7 Best Piano Online Lessons To Speed Up Your Learning

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Do you want to master piano learning? Are you looking for the best piano online lessons?

Learning an instrument over the internet is a whole other experience. Of course, it requires the same amount of hard work and dedication irrespective of the learning medium.

Online piano courses have been very popular over the last few years. One has the liberty to choose from numerous courses.

These courses are taught by experienced professionals, mostly through video lessons and demonstrations.

All you need is a piano, or a keyboard, and a stable internet connection, and you are good to go.



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People often look for courses from which they can benefit the most within a short period of time.

Likewise, there are piano courses structured in such a way that even the newest of players are able to play the piano fluently within a matter of months.

So today we will be looking at some of the best courses available online that will help you learn the piano as fast as possible.

Here they are:

7 Top piano online lessons – Our best picks


Piano for all

Pianoforall is one course that you are most likely to come across if you are looking for ways to learn piano online. It’s not like other generic piano courses that are lengthy and tiresome.

As soon as the user signs up for this course, they get lifetime access to an enormous chunk of content, which includes future updates that are absolutely free.

These materials are targeted towards teaching any new student to play the piano with a slightly different approach than the traditional one.

Particular emphasis is put on improvisation techniques, composition skills, and learning to play by ear.

This course follows a chord-based lesson pattern. As a result, the students become able to play popular songs in no time.

Unique selling points

  • Complete learning package consisting of 500 audio lessons, 200 videos, and 10 Ebooks
  • Covers multiple genres and styles
  • Compatible on multiple platforms – smartphones, tablets, computers
  • Lessons based on tips, tricks, and formulas for fast and precise piano playing
  • Quite comprehensive and easy-to-follow


Pianoforall can be bought and downloaded by making a one-time payment of $79. For an additional $10, you will also get a DVD along with the downloadable course.

The good

  • Lessons combine visual and auditory elements
  • Encourages students to play songs directly
  • Clearly laid out information for smooth understanding

The bad

  • Very less emphasis on technique
  • No lessons for music theory
  • Lack of interactive elements



The piano course in Artistworks is taught by Christie Peery. The course is well-organized and structured with lessons covering difficulty levels from amateur to advanced.

So basically this course is ideal for your kid who wants to play the piano and also for your father who lost touch with the piano and would like to start things again.

After the completion of every lesson, students can make online video submissions.

In this way, the instructor interacts with the students and gives them feedback and guidance. This feature tries to bring a face-to-face experience through the online medium.

Unique selling points

  • The flexible course as students can make their own schedule and learn at their own speed
  • From novice to expert, hundreds of video lessons
  • Students can choose from multiple genres as they wish
  • Video looping and slow-motion features make the lessons simple to understand


Artistworks piano lessons with Christie Peery can be subscribed through three payment options, which are:

  • $105 for a 3-month plan
  • $179 for a 6-month plan
  • $279 for a yearly plan

The good

  • Perfect course for learning classical piano
  • Constructive feedback on lessons from the instructor
  • Video exchange library can be a powerful resource in the overall development

The bad

  • A bit too expensive for an online piano course
  • MIDI or any keyboard cannot be connected
  • Video submission feedback can take weeks

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions

Playground Session may not give flashy vibes as other online piano courses, but it surely is one of the best in the business.

The video-game styled lessons make the teaching and learning process very interactive and interesting for the students.

The interface of this course is designed in such a way that there is a provision to plug-in a MIDI keyboard.

So whenever the student plays a note, it highlights on the screen. Green for the correct note and red for the wrong one. This helps the student to stay right on track.

Whenever a student levels up, new content is unlocked and they can even earn rewards. Pretty encouraging, isn’t it?

This is ample scope for improvement in this course. For instance, the lessons can be recorded and students can check the playback to see where they made mistakes and correct them accordingly.

Even though this course is directed towards enabling the users to play songs on the piano, there are sufficient lessons that teach about music theory.

Users also get access to a generous song library with this course. Although, additional fees may be required to get your hands on popular tracks.

Unique selling points

  • Emphasis on the piano song playing right from the start
  • Music theory taught through popular songs
  • Easily comprehensible video lessons
  • Real-time suggestions and feedback along with scores, levels, and progress charts


Playground Session piano courses can be availed through three payment options. They are:

  • $17.99 per month for the monthly plan
  • $119.88 per year for the yearly plan
  • $289.88 one-time payment to get a lifetime membership

The good

  • Customized lessons allowing students to learn the songs they like
  • My Playground feature lets the players get progress visualization
  • Lots of practice material and backing tracks to play and improve

The bad

  • Lack of visual representation in lessons
  • Does not focus much on techniques and skills
  • Need for more video lessons



For those who have absolutely no idea about online piano courses, Skoove is a good starting point.

Their lessons are meant for complete beginners who can get a quick idea about piano playing. They also offer intermediate courses.

This software sticks to a ‘listen, learn, play’ teaching approach. It has been developed for new piano players to master the skills that they learn during the course.

Plus, the players are given fundamental advice on how to improvise and acquire the necessary techniques to be able to do so.

