How to Download Smule Songs as MP3? – 4 Easy Ways

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Smule is a social singing platform with millions of karaoke songs for people to listen to and enjoy. But you can do much more than listen to songs.

You can record yourself singing along with your favorite artist with Smule. However, only Smule videos can be downloaded directly from the site. You can download Smule songs as MP3 using the Smule downloader or third-party apps.

Below are five ways you can explore to download Songs as MP3 from the Smule site.

How to download Smule Songs as MP3?

Smule Downloader

Smule Downloader

A Smule downloader is an online tool that downloads Smule songs in MP3 and MP4. You can only get the format options using this downloader. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  • Launch the Smule Karaoke application.
  • Search for the song you desire to save or download; copy the link.
  • Open the Smule downloader website and paste the link copied in the text box.
  • The download button will pop up with the format option of MP3 or MP4. Click the format you want to save the song to download.

YouTube to MP3

YouTube to MP3

To convert and download a Smule song to Mp3 using ‘YouTube to Mp3′ follow these steps:

  • Open YouTube on a browser.
  • Search for the Smule song you want to download as Mp3.
  • Preview the video results and copy the link to the song you wish to download.
  • Once you find the karaoke you want, copy the link address.
  • Open another tab in your browser and search the word- YouTube to Mp3.
  • Click any of the sites from the search result. The first or second site will be okay.
  • Paste the YouTube video link you copied in the text box provided on the site.
  • Customize the audio setting before downloading. You can change the bit rate and file format.
  • Click convert and wait for the process to finish.
  • Click on Download. When completed, check for the karaoke music in your music library and enjoy.

Music Recorder

You can also record songs directly to your mobile device while streaming songs on Smule. However, you can only use a music recorder with an Online record option. To get this done, you can use music recorders like the Leawo music recorder. The steps to get your song recorded are as follows:

  • Download and install the Leawo music recorder. After installation, run the program to get started.
  • Click the ‘audio source’ icon on the left-hand side of the media menu.
  • Select record computer audio to enable you to record online
  • Click the ‘format’ icon which is three icons to the right of ‘audio source’. Here you can set the output format of the song you want to record. When completed, click ‘ok’ to save the settings
  • Click on the ‘record’ icon – it is the red button at the top left corner of the app.
  • Go to the Smule website and start to play the song you want to record. Click stop when done with the recording.
  • To view the recording, click the ‘newly recordings’ icon under library. Here you can edit song tags and save the song.



Audacity is professional audio software that can help you record songs online just as the Leawo music recorder. The steps are as follow:

  • Get the audacity audio software installed on your PC. Launch the software.
  • Observe the icons on top of the page; you will see a mic icon; beside the icon is a drop-down menu to change the audio recording source. Click the drop-down arrow to see the full mic menu.
  • Click the stereo mix to set the recording source to computer speakers.
  • Next to the stereo mic drop-down menu is the stereo or mono menu. You can adjust to a stereo or mono recording channel.
  • Click on the record icon to start recording.
  • Then go to the Smule website and play the song you want to record. When done, click the ‘stop’ icon to stop recording with Audacity.
  • To export recording, click on File>export- here, you can choose from the available audio output formats.
  • Set audio tags and click ok.

Wrap up

Whether you want to download and listen for pleasure or you wish to record yourself singing along with your favorite karaoke music, you can now get it done seamlessly.

We’ve explained five ways to download Smule songs as Mp3; the steps look similar. So choose the option convenient for you.

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