20+ Best Lo-Fi Sample Packs to Add in Collection Right Now

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Samples are essential in music production, especially if you want to create something lo-fi, vintage, and “weathered.”

As a result, it’s critical as a producer to arm yourself with the best lo-fi sample packs available to create vintage lo-fi music.

If you’re looking for vintage sounds and samples, you’re probably wondering what the best lo-fi samples are.

Nowadays, you can find almost anything on the internet. This is a good thing, but your quest for quality can sometimes lead you to low-quality lo-fi samples.

The internet is full to the brim with samples, and when you search for lo-fi or sample packs, you’ll find thousands of them; But which are the best?

Can’t seem to find the best samples?

Continue reading because this article contains over 20+ lofi sample packs to add to your collection. The best part is that some of the favorite producers have cosigned and approved them as best of the best.

Let’s get started.

Top 20+ Lo-Fi Sample Packs

Late Night Lo-Fi Beats

This should be your go-to pack if you want to make that cool vintage sound that’s perfect for listening to in the middle of the night.

Lo-FI Keys

You’re aware that keys, pianos, and Rhodes are the foundation of lo-fi music, so you’ll need the best key samples you can find. Lo-fi keys are unquestionably the best pack for adding melancholic melody and ultimate saturation to your lo-fi music.

Goosetaf Presents: Lofi

Are you familiar with the distinct percussive sounds that can be heard in famous lo-fi beats? These percussions are always heavy, crunchy, of high quality, and well-made.

If you want similar percussion but cannot record them yourself, you can find them in the Goosetaf Presents pack.

Melodic Lofi Hip Hop

The Melodic Lofi Hip Hop pack is a great addition to your library if you like to branch out and make hard-hitting lo-fi beats instead of the usually cool and moody beats.

Hip hop and trap sounds have influenced these drums and 808s. The melodic pack also includes outstanding melodic loops to round out your beats.

Torii Lofi Beats

Torri Lofi Beats is an excellent pack for producers who struggle to find complete drum loops.

Osaka put in a lot of effort in this pack because you’ll get all the loops you need, whether they’re hi-hat loops, snare loops, or kick loops. These sounds are influenced by lo-fi and are of high quality.

Organic Lush Lofi 1

Making Lofi is always full of experimentation. That’s why you need a plethora of live recorded sounds and samples available to you.

The organic, lush LOFI 1 pack’s saxophone, vibraphone, flutes, and guitar solo sounds will get you a long way.

Lofi Beats Vol. 1

If you’re looking for great samples to make upbeat lofi beats, you should get the Lofi Beats Vol 1 sample pack. It includes crunchy hats and snares, as well as vintage loops, to round out your drum section.

Acoustic Lofi

Do you want to make your Lofi music stand out from the crowd? You need acoustic samples to make acoustic vibes unlike the majority of music today that’s made up of digitally produced sounds.

Get the Acoustic Lofi sample pack to add well-produced acoustic sounds to your beats.

LoFI Tronica

If you want a collection of bouncy, dance samples to make unique Lofi music, you should get the Lofi Tronica pack.

Raw Lofi

The Raw Lo-Fi sample pack includes drum samples as well as guitar loops, synths, bells, and pianos. The drums have a wonderful tone, and the sounds are fantastic for conveying emotions and feelings.

Lofi Drum Kit and Tool Kit

Every Lofi beginner producer’s dream is this Lofi Drum Kit and Tool Kit. This pack contains drum loops, one-shot drum loops, midi, lofi samples, and melodies inspired by Chilled Cow and Chillhop Music.

The Eternity Vintage Collection

The Eternity Vintage Collection by Cymatics is a popular lofi sample pack that every lofi producer should have in their collection.

It contains vintage tape sounds, as the name suggests. Lofi bass one shot, drum one-shots, loops, fills, vocals, piano, harp, and guitar loops are included in this bundle.

Life’s Ambient Recording

Rivers, cricket sounds, rain, ocean waves, wind, and fire crackles are real-life ambient sounds that every lo-fi producer should incorporate into their beats.

These sounds will breathe new life into your lo-fi beats and give you a competitive advantage over other producers.

Free Rhodes Sample Pack

We’ve already established that Rhodes is crucial when creating lo-fi music. Here’s a free Rhodes pack with high-quality Rhodes sounds.

Lofi Deluxe Collection

The Lofi deluxe collection is extremely adaptable. Unlike other lo-fi packs, this one includes not only drums but also guitar loops, organs, pianos, and synths.

The Ultimate Lofi Collection

The Ultimate Lofi Collection is one of the most extensive lofi collections available on the internet today. This pack includes over five Lofi sample packs.

Gems Vol 2: LoFI Melody Collection

If you’re having trouble creating lo-fi melodies, the Gems pack has you covered. This pack includes a plethora of timeless sounds and melodies that are reminiscent of old vintage records.

Purple Slush Lofi Sample Pack

If you want unique lofi sounds that will set you apart from other creators in the industry, get the Purple Slush Lofi Sample Pack.

These sounds are vintage, one-of-a-kind, and exotic, as well as high quality and royalty-free.

Purple Slush Lofi Serum Presets

This pack is part of the Purple Slush lofi collection, but you can purchase it separately if you already have drums and just need some mind-blowing serum presets.

Purple Slush Zero

Purple slush zero includes royalty-free drums, melodies, and other one-of-a-kind samples.

This pack is well-made and suitable for both beginners and experts. It includes FX, melodies, serum presets, and chord loops.

Ghosthack Ultimate Lofi Bundle

The Ghosthack Ultimate Lo-Fi Bundle is another massive library of lo-fi sounds, with over 1100 sounds and a size of up to 3.67 GB.

This collection includes three different packs: Vaporwave Essentials, Lofi Hip Hop Volume 2, and Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack.

Black Octopus Mellow Mornings Lofi Vibes

Black Octopus’ Mellow Mornings sample pack is another great lo-fi pack you should have in your arsenal. It is well-made and versatile, with a keen eye for detail.

Because of its incredible loops, stems, midi file, and Rhodes sounds, you will be able to create the best lo-fi beats you can imagine. This versatile pack can be used for any genre of your choice.

Remember Lofi, Osaka Sound

Osaka Sound’s Remember Lofi is yet another outstanding pack. It’s one-of-a-kind, adaptable, and inspired by Chilled Cow, Chillhop Music, and JarJar.

Warm vintage piano, keyboard, loops, drum loops, and bass loops are included.

Sample Radar 587

The sample radar 587 live pack is ideal if you want something more unique and versatile that you can use for a variety of genres.

It includes incredible drum loops, construction kits, effects sounds, and other vintage sounds.

Mango Melodies

When creating lo-fi beats, many producers overlook the guitar. They are oblivious to the possibilities that exist with the right guitar loop, such as the guitar loops from mango melodies.

These guitar loops are free, subtle, and present, and you can use them in any genre you want.

Wrap Up

Getting started with lofi music production can be a daunting task. It’s not only about the creative process; it’s also about getting a head start on the tools you’ll need for your production journey, such as high-quality samples.

It took me hundreds of hours to collect, refine, and test over 110+ sample packs from various websites, only to come up with the best.

Not only that, but it’s difficult to select the best lo-fi sample pack for your needs, but with a little trial and error, you should be able to find the best lo fi sample pack for your needs.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in accomplishing that goal.

You now have over 20 high-quality lofi sample packs in your collection.

Although all of them are amazing, here are our top 3 picks.

Let us know which Lofi sample pack is your favorite, and include links to other packs that you believe are of high quality, but we didn’t mention them in the comment section.

Good luck.

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