The user-interface of the course is designed in such a way that students, both young and old, can easily catch on with it.

You can either plug-in a MIDI keyboard or a conventional keyboard – both of them are compatible with the software. In no time, you’ll be all set to begin your online piano learning journey in an easy and effective way.

Unique selling points

  • Recognizes the playing pattern and provides personal feedback
  • One-on-one support from professional piano instructors
  • Compatible on multiple platforms – iPhone, iPad, MAC and Windows
  • Access to chart hits and classical pieces


There are several payment options to acquire Skoove. You can choose from any one of the following:

  • $19.99 per month for the monthly plan
  • $39.99 for the three-month plan
  • $119.99 per year for the annual plan

The good

  • A simple approach to reading music
  • Students can progress on their own pace
  • The modern-looking interface has great visuals and easy to follow

The bad

  • Several musical concepts are skipped
  • No focus on chord and scale practice
  • Not ideal for learning sheet music



Become fluent in Jazz piano by enrolling in 14 times Grammy winner Herbie Hancock’s Jazz Piano course on MasterClass.

The rich content of this course comprises 25 comprehensive video lessons.

They cover all the essentials for you to become an accomplished jazz pianist. This jazz course is not just about learning improvisations and polishing tunes.

Herbie Hancock teaches you to connect music with emotions and memories. He has a very non-mechanical approach to jazz music. Other than that, this course comes with a long list of study materials.

Unique selling points

  • Access to downloadable workbooks with lessons and practice sheets
  • Interesting reharmonization and chord voicing video lessons
  • Musical knowledge about composing and writing
  • Lessons on complex rhythms, chording ballads, classical tunes, and contemporary pieces


This Jazz piano course on MasterClass can be accessed by making a payment of $15 per month that is billed annually.

The good

  • High-quality videos with exceptionally good sound quality
  • Unique techniques and methods to learn jazz piano
  • Compatible of multiple devices and comparative affordable

The bad

  • No feedback or interactive edge to lessons
  • Fast progressing course, not ideal for absolute beginners
  • More practical, less theory


Piano Marvel

In Piano Marvel, budding piano players are introduced to an ocean of lessons.

These are presented through an online application in the form of video content.

This course allows the user to plug in their MIDI keyboard into the platform.

It is a way by which piano players are subject to instant feedback for corrections and improvement.

With a song-library of more than 1500 songs across multiple genres, Piano Marvel teaches piano in a gamified lesson structure that contains hundreds and thousands of practical material and exercise sheets.

The platform grades the players throughout the course and rewards them with trophies to keep them motivated. These milestones can be shared over social media sites.

Unique selling points

  • Prepare Mode is an interactive feature that allows new players to learn songs in their own pace
  • Well-guided video lessons of professional standard
  • Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR) is another feature that tests the score and chart reading capabilities of the students
  • Assess Mode helps beginners to learn lessons efficiently by providing detailed feedback


A free trial is available in Piano Marvel to try things out and know how the platform works. As for the paid subscription, the payment structure is as below:

  • $15.99 per month in the monthly plan
  • $110.99 per year in the annual plan

The good

  • Very encouraging course for piano learning
  • Lessons on musical signs and terms
  • Strong emphasis on theory with downloadable advanced music sheets

The bad

  • No lessons teaching hand posture and hand position
  • Some lessons and features require prior knowledge
  • Limitations on genre variations



Looking for a quick alternative to the year-long piano course? Pianu is here to your rescue.

With a growing song library categorized according to genre and difficulty, Pianu’s piano course is worth checking out.

It welcomes you into the world of piano playing with its attractive website and simple-to-learn lesson structure.

Players can see their progress report through stats. Even though an app isn’t available, the user-friendly interface of Pianu’s website makes up for it.

This is a very interactive platform as it takes the suggestions and requests of students into consideration to update their song database.

Unique selling point

  • Huge and diverse song directory
  • Very affordable online piano course
  • Users can connect a real keyboard and start playing before even signing up
  • Nothing is very complicated. Easy to navigate course platform


Pianu has a subscription-based piano course. The payment varies according to the duration of the course. They are:

  • $8 per month for the monthly plan
  • $5 per month for the annual plan
  • $225 one-time payment

The good

  • Loads of exercises and practice materials
  • A good database of sheet music
  • Progress report of users is displayed

The bad

  • Difficulty in creating sync between real piano and the one in the interface
  • Having a piano or a keyboard is must
  • No mobile app can be a disadvantage


Selecting the right online piano course can be quite a task for obvious reasons. There are just so many of them!

Thus, we took it upon ourselves to make this whole shebang less complicated for you. These 7 online piano courses mentioned above are the real deal.

If you would like to narrow it down, even more, we would suggest you check out these – Pianoforall, Playground Sessions, and Piano Marvel.

Why did we choose these? Well, it’s simple. These courses begin teaching piano from the grassroots level, covering the basics and preparing the players to progress on to higher levels.

There is sufficient scope for development in these courses. One can learn from their mistakes. They can know how much they are progressing.

So, we hope you have enough information to work with and make the decision in choosing the best online piano course for yourself.

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