iSine LX Review: How Does it Compare to iSine 10 and 20?

Audeze recently in 2018 announced a new product to their headphones lineup called iSine LX. This is the fourth headphone in their lineup. These headphones are basically a simplification of previous headphones. These headphones share the same technology as that of iSine 10 or iSine 20 and also uses the Audeze’s Fluxor Magnets and Uniforce voice-coil […]

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5 Best Bass Synth Pedals – Our Picