner Course has a total duration of 4 hours.

The good

  • Tips and tricks for fast learning
  • Boosts the confidence of amateur learners
  • Noticeable progress after completion of lessons

The bad

  • Excludes music theory
  • No intermediate or advanced levels
  • Scope for improvement in videos

6. Piano Fastlane – From ZERO to HERO With Piano & Keyboard

Course instructor:

Simon Kirkils (Piano teacher, Pianist in Berlin’s most hotels)

He is a professional pianist from Latvia. He received his musical education from the prestigious Rigal musical school.

His main objective behind this course is to provide an exceptional learning experience that helps the students towards overcoming any kind of obstacle.

Course overview

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner with no prior knowledge in piano playing, with Piano Fastlane you can excel towards an intermediate level.

Even if you want to learn just to play new songs and pieces, Piano Fastlane is going to help you with that.

Piano Fastlane - From ZERO to HERO With Piano & Keyboard

It helps you to build a foundation on sheet music and theory. It also expands your idea of playing classical music. This course promotes a cool way of learning to play by ear along with improvisation basics.

Key unique selling propositions of the course:

  • Unparalleled support from the instructor throughout the course
  • Elaborate lesson plans on all the essential topics required for a beginner
  • Makes it easy for the user to play in any genre and their favorite songs
  • The users get full lifetime access to the course along with 1 article, 95 downloadable resources, and 127 lectures

Who is this course for?

  • Perfectly suitable for beginners in piano and keyboard
  • Appropriate for all ages who want to acquire new skills and techniques in a short time

Number of lessons

Piano Fastlane includes 127 lectures placed in the following lessons:

  1. Understanding the piano/keyboard
  2. Sheet music and theory
  3. Pop piano basics
  4. Jazz and Blues piano with Basics of Improvisation
  5. Playing by ear
  6. Playing classical music
  7. Expanding repertoire

Total duration

Piano Fastlane is a course that spans over a duration of 33 hours

The good

  • Tutorials are engaging and encouraging
  • Easily understandable course content
  • Constant support from the instructor

The bad

  • Repetitions in easier course sections
  • Can be very basic for some players
  • Insufficient presentation material

7. Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Write Songs and Perform Live!

Course instructor:

Rob (Musicians Inspired)

He is a full-time musician and piano teacher based in Los Angeles and New York.

He founded Musician Inspired to help students learn new skills quickly.

His student base includes reputed songwriters, signed recording artists, and many other working professionals in the music industry. 

Course overview

If you aspire to become a singer or songwriter, or if you are one, this foundational piano course will nudge in the right direction.

The lessons are arranged chronologically. As each lesson is a reflection of the previous lesson, this course is a pretty efficient way of learning to play the piano as a songwriter.

Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Write Songs and Perform Live

It reduces the learning time than other courses. Lectures are mixed challenges so the users enjoy the learning process.

Key unique selling propositions of the course:

  • Perfect for singers and songwriters who wish to learn the piano
  • The course is well-structured and categorized into relevant lessons
  • It allows the user to read, understand and play chords and rhythms
  • After course completion, you can write songs on the piano and accompany other singers as well
  • Prepares you for gigs and open mic shows
  • The users get full lifetime access to the course along with 1 Article, 8 downloadable resources, and 42 lectures

Who is this course for?

  • Absolute beginners or piano players with no expertise on “modern piano”
  • For those who want to learn the fundamentals of contemporary piano playing
  • Not ideal for those who want instant results or for those looking for mere tutorials on songs

Number of lessons:

This course is has a total of 42 lectures carefully structured into the following lessons:

  1. A crash course on chords
  2. Piano foundations for singers and songwriters
  3. The fundamental piano grooves
  4. Transposing voice along with key
  5. Piano wielding for singers and songwriters
  6. Applying concepts through tutorials

Total duration

This course has a total duration of 2 hours.

The good

  • Highlights steps to progress forward
  • Course material to-the-point
  • Explanatory video lessons

The bad

  • Lacks supplementary materials like musical scores
  • Some may find it very basic
  • Need felt for pictorial representation in the lessons


To draw a conclusion from this article, we hope that you have gained some perspective about the piano courses on Udemy. According to our recommendation, we would suggest you go with these three courses:

The sole reason for this suggestion is the nature of these courses.

They are ideally designed and structured for beginners. Interested people can start right from scratch. Apart from that, these courses have a certain kind of promotional aspect.

The content doesn’t just revolve around basic concepts. Once the beginner stage is completed, one can proceed on to the intermediate level or even higher.

This helps in monitoring the progress of the users. They can test their skills and techniques. Additionally, there is always the option to revise the course once again before beginning higher levels.

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