30+ Best Free Lofi Drum Kits in 2023

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Do you enjoy making lo-fi music, such as chillhop or lofi hop?

If that’s the case, you require the best lo-fi samples to create out-of-this-world lo-fi music.

Having high-quality lofi drum kits at your disposal will come in handy on numerous occasions.

You’ll save time and make beats twice as fast because when you have high-quality samples, you can simply drag and drop them into any DAW.

Furthermore, because these are professional-quality samples, they save you a lot of time and effort when mixing because you won’t have to process as much and waste your CPU resources and time.

There is no better way to highlight your beats, whether you are a beginner or a pro, than with some high-quality free lo-fi drum samples.

However, most producers today struggle to find near perfect beat making samples that sound like lo-fi beats rather than overly processed and digitally perfect beats.

The truth is that there are numerous lo-fi kits and samples available on the internet. Some are free, while others are not.

However, how do you know which lo-fi kits are the best?

Continue reading to find out.

30+ of the best lo-fi drum kits and samples

  1. Purple Slush Lofi Hip Hop Beats & Sample Pack
  2. Purple Slush Lofi Hip Hop Serum Presets
  3. Free Lofi Beats and Sample Pack
  4. LoFi Hip Hop Beats Vol.1 by Osaka Sound
  5. Ultimate Lo-Fi Hip Hop Bundle by Ghosthack
  6. Black Octopus Mellow Mornings—Lofi Vibes
  7. Remember LoFi, Osaka Sound
  8. Goosetaf Presents: Lo-Fi
  9. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (free)
  10. Mango Melodies: Free Guitar Loops Pack (free)
  11. 587 free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples from SampleRadar
  12. Orchid premium sample collection
  13. Lofi toolkit
  14. Eternity lofi sample pack
  15. life ambient recordings
  16. Rhodes sample pack for free
  17. Lofi’s deluxe collection
  18. The ultimate lo-fi collection
  19. lofi midi gems vol 2 collection
  20. Aspaargus, lofi drum kit
  21. The X-Shulz lofi drum kit
  22. The DDA Free Lofi Drum Kit and Sample Pack
  23. Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit.
  24. Drum Kit for Boom Bap for Free
  25. Joji-styled lofi drum kit
  26. East coast boom bap free drum kit classic reborn
  27. Sample Pack of Boom Bap for Free
  28. The alchemist’s drumkit
  29. Free lo-fi drum loops
  30. What To Look For In A Sample Pack
  31. Our Picks For The Best Free Lofi Samples On The Internet
  32. Theaudioowl offers a free Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit.
  33. FLPSDE’s Free Loop Friday #7 Loop Pack
  34. Lofi Drum One-Shots from Juesswork
  35. Digital Dimension Audio’s Free Lofi Drum Pack
  36. Asparagus Hip Hop Drum Pack from Lofi Organic
  37. Mondo Loops Guitar Loops for Lofi Hip Hop

Wrap up:

You now have over 30 lofi drum kits to add to your sample collection.

Your search for the best lo-fi drum kits should undoubtedly come to an end here.

These lofi kits are professional and of high quality, coming from the best producers globally.

Although they are described as lo-fi drum kits, they can also be used in other genres such as trap reggae and afrobeats.

The best part is that they are completely free to use with any DAW. So download them, add them to your daw, and start making your favorite lo-fi hits.

I hope you found this article informative. Tell us about your favorite lo-fi drum kits and sample packs in the comment section.

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