Monoprice Monolith M1060 Review – Worth The Price in 2023?

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Monolith M1060 is one of the entry-level planar magnetic headphones that are loved by many audiophiles recently.

TypePlanar headphones
Frequency response10Hz to 50kHz
Driver size106mm
Magnet Type Neodymium
Frequency response 10Hz ~ 50kHz
Impedance50 ohms
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It has been marketed as open back headphones which deliver a holographic listening experience.

This headphone is often compared to HE-400I, which has been featured one of the best planar magnetic headphones.

These planar headphones often offer great fuller sound quality, as they work by supplying magnetic field throughout the entire diaphragm, resulting in a great full sound.

In this review, let me help you decide M1060.

I’m sure you love this review. First, let me review the Monolith M1060.

Build and design

The main thing about build is that these headphones can be used both as closed and open back headphones. This feature is much like a HiFiman Edition S.

The headphones offer a great build quality for the price. The build quality is rugged and almost comparable to any other high-end planar headphones like HE1000 V2.

The wood cups are held in place with help of magnets. You can remove these cups when you wish to use the headphones as open back headphones. This feature is unbelievable at this price point.

The headphone is heavier than other competitors in the range weighing at ‎1.1 lbs. This is due to the wooden casing the headphones come with. These cans are somewhat huge when compared to other planar headphones in this range.

The headphone comes with only one cord that’s quite durable.

Monolith m1060


These headphones are very comfortable. The main strength of these headphones lies in their big soft earpads.

The headphones are tad comfortable to wear on for hours altogether with no discomfort whatsoever.

The headband stays in place and clamping is less of a pressure. You need to adjust the clamping manually for it to be a perfect fit.

Monolith m1060 planar magnretic headphones

Although these headphones are quite heavy, the headphone is well designed to even out the weight.
With these headphones, you may get more comfortable that you may have now thought.

The package also comes with a travel bag which is a nice addition if you commute often.

Noise isolation is pretty excellent when using these headphones as closed ones with ear cups on.


M1060 planar magnetic headphone

Let’s face it.

The main reason why people buy planar headphones is because superior sound quality and preciseness they offer due to the planar magnetic technology used.

Being a planar headphone, you can certainly expect the wideness and airy sound quality. The planar magnetic technology combined with the open back design of this headphone add to the overall openness of the sound these headphones offer.

The bass is decent and controlled very well. You can’t expect a kicking bass with these headphones as they are meant for accuracy in the sound. The best part about the bass part is that the sub-bass really extends very well.

The frequency is balanced and almost flat. Once you find a right seal, the bass feels tight and enjoyable. Many people suggested that replacing the stock earpads with these Audeze Pads helps a bit.

It helped a lot in tightening up the bass and made mids sound more smooth, and I’m sure that it was not a placebo.

Replacing the stock earpads with an alternate one is the thing I strongly recommend. Adding pads that cost around $70 to headphones that already costs hundreds of bucks may seem like more.

The mids and highs are balanced which is a good thing. The mids are crystal clear and accurate. At some times, the mids appeared quite grainy and a little brittle.

The highs are vibrant and sounded great. The highs are where these headphones truly shine.

The soundstage is pretty good and is uniform without being partial.

With an impedance of only 50 ohms, these headphones can be easily driven by your mobile. You really don’t need any external amps to drive these to their full potential.


These are good planar headphones in the sub $300 range. But when compared to other high-end planar magnetic headphones this falls short.

I would have bought HE-400I that pretty much sells at the same price range. If you have a dilemma to choose between closed and open planar magnetic headphones, the Monolith M1060 maybe the best bet for you.

The sound quality is great for the price, but nothing groundbreaking. Moreover, unlike HiFiMan which comes with a 90-day warranty, the Monoprice offers you 5 years of warranty. This means that they are pretty sure about the quality of the product they offer.

Hope you liked my review on Monolith M1060.​ 

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