7 Best Mics for Sony a7c With Great Audio in 2023

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I create video content with the mirrorless Sony a7c camera. But in my years of recording, I have not been able to record great audio without noise.

If this describes you or a question you have, we have the solution you need.

The need for professional audio is essential to every videographer and vlogger.

However, this need can’t be satisfied with a camera’s internal mic– not even Sony a7c internal mic.

To help you solve this problem, we will be exploring seven of the best mics for Sony a7c.

Before we start, let us examine a few tips to look out for in selecting an external mic for Sony a7c.

7 best microphones for Sony a7c reviewed

Rode VideoMic NTG – Our best pick

Rode VideoMic NTG

Build and design

Rode VideoMic NTG is our best pick and is highly flexible, with accessories that help you record in any situation.

The Rode VideoMic NTG has a digital switch that provides a high-pass filter, high-frequency boost, and variable gain control to give excellent output.

Its 3.5mm auto-sensing output detects and switches between each device the mic connects to.

Rode VideoMic NTG is the best option if you want an on-camera mic with more features for Sony a7c, and it is our favorite mic for Sony a7c.

Sound quality

Do you want to cut off background noise like a car horn?

The high-pass filter comes in handy, and if you find yourself recording in a situation that doesn’t naturally have the high frequency pronounced, the high-frequency boost does the magic.

The VideoMic NTG delivers excellent natural and transparent sound.


  • dB peak warning light to prevent audio from clipping.
  • Multi-purpose mic for various recording need.
  • A wide frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz.
  • Works with compact cameras, DSLRs, and smartphones.


  • The battery is not very durable.

Rode VideoMic Pro Plus

Rode VideoMic Pro Plus

Build and design

If you like loud and clear recording, the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus is definitely what you need.

The mic comes with a build-in +20 or -20 preamp level. This feature allows it to do the audio preamp work before the audio signal goes into the camera.

In addition, with the +20amp level, your audio will not clip. You can also adjust the audio level with the Sony a7c manual preamp level.

Sound quality

The Rode VideoMic Pro Plus gives room for different audio settings. While on the field, it records ambient sound well.

The surrounding sound does not mess up with the main recording. Still, on its audio preamp level, you can record away from the speaker.

You also don’t need not worry about the essentials as it ships with a micro-USB cable, a detachable 3.5mm TRS cable, and LB-1 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Just like the Rode VideoMic NTG, it delivers custom-made sound.

When you connect the mic to a camera, it automatically stays on standby and is ready to record when the camera is on


  • Ships with basic accessories.
  • New features than the Rode VideoMic Pro.


  • High impedance.
  • Only compatible with smartphones and cameras.

Deity V-Mic D3

Deity V-Mic D3

Build and design

The Deity V-Mic D3 is a value-packed shotgun mic – a true competitor to the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus. It offers great quality and features at a lower price tag.

The Deity V-Mic D3 has a lightweight aluminum metal body and an on-camera mic powered by an alkaline AAA battery to deliver over 140 hours of work time.

With its intelligent power on/off switch, the mic is ready in stand-by mode and goes into run-mode when Sony a7c turns on.

Just as the VideoMic NTG, this mic is compatible with laptops, camcorders, and smartphones.

Sound quality

To reduce plosive sounds in the recording, vloggers speak off-axis.

V-Mic D3 provides a superior off-axis sound performance, low noise circuitry, and low distortion. A bonus that ships with this mic are a TRRS cable which is the ideal cable for audio recording.

If you record video in various locations, causing you to move from one location to the other, a Deity V-Mic mount on the Sony a7c is a perfect fit.


  • Adjustable cold-shoe mount.
  • Intelligent power function.
  • Low battery alert indicator.


  • The camera mount looks a bit fragile.

Rode VideoMicro Compact – Budget pick

Rode VideoMicro Compact

Build and design

If you need a compact mic to pair with your Sony a7c camera, use a VideoMicro Compact mic.

This is a less than $70 video microphone and is the least priced on our list. But don’t make the selection just for the price.

Let us show you what you can do with this mic- even at its price.

The Rode VideoMicro Compact mic fits perfectly on the Sony a7c as though it is made for it. You can almost confuse it to be an external mic attached by the manufacturer of Sony a7c.

When covered with the windshield, the mic is almost invisible. It is lightweight and will not add unnecessary weight to the camera.

Sound quality

Compared with the high-priced mics such as Sony ECM-B1M and Rode VideoMic Pro Plus, the Rode VideoMicro Compact does not have such great audio. It does not have the audio adjustment feature that allows the user to adjust audio to taste. As a result, you have to make do with the preset audio setting for all recordings.

But for the price, it is an ideal starter pack for new videographers.


  • This mic is highly affordable and budget-friendly.
  • It has a sleek design and is very easy to use. Beginners can get started easily.


  • It works only as analog.
  • Not widely compatible with many devices.

