Stand By Me (Ben King) – Easy Piano Notes With Letters

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Would you like to play the famous Lion King Tune “Stand By Me” on the piano? If so, let me present you the Stand By Me piano notes.

This song was written in 1960, but is always fresh in the hearts of millions.

This article shows you how to play the song using piano note letters. If you’re just starting out, this is the perfect song for you.

SongStand By Me
SingerBen E. King
Note rangeC4-C5
KeyC Major
Original keyA Major
ScoringLead vocal

Stand By Me piano notes song description


Even though Stand By Me is a sixty-year-old song, people still sing along anytime they hear the tune. The legendary love song by Ben King got more popular when Disney used the tune in the famous Lion King movie.

Stand by me piano notes


Tips: The song has a catchy tune, so you can easily learn to sing it before playing. It makes your job a lot easier.

Difficulty level: It’s one of the easiest songs that you can use to start your piano journey. There are no wide intervals or long phrases. All you need is to know where the keys are and you’re all set.

Verse 1:
When the night has come
E     G    A   E    G
And the land is dark
C    D   E   D    C
And the moon is the only
C    D  E C  C   E  D C
Light we'll see
D       D    C 
Oh, I won't be afraid
E   G   A   E   G A
Oh,I      won't be afraid
G  E-D C-D-E    D   D C
Just as  long     as you   stand
C     D  E  D     C   E     D-C
Stand by me
E     D  C 
So darlin', darlin'
G   A G      C B
Stand by me
A     A  A
Oh stand, stand by me
A  E-D-E    E   D   C
Oh, stand, stand by me
E   D C     E   D  C
Stand by me
E     D  C

Verse 2:

If the sky that we look upon
E   G   A   E   G   G    A G 

Should tumble and fall
D       E E    D   C

Or the mountain should crumble to the sea
C   D  E  C     E      E D C   C   D   C  

I won't cry, I won't cry
E   G    A   E   A    A

No, I           won't shed a tear
A   A G E D C D  E     D   D  C

Just as long as you stand, stand by me
C    D   E C  E  E    D      E   D  C

So darlin', darlin'
G   A G      C B
Stand by me
A     A  A
Oh stand, stand by me
A  E-D-E    E   D   C
Oh, stand, stand by me
E   D C     E   D  C
Stand by me
E     D  C
Chorus 4X

As you master the song, don’t forget to play at the pace of the original. You can do this by playing the piano as you play the song from your speaker or phone. Enjoy!

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