5 Best Headphones With Long Cord for Watching TV Hassle-Free

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Do you like to watch TV alone without bothering others with sound?

Do you need premium sound quality from your TV on a budget?

Then, you need headphones with a long cord. There are various headphone brands that you can use, but when considering TV, there are some factors to consider.

The biggest factor is the cable length. To watch your TV from a safe distance, you must have headphones with long cables that will give you the freedom you need.

In this article, I show you the best headphones with a long cord you can choose for a smooth TV experience.

Top 5 headphones with a long cord reviewed

Avantree HF039 Long Coiled Cord Headphones


  • Speaker size: 40mm
  • Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 97±3DB
  • Impedance: 32±15%
  • Cable length (fully extended) : 5m±0.1m
  • Lightweight of 155g/ 5.5oz
  • Up to 16.4ft / 5m cable length

Build and design

Avantree HF039 Headphones

Avantree HF039 Sound quality

Avantree may not ring a bell as a headphone brand, but that doesn’t matter as long as the product works, right? These headphones are clearly built for indoor use. The sheer length of the cord makes sure of it. Taking these out on a run is not likely to end well because you might trip.

However, if you plan to use these for watching TV, then you’re in for a treat. The HF039s are built just for that. The headphone cable is 16.4 feet long. That’s about 5 meters.

That is half the distance you’ll get from most wireless headphones. It gives you enough room to sit some distance away from the TV and still use the headphones conveniently.

If you want even more distance, consider using a cable extension cord. Also, using it with other devices can be inconvenient because of the length.

The ear cups are well padded, making sure that your ears are comfortable from the beginning of any movie to the end. The volume control is also easy to access on the headphones.

Sound quality and performance

With a frequency range of 20 to 20000Hz, you can be sure that nothing will escape your ears from your TV to the audio drivers.

There’s not a lot of bass boost on these headphones, and even the mids and treble are present and of good quality. However, if you watch a lot of heavy metal music videos on TV, you should know that these headphones’ volume does not get very loud. For louder sound, you may need to connect to an amp.

The overall audio is good enough to let you hear everything coming from your TV, but if you’re looking for something more, you can look to the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro and others.

What do we like?

  • It has a very long cable that makes it easy to watch TV.
  • It has good sound isolation that prevents your sound from leaking out and bothering others.
  • Its volume button is easily accessible.

What we don’t like?

  • The audio drivers do not get very loud even at the highest volumes.
  • You cannot enjoy the whole length of the cable – it’s only effective for about 12 feet.

Bottomline: These headphones give you the freedom to watch TV comfortably with sound quality that is better than your TV audio. However, if you need a super loud sound, this is not for you.

OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones


  • Speaker: 50mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Rating Power: 30mW
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm/6.35mm stereo
  • Cable 1: 2m-3m 9.8ft 3.5mm to 6.35mm coiled cable
  • Cable 2: 1.2m 3ft 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable with microphone

Build and design

OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones Sound quality

OneOdio Wired Headphones

One stand out feature of these headphones is the padding. The headband and earcups are generously padded to make listening super comfortable. It also has a secure fit when you wear it on your head.

Lasting comfort is essential for long hours of TV entertainment. Combined with the lightweight of the headphones, they are perfect for binging on your favorite TV series.

That’s not all. The headphone cable is 9.8 feet long, giving you enough room to watch TV without getting too close. Even with other devices like your phone and laptop, this length is reasonable. If you’re in a bigger room, add a cable extension cord to the length for more freedom.

The OneOdio headphone comes with two cables. One 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and one 3.5mm to 6.35mm cable. The latter is coiled and is the longer one to use for your TV.

Sound quality

OneOdio Headphones Mic

OneOdio foldable headphones

The unique feature of these headphones in terms of sound quality is the balanced sound. There is no bass enhancement from the audio drivers. So, if you love binging on hip hop music videos on MTV, you should be aware of this.

The frequency range that you need for a good listening experience is covered (20 to 20,000Hz). Although some headphones give a wider range, you really don’t need more than this. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about a drop in audio quality as with wireless headphones.

Even without the bass enhancement, the sound has a lot of detail and clarity. If the TV station you’re watching has quality sound, you can expect a quality listening experience.

The headphone has a mic, but that’s not useful with the TV. however, if you wish to use it with your phone, it’s likely that you sound “far away” or muffled to your listeners.

What do we like?

  • It has a balanced sound with a lot of clarity, fits every user quite well.
  • The detachable cable makes the headphone more durable.
  • The cable length is perfect for TV use.

What we don’t like?

  • The lack of bass boost from the audio drivers reduces the massive effect of movie explosions.
  • The headphones have no volume control.

Bottomline: The OneOdio over-ear headphones are perfect for TV binge-watching because they are super comfortable with those well-padded earcups and headband.

Sennheiser HD 820 Closed Back Headphone


  • Frequency response: 6 – 48,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • THD: <0.02%
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB at 1 kHz, 1V
  • Cable: Detachable, 3 meters (9.8 feet) length
  • Weight without cable: 360 grams (12.6 ounces)

Build and design

Sennheiser HD 820

Sennheiser HD 820 Headphone design

Sennheiser HD 820 has a solid build. Just by handling it, you can feel the strength of the material used and the robust design. These headphones look quite bulky when you put them on, and you would expect them to be heavy.

I wouldn’t say they are feather-light, but they don’t feel as heavy as they look. Also, the weight distribution makes it easy to wear for long hours.

