Best balanced armature earphones

5 Best Balanced Armature Driver Earphones in 2018

Earphones that come with balanced armature drivers are the best when it comes to sound quality. The majority of the high-end earphones available make use of the balanced armature technology to offer a superior technology.ProductFrequency responseNo of DriversShure SE846-CL15Hz to 20kHz4 View at Amazon Westone W4010 Hz to 18 kHz4 View at Amazon Shure SE535100Hz to … Read more

W80 review

Westone W80 Review: Do These IEMs Live Up The Hype?

The Westone W80 is a premium in-ear monitor that comes at a premium price. In this review let us take a look whether their monitors are worth the price. I will review every aspect of these earphones, from design, comfort, to the sound quality these earbuds have got to offer.Specifications:Type: Sound Isolation earphone (IEM) Sound Output Mode:stereo Sensitivity:111 … Read more