Westone W80 Review: Do These IEMs Live Up The Hype?

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The Westone W80 is a premium in-ear monitor that comes at a premium price. In this review let us take a look whether their monitors are worth the price.

I will review every aspect of these earphones, from design, comfort, to the sound quality these earbuds have got to offer.

Have a look at the specifications:

TypeSound Isolation earphone (IEM)
Sound Output ModeStereo
Sensitivity111 dB/mW
Impedance35 Ohm
Frequency Response5-22000 Hz
Connecter3.5 mm with 90 degree jack

First look and design

The package comes with a travel case. The case is hard and is durable. The package also includes another travel case, which is small and meant for carrying earbuds and ear tips. The smaller case is the one you probably be using.

Inside the first case, you’ll get a cleaning cloth made up of micro fiber. The package also includes “C” clips, and also multiple ear tips of various sizes.

A little pouch is also included the case, which comes with an ALO cable. This cable has a standard 3.5mm standard connection. The connection to the earbuds is the MMCX.

The earbuds come with 3-button inline buttons and a microphone. The earbuds are very small, and it is amazing how Westone managed to house their high-quality drivers inside the tiny housing.

Eight driver signature series earphones

The shell of the earbuds is plastic like any other earbuds in the W series. But they indeed have a smooth finish and are quite durable

But the plastic casing would be a bit turn off for most of the people, who expect the premium aluminum casing in this price range.


As I said earlier the earbuds are pretty small. The lightweight construction if the earbuds is a huge plus point when it comes to comfort.

They easily fit into your ears, and you tend to forget the presence of them after some minutes of wearing them. They fit in very well.

As the package comes with STAR silicone ear tips and five sizes of True-Fit comfort foam ear tips, you’ll don’t have a difficult time finding the ear tips that fit perfectly for your ears.

Accessories with westone w80

Sound quality

W80 has managed to give you better sound quality than their previous W60. The sound quality is more refined especially in the upper mids and highs and adds a bit to the soundstage.

The W80 earbuds have 8 balanced armature drivers (dual bass, dual mids, quad high) with a 3-way crossover in each of the ear pieces. If you often hear the music that comprises both of light and dark shadings, you’ll simply be astonished by the operating range of the W80 earbuds.

These earbuds obviously need a decent 100-hour burn-in to truly shine.

The quad drivers in the treble part offer breathtaking details in the upper highs. There is really a great depth in the soundstage, especially in the mids and highs.

You can feel the acoustic space and instrument separation very accurately. The vocals are very detailed. The good depth in the music these earbuds has got to offer is what I loved the most.

Westone w80

The bass is pretty decent and very tight and controlled and won’t overshadow the details of the music.

To experience the best sound quality these earbuds have got to offer, you need to use a good Mp3 player.

Although an iPhone can drive these, a good high-resolution mp3 player like X3-II or H2 makes a great difference.

And also, needless to say finding an ear tip that offers a perfect seal makes a great difference in sound quality.

Some downsides

  • These earbuds shell is made of premium plastic, which still feels a bit cheap for the price you shell out. Although it affects the durability of the earbuds the least, it does matter to some people. If this is the reason, you may like SE846 that come with a premium looking shells. You do also need to note that the sound signature is flat like that of other Shure models.
  • Although it affects the durability of the earbuds the least, it does matter to some people. If this is the reason, you may like SE846 that come with a premium looking shells. You do also need to note that the sound signature is flat like that of other Shure models.
  • These earbuds may be expensive for some people, again you do need to remember that this is a flagship product.

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Overall speaking, W80s are great earbuds. With those 8 drivers housed in a tiny housing, these earbuds can cover all the frequency ranges effortlessly.

 The treble and mids are where these earbuds truly shine. Needless to say, the lower range is also great.

Hope you loved my review on W80.

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