7 Best Audio Production Online Courses You Need To Consider

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Wondering if you could learn audio production and give your music a whole other dimension? You have come to the right place!

Check out the best audio production courses available online. Now you can explore the world of musical technicalities by sitting at your home!

As a musician and instrument player, you should know how to give that professional whiff to your compositions.

By learning audio production, you learn how to dig deeper into the art of musical perfection.

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Top 7 Audio Production Online Courses


We will have a look at two audio production courses available on Udemy:

Music Production in Logic Pro X – The Complete Course!

Music Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Course!

In the first course, you learn how to produce music through Logic Pro X.

From setting up the software, navigating through it, recording instruments, and understanding mixing and mastering – this course touches all the bases.

It will be beneficial if you have some prior knowledge about music production.

Unique selling proposition

  • Error-free approach to learning Logic Pro-X
  • 48 hours of video lessons
  • 2 articles
  • 9 downloadable resources

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to improve their music production skills
  • Instrument players and performers who want to explore new ideas of recording audio
  • New users of Logic Pro X who want to get an in-depth idea about the software

The good

  • Huge concepts chopped down into small lessons
  • Thorough understanding of Logic Pro X software
  • Easy to follow lessons

The bad

  • Poor video resolution
  • Incomplete and confusing explanations
  • Tutors can be over-descriptive

The Complete EDM Production Course – Produce, Mix & Master

The Complete EDM Production Course - Produce, Mix & Master

The second course teaches you music production from scratch. It enables you to produce your very own EDM track.

You do not require any special software, plugin, or gear to avail this course. Get a chance to mix, master, design, and recreate sounds in a professional manner.

Unique selling proposition

  • 11.5 hours of video lessons
  • 8 articles
  • 5 downloadable resources

Who is this course for?

  • Beginner musicians or amateur EDM producers who aspire to produce their own music
  • Semi-professional EDM producers who want to level-up in mixing and mastering
  • As for advanced EDM producers, they can get some new tips and inspiration to work with

The good

  • Tips and techniques to find individual sounds
  • Clear and easily understandable instructors by teacher
  • Lessons and topics explained in simple words

The bad

  • Not much in-depth about digital audio workstations
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Downloadable content can be tricky to access


Timbaland – Teaches Producing and Beatmaking

Timbaland - Teaches Producing and Beatmaking

If you are someone who’s into creating floor-fillers, this is the course for you. This course is taught by multiple award-winning producer Timbaland himself.

Divided into 15 in-depth lessons, this Masterclass course is a combination of unique beat making and technical knowledge.

The various lessons in the course teach you about ear-catching sounds, craft beats, complex productions from simple stuff.

Unique selling propositions

  • Lessons right from Timbaland’s studio
  • Comprehensive knowledge about Timbaland’s style of beat-making
  • Makes you able to create tracks just using your voice over a mic

Who is this course for?

  • Someone who is into beatboxing and wants to try their hands on music production
  • Someone who is interested in creating floor fillers

The good

  • Timbaland is an elite instructor
  • Top-notch quality of lessons in terms of audio, video and graphics
  • Comprehensive content that is easily understandable

The bad

  • Lack of free trial
  • Not ideal for those looking for technicalities
  • Must be interested in beatboxing

deadmau5 – Teaches Electronic Music Production

deadmau5 - Teaches Electronic Music Production

Learn electronic music production from one of the best in the game – deadmau5 himself.

This 23 video lesson course has detailed instructions on how to improve electronic music production.

Deadmau5 teaches how to create alluring melodies, render unique sounds and tones, and add a professional touch to the tracks with special focus on mixing and mastering.

Unique selling points

  • Important tips and tricks about specific tools
  • Guidance on building a budget studio
  • Stage performance techniques
  • Advice on career management

Who is this course for?

  • Excellent for those who are new in music production
  • Might be interesting for those who want to stretch into newer dimensions in music productions

The good

  • Insight into music production
  • Efficient learning approach by saving time and energy
  • Access to complete list of tools

The bad

  • Does not cover everything in electronic dance music
  • Expensive gear recommendations
  • Deadmau5 as an instructor is not the best

Creative Live

Music and Audio Production Classes Online

Creative Live - Music and Audio Production Classes Online

The music and audio production classes available on Creativelive are provided by industry professionals.

They give presentations, information, guidance, tips, and techniques that can help anyone who is trying to get into music and audio production.

The courses are also great for fine-tuning your music skills, such as recording. It not only offers you a platform to learn, acquire, and develop your production skills but also helps you in navigating your career as a whole.

Unique selling points

  • Multiple DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio
  • Covers several genres including electronic, metal, rock, etc.
  • Liberty to choose from many different courses related to music and audio production

Who is this course for?