Speaking of long hours, if you’re looking to spend the whole day in front of your TV, the HD 820 will serve you well. The earcups and cups are well padded and designed in a way that reduces the pressure on your head and gives lasting comfort. Also, it doesn’t heat up your ears.

The headphone cable completes the greatness of these headphones for TV use. Three different cables are supplied with this headset, all 9.8 feet (3 meters long).

Sound quality and performance

Sennheiser HD 820 Sound quality

These headphones sound good. The tone is balanced and there is no super obvious enhancement of any frequencies. However, the bass is detailed and can get either punchy or recessed, depending on the original sound coming from your TV’s audio drivers.

If your TV can produce sub-bass sound, these headphones will reproduce them for you. The Sennheiser HD 820 has a frequency range of 6 to 48000Hz.

That’s one of the widest you will find. This is a lot of quality at this price point. These cans would surely cost a lot more if they were wireless headphones.

So, if you’re a fan of transparent sound, this one’s for you. These headphones need some time to warm up before you get the best out of them. Also, they give you the isolation of closed-back headphones and the wide soundstage of open-backs. The unique design makes sure of this.

What do we like?

  • It has a solid, robust build that will last long.
  • The cable is detachable, also adding to the headset’s longevity.
  • The HD 820s have a full, detailed, and sonically balanced sound that serves all users well.

What we don’t like?

  • The headphones are quite bulky.
  • They’re heavier than most other headphones on the list.

Bottomline: These headphones have a premium build and sound, but it comes at the expense of weight and price.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro


  • Transducer type: Dynamic.
  • Operating principle: Closed.
  • Nominal frequency response: 5 – 35,000 Hz.
  • Nominal impedance: 80 Ω
  • Nominal SPL: 96 dB SPL.
  • Nominal T.H.D: < 0.2%
  • Power handling capacity: 100 mW.

Build and design

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro build

Like the Sennheiser HD 820, these Beyerdynamic headphones look and feel like studio-grade headphones. They have a robust build and solid frame like they are ready to take a beating.

With the sheer size of these headphones, you can be sure that they’re not made for the outdoors.

However, if you’re looking to use them indoors, then you’re in for a treat because they give you lasting comfort. The earcups are padded with thick material covered with soft velour material. the headband is also padded with leather.

This softness is exactly what you need to settle down and binge-watch your telenovelas. That’s not all. The headphones clamp ever so gently on your head, giving the perfect pressure that keeps the sound in without being too tight.

The cable is 3 meters long or 9.8 feet, enough to give you room to sit at a safe distance from your TV. You can add a cable extension cord for more length without a drop in the audio experience.

Sound quality and performance

With a frequency range this wide (5 to 35000Hz), there’s nothing coming from your TV that will escape your ears.

The sound in these headphones takes a bass-first approach.

Finally, some good news for bassheads, hip hop stans, and metal lovers. Some people love to watch music videos on TV for several hours. If you’re such a person, then these headphones have the perfect audio drivers for you.

The mids and highs are crisp and clear, but take a sort of backseat when compared with the bass presence.

What do we like?

  • They are super comfortable and perfect for several hours of use.
  • The clamping force is just enough for a good fit while avoiding excess pressure.
  • The audio drivers give great bass enhancement for lovers of bass-heavy sounds.

What we don’t like?

  • They are quite bulky.
  • Bass bias may not be perfect for some users.

Bottomline: These headphones give your sound some energy with their bass boost. You would love them if heavy bass is your thing.

AmazonBasics Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones


  • Connections Wired
  • Headphones Form Factor Over-Ear
  • Headphones Jack 6.35 mm
  • 40 mm diameter drivers
  • DJ-style 9.8-foot cord
  • Detachable standard 6.3mm plug

Build and design

AmazonBasics Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones build

AmazonBasics Headphones

The AmazonBasics headphones have a closed-back, over-ear design. This combination helps to isolate your ears from external sounds so that they can’t ruin your listening experience. Also, the isolation prevents what you’re listening to from leaking out of the headphones

AmazonBasics Headphones long card

For a great TV watching experience, the cable is 9.8 feet long. That’s about 3 meters. Also, the cable is detachable. So, if you forget to take the headphones off and walk away, you won’t pull the whole TV down with you.

Sound quality and performance

AmazonBasics Headphones comfort

AmazonBasics Over-Ear TV Headphones

For a good audio experience, you need a frequency range of at least 20 to 20,000Hz. This is exactly what these audio drivers give you. This frequency range covers the deep bass and high treble sounds.

These headphones have the popular V-shaped EQ. This means that the headphones have enhanced bass and treble, but the midrange is recessed.

What does this mean for your sound?

It means that you will enjoy increased energy in movie explosions and in bass-heavy songs. However, some parts of dialogues may be reduced, the same goes for jazz and classical music. However, at the right volume, everything should be audible.

What do we like?

  • The headphones have good sound isolation that improves your listening experience.
  • The audio drivers are optimized for hip hop, EDM, and pop music lovers.

What we don’t like?

  • The recessed mid reduces the detail in some jazz and classical music.
  • At maximum volume, there’s some distortion.


All headphones on the list are perfect for TV since they all come with long cables. Having said that, my top 3 picks are the Avantree HF039, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, and OneOdio headphones. The Avantree has the longest cable, which makes it perfect for watching TV in larger rooms.

The Beyerdynamic combines comfort and premium sound in a way that works perfectly for me. Lastly, the OneOdio headphones have generous padding that gives superb comfort, more than most other headphones at their price point.

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