Sony ECMCG60 Shotgun Microphone

Sony ECMCG60 Shotgun Microphone

Build and design

The Sony ECMCG60 is built and targeted for high-end cameras and camcorders equipped with the mic-in jack. You only need to plug the audio jack into the audio port of the Sony a7c to start recording.

Sony ECMCG60 Shotgun Microphone holder fits the standard hot shoe on Sony a7c.

The mic holder has a switch that selects between norm for picking up natural sound within low-to-high ranges or low cut for cutting low frequency to reduce wind noise and vibration.

Sound quality

This electret condenser shotgun microphone records audio with unmatched sensitivity and accuracy.

Its high-quality polar pattern helps improve sound recording within areas of narrow range to pick up the sound targeted and not unwanted noise.

You will also enjoy more audio and less noise with a mounting isolator that cuts distracting mechanical noise from the camera.

Sony ECMCG60 comes with a windshield to reduce noise and is highly compatible with the Sony a7c camera.


  • Battery-powered and plug-in power.
  • Pro-quality performance.


  • Its adapter does not mount on many cameras.
  • It will cost you extra money to buy an appropriate mount for your camera.

Sony ECMGZ1M Gun/Zoom Microphone

Sony ECMGZ1M Gun/Zoom Microphone

Build and design

Sony ECMGZ1M is compatible with all Sony camcorder models that feature the multi-interface shoe; but not with earlier camcorders that use active interface shoes.

The Sony ECMGZ1M mic is an automatic recording mic as you cannot change the settings.

It is suitable for vlogging as simplicity and convenience are vital for a vlogger. Sony ECMGZ1M used with Sony a7c camera means ease as it is a throw-on-top-camera mic.

You don’t need any wire to connect this to Sony a7c. It sends audio wirelessly to the camera once you connect it. A compact mic attached to the compact Sony a7c- what a great match.

Sound quality

You can record in zoom mic and gun mic mode.

The gun mic mode records super directional audio. On the other hand, the zoom mic mode records audio corresponding with the zoom length.

It also comes with a Windscreen fuzzy foam to reduce ambient noise.


  • Package ships with windscreen, spacer, a connector protect cap, and a carry pouch.
  • Multi-interface hot shoe mount.


  • Ranks as the least in sound quality on this list.

Sony ECM-B1M

Sony ECM-B1M

Build and design

The Sony ECM-B1M has a simple and compact design, yet delivers pro-sound recording. Compared with any of the Rode video mics, it is a better pick for its size. It comes with a fitted dead cat windshield for noise reduction.

The Sony ECM-B1M gives you the detail and options for adjusting audio, unlike the Sony ECMGZ1M.

If you are a videographer who believes there is no one-setting fit-all mic, then this is your shot.

The mic gives the option to adjust audio, and it also has a filter level button. What this means is – if you find yourself recording in a windy or noisy environment, you can filter the unwanted sound.

Sound quality

To produce the best sound quality for each situation, the Sony ECM-B1M gives you the option to select the desired pick-up pattern.

In essence, you can decide if you want to pick more audio around the mic or just directly in front of it. For videographers, the Sony ECM-B1M with the Sony a7c is a good match. It is ideal for vlogging and videography.


  • Cool customizing features.
  • It does not require a microphone jack.


  • Pricey.
  • It does not work on all Sony cameras.

Factors to consider while choosing mics for Sony a7c

All the mics reviewed in this post are compatible with Sony a7c.

Although you ultimately determine your choice of a mic, consider these two aspects before making your final selection.

Polar pattern

  • The bidirectional mic picks sound more on the left and right side and less at the top and bottom.
  • Unidirectional mic records whatever it is pointed at and picks up surrounding noise.
  • The cardioid mic is sensitive to sound around and in front of it but less sensitive to sound behind it.

So decide in what polar pattern of the mic you prefer for recording while making the choice.

What are you shooting?

Before you buy a mic, ask yourself, what will I use this mic for?

There are mics suitable for recording from a distance, and there are mics that only record quality audio, up-close with the speaker.

  • Lavalier mic is a standard mic- best used for recording dialogues, interviews, and documentaries. There are external mics that allow for connection to a lavalier mic.
  • A shotgun mic is suitable for capturing sound in a vast space. It is a good mic if you need to record a group of people talking or capture ambient sound.

In addition, the Sony a7c is a full-frame compact camera. The microphone that suits well for use with a7c should be compact, lightweight, and not overweight.


Be rest assured, any choice you make from these reviewed mics will give a professional recording. However, here are our top 3 microphone picks for Sony a7c.

  • Rode VideoMic NTG ranks first as a versatile and excellent mic you can use with various devices and several record tasks. It ships with its accessories, so it will not cost you extra to use, unlike the Sony ECMCG60.
  • The next is the Sony ECM-B1M which has three directivity patterns.
  • Finally, we have the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus – a unidirectional mic that helps record even in the noisiest situation.

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