KEF Q300 Review – Are These Bookshelf Speakers Any Good?

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In pursuing the ideal bookshelf speaker, one will easily realize that it is nowhere easy challenge. With so many features and specifications to be considered, it might look like an endless loop.

TypeBookshelf Speakers
Frequency response42Hz – 40kHz (±3dB)
Sensitivity87dB (2.83V/1m)
Impedance8 Ohms
Weight7.7 Kgs
Maximum Output110dB (SPL)
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KEF is a company which delivers the impeccable quality to the audio. Thanks to the unique build, innovative transducers, and woofers, it won many rewards for the stellar audio performance.

This review picks the key features of the KEF Q300 bookshelf speaker and unveils its main advantages and disadvantages.

Have a look at the specifications of these bookshelf speakers in the table below:

Whether you are trying to stay in the budget or not, you should take a look at this compelling review. KEF Q300 is considered one of the best bookshelf speakers this company has presented and in this review.

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KEF Q300: An in-depth review


Kef q300 build

The design is quite discussable. Based on KEF’s Q series, the Q300 is the largest among them. The larger ergonomics leave the room for bigger transducers and drivers, therefore, there is more convenience guaranteed in use.

This bookshelf speaker is not only bigger than its siblings but also than the raging competition in its price range.

If you are looking for the natural grasp of appearance, you will definitely find it in KEF Q300. The sides are covered in wood-grain vinyl, which gives the Q300 similar appearance like one of its competitors.

The addition to that is the MDF coverage, a thick material that we will tackle upon a bit later.

The front covers are flattered by the baffle which veils across the entire side of the cabinet.

When it comes to the speakers, this support is exactly what they need. You will see the accent of simplicity to the design of Q series.

The KEF Q300 is no exception to that. The transducers of the box are located at the top, whereas the front firing port lays on the bottom.

Perhaps, you are interested in having speakers hang on the walls. This is possible as a result of the manufacturer including a wall-mount bracket.

It is located on the rear of the device and is very firm regarding quality.

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Unfortunately, these things result in poorly transmitted audio output, instead of stellar. It doesn’t hurt to advise to not place the speakers near the walls, due to the reflections of the sound and poor amplification.

Another thing worth pointing out is the brushed aluminum bar, which aside from giving the speaker an industrial look also separates the transducers from the components on the bottom.

The brushed aluminum bar contains the KEF logo along with the Q series logo.


Kef q300

It is not a secret that besides from being big, the speaker should deliver a sturdy and durable value to the user.

KEF ensures the long-lasting durability regarding build and construction to every device of theirs. This, naturally, includes the Q300 bookshelf speaker.

This speaker consists of several components which contribute to its versatility and lush soundstage. These are the following.

Coaxial Driver

Consisting of the coaxial driver, the Q300 has a tweeter which is connected into the woofer area. This results in a single point source.

While the woofer is the mobile component inside the box, the tweeter is in a static position, and it doesn’t move with the woofer.

On the other side, many complaints were there about the dispersion and diffraction problems. However, the Q300 met various upgrades which placed these issues to the utmost minimum.

It is made out of aluminum, given that aluminum stands behind all the sturdy and durable devices in the consumer market these days.

The Tangerine waveguide is also worth mentioning. This diffuser covers the tweeter to enhance the dispersion on the speakers.


The woofer is actually, the Uni-Q driver found on the vast majority of Q series speakers. It is 6,5-inch long, enough to cover the great musical range.

The surround system with the included 90-degree angle is a great solution to the already existing diffraction issues against the tweeter, which is connected to the woofer.

In regards to the entire design, the woofer has the most innovative technology that stays loyal to the sound.

The Cabinet

Being very large, or at least larger than the competition, the cabinet of the Q300 is quite heavy and hefty.

Given these parameters, it is easy to rely on their thickness and the ability to not spread the sound outside, creating the unnecessary sound leakage.

The finish over the cabinet is covered with vinyl, while the baffle is made out of plastic, though shaped in order to fit properly with the driver and port.

Additionally, the Q300 gives allowance to peripheral devices to plug in it.

The ports located on the rear allow you to combine a tweeter with an efficient amp, while the woofer can be paired with another woofer.

At the end of the day, the sturdiness in the build of Q300 can be felt, just like in the other devices of the same category.

Besides from the sound quality, the build is of utmost importance, in order to deliver proficient and clear sound, instead of the distorted output.

Sound quality

Although the additions in the build sound great, it is the sound quality which makes this bookshelf speaker stand out in terms of performance.

Listening to the music and different genres, we with ease see that the sound is of impeccable quality with its’ rich and dynamic soundstage.

Thanks to the top-end level of separation, the Q300 can easily differentiate the instruments, vocals, and point out their significance in a certain song.

Worth pointing out is that the whole audio system works as one. While the low-end speakers have problems with sticking out, every component works as one in Q300 configuration.

You can set the different audio profiles with the remote. However, it won’t take you long to figure out that everything works more than well with KEF Q300.

The dynamic bass, prominent mid-stage, and the dominant highs make the audio output stellar and unique.

Needless to say, the bass is quite tremendous, ground-shaking and it doesn’t spare on its dominant power.

It is capable of handling the low frequencies without a sweat. On the other note, the soundstage covers a large range, mostly thanks to the development of Uni-Q drivers.

The Q driver equips a 25mm/1 in. Tweeter which adds the sensitivity to the speaker, delivering the crisp, accurate, and clear sound without distortion and other interruptions.

The driver is made out of the rigid aluminum cone, and so is the bass driver. It represents a unique standard in speakers.

Thanks to the aluminum chassis, the bass has a magnetic locating system which eliminates the inappropriate resonance.

Furthermore, the 50mm voice coil controls and manages the power handling, while the auxiliary bass radiators included keeps the audio output on the top level.


Not all systems can produce the impeccable surround sound. However, a high-end speaker such as KEF Q300 should get pretty close to that.

Thanks to the loud and clear audio output, the user can enjoy using it regardless of the location inside the room. As we mentioned above, it is still recommended to keep it away from the wall in order to preserve the sound quality.

Overall, KEF Q300 is incredibly convenient to use. Its clear, loud sound represents a great option for building a personal cinema at home.

In combination with the right screen, the rich soundstage will evoke the world of any movie that you are watching. Additionally, it is a great stereo option for the monitoring purposes.

Do you own an audio studio? Are you a DJ? The Q300 will fit in any environment and make you feel completely comfortable with the stellar audio output.

Pros and cons of Q300

The KEF Q300 sports some amazing features, not often occurring in the audio equipment. However, there are a couple of drawbacks worth mentioning in its performance.


  • Natural sound
  • Durable build
  • Stellar and deep audio performance for any purpose


  • Tough Competition – Despite having features not much competition can cope with, there are much newer and tougher speakers in the same price range.
  • Occasional problems with diffraction and dispersion.


KEF Q300 is an amazing bookshelf speaker for any occasion. It produces a firm and deep sound without distortion, while not lacking in the bass.

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