20+ Eye-Opening SoundCloud Statistics in 2023

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Today in this post I am going to present you the SoundCloud statistics.

SoundCloud is one of the streaming sites with the highest number of uploaded music.

Regardless of your preferred genre, you can’t run out of music to listen to. It’s also arguably the best streaming site for new and unsigned artists. The algorithm has a way of giving such artists visibility.

How popular is SoundCloud in different countries? Where does SoundCloud get the most traffic from?

What do SoundCloud listeners listen to the most?

All these questions are answered in this article.

SoundCloud statistics

SoundCloud is the 8th most popular music streaming service in India and also around the globe in the audio/video category.

SoundCloud has reported that more than 200 million tracks have been uploaded to the site.

26.25% of the traffic for SoundCloud comes from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom [6.52%], and Germany [4.04% ].

Traffic sources for SoundCloud:

 SoundCloud traffic sources

SoundCloud has got 68.46% of the direct traffic, 2.37% is referral traffic, and 15.62% is the search traffic.

 SoundCloud top referring sites

HumbleBundle is the topmost referring site for SoundCloud.

Top organic keywords

We already knew that SoundCloud’s 15.62% traffic is search traffic. The word “SoundCloud” has got 53.77% search traffic and “sound cloud” got 2.42% search traffic.

SoundCloud’s 12.91% traffic is from social.

Social traffic

YouTube is a major source of search traffic with 40.63% of the contribution, followed by Facebook [34.21%], and Twitter [11.50%].

  1. As per the 2019 report, SoundCloud has got 175 million global users.
  2. As per the latest report, there are 25 million SoundCloud creators.
  3. SoundCloud is valued at $700 million.
  4. 25% of US mobile users are using SoundCloud.
  5. 1.2 million creators are featured in playlists on SoundCloud.
  6. In 190 countries SoundCloud streaming service is available.
  7. SoundCloud reaches monthly to 320 million users.
  8. 76 million users are using SoundCloud on a monthly basis.
  9. Out of the 25% of the U.S. SoundCloud users, 63% of the users are male while 37% of the users are female.
  10. SoundCloud announced that gross revenue has exceeded a $200 million run rate in the quarter of 2019.
  11. 12 hours of music is uploaded on SoundCloud every minute.
  12. Twitter has invested $70million in SoundCloud.

The top 5 traffic-generating countries for SoundCloud are:

  1. United States – 22.03%
  2. The United Kingdom – 6.88%
  3. Germany – 5.12%
  4. Brazil – 4.61%
  5. France – 4.02%

SoundCloud usage by websites across the globe

Leading countries -  SoundCloud
Source: SimilarTech

The survey has revealed that SoundCloud users use Tweeter more than Facebook or Snapchat.

 SoundCloud and Twitter overlap
  1. Future
  • Fan Following- 9.68m
  • Category- Artist
  • Genre- Hip-hop /Trap

2. Big Sean

Big Sean
  • Fan Following- 9.51m
  • Category- Artist
  • Genre- Hip-hop

3. Def Jam Recordings

Def Jam Recordings
  • Fan Following- 8.58m
  • Category- Label
  • Genre- Hip-hop


  • Fan Following- 8.56m
  • Category- Label
  • Genre- Hip-hop

5. Wale

  • Fan Following- 8.37m
  • Category- Artist
  • Genre- Hip-hop

6. Shady Records

Shady Records
  • Fan Following- 8.26m
  • Category- Label
  • Genre- Hip-hop

7. Pusha T

Pusha T
  • Fan Following- 8.24m
  • Category- Artist
  • Genre- Hip-hop

8. Bad Boy Entertainment

Bad Boy Entertainment
  • Fan Following- 8.24m
  • Category- Label
  • Genre- Hip-hop / R & B

9. Big K.R.I.T.

Big K.R.I.T.
  • Fan Following- 8.15m
  • Category- Artist
  • Genre- Hip-hop

10. B.O.B

  • Fan Following- 8.12m
  • Category- Artist
  • Genre- Hip-hop/ pop/ rap




Obviously, the most popular SoundCloud artists are rappers. This does not mean that the platform does not benefit others.

There are millions of subscribers who love all forms of music. If you want to discover underground artists, or you want your music to be discovered, SoundCloud should be your go-to platform.

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