  • Great for those who are new to the world of music production
  • Experience producers and musicians can hone their skills

The good

  • Excellent line of professional instructors
  • Efficient topics with a wide range of lessons
  • High-quality videos and great audio

The bad

  • Can be pricey for individual lessons
  • No certificate in completion of course
  • Too lengthy lessons can make them tedious

Point Blank Music School

Point Blank Music School

The range of courses offered in Point Blank Music School is quite impressive. This is the only website where you can earn a diploma in music production absolutely online.

The courses are available both for longer and shorter durations. They teach on platforms such as Ableton, Logic Pro, Native Instruments with concentrations on music composition, electronic music production, Djing, and music industry.

Unique selling propositions

  • Attractive discounts on production products for students
  • Free products upon course enrolment
  • Plugged – the forum is a community where professionals and students share their ideas and it is also a great platform for new collaborating opportunities

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to professionally take up music production
  • Those who are looking for online alternatives for full-time music production courses

The good

  • Absolute credibility of courses
  • The professional line of instructors
  • Huge exposure to the music industry

The bad

  • Courses can tend to be lengthy
  • Price can be a factor
  • Intense teaching-learning experience


Point Blank Music School

The Loopmasters ProducerTech’s courses not only teach you about producing music but also showers you with loads of tutorials on various genres such as EDM, hip-hop, house music, etc.

So not only music producers, but even electronic musicians and DJs can gain a lot from these courses.

You can check out the bundles and free downloadables that you get along with the course. It takes users from beginner levels to advanced ones.

Unique selling proposition

  • Downloadable coursepacks, audio samples and written notes for lessons
  • Interactive forum encouraging discussions between trainers and students
  • Signed certificate at the end of course

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring music producers, electronic musicians, and DJs
  • The idea for beginners who want to level up to advanced levels in audio production

The good

  • Great names from the music industry as instructors
  • Categorized learning in terms of skills, software and genre
  • Amazing interface accessible for android and iOS devices

The bad

  • The abundance of products can be misleading
  • Can tend to be inclined more towards electronic music
  • Expensive plugins and softwares



You ought to take a look at Noiselab if you are planning on taking your Ableton Live skills up a notch.

From tutorials to courses on electronic music production on Ableton Live – you get everything here on Noiselab. And it’s not about the courses.

There is an online community for electronic musicians and producers who use Ableton, so you can get help regarding problems at any time. On top of that, Noiselab gives training for becoming certified Ableton trainers.

Unique selling proposition

  • Unlimited access to the course library and all its lessons
  • Instructors in the form of expert producers and Ableton trainers
  • A great community of experienced musicians to interact and connect with

Who is this course for?

  • Those who are interested in producing music on Ableton Live
  • Those who want to learn Ableton Live

The good

  • The very intuitive learning platform
  • Professional and experienced instructors
  • Access to lots of free stuff

The bad

  • Limited availability of genres
  • Designed only of Ableton live users
  • Poor organization of categories



Learn Pro Tools

Learn about Pro Tools inside out.

The course covers everything from start to finish including mixing audios, recording music with traditional instruments as well as virtual ones, audio mastering, music production for video and film, song arrangement, etc.

Learn Ableton Live

Get music recording tutorials through video lectures by professional experts on Ableton Live.

This course walks you through many processes such as:

  1. Connecting controllers and audio hardware to Ableton Live 9
  2. Making beats, creating loops, playing software instruments, live performances with Session view, and producing music of all genres and styles.

Learn Logic Pro

Try your hands on Logic Pro by learning how to record your instruments, create music, and produce an album of your compositions.

Video tutorials are presented by experts on topics like recording audio tracks and MIDI tracks using two DAWs – Logic Pro and Logic Pro X.

The course also includes lessons on making beats and making creative tones with inbuilt software instruments, and also about mixing recording sessions over multiple tracks.

Learn FL Studio

Tired of searching for authentic FL Studio tutorials?

This course teaches you everything about FL Studio.

Makes you able to build your own drum tracks, explore layering and sampling instruments, recording and arrangement songs, mixing tracks, and a lot more.

Unique selling proposition

  • Endless access to hundreds of online courses offered by expert professionals and instructors for various difficulty levels
  • New tutorials every week
  • Certificate after completion of course
  • Networking opportunities with other music producers

Who is this course for?

  • Ideal for those who want to learn about digital audio workstations from scratch
  • Those are looking for collaboration possibilities through social media

The good

  • Stunning content library
  • The superb quality of videos and audio
  • Skilled instructors

The bad

  • No access to single videos
  • Availability of similar content in other free websites
  • Glitches in the learning platforms


So as we reach the end of this article, we hope you have fruitful information about audio production courses available online.

What is our verdict? We would recommend you to go with these three courses – Udemy, Creative Live, and Loopmasters.

The basis of this selection is simple – their instructors are top-notch, their lesson plans are well-organized, users can choose from various genres and levels, and they can learn at their own pace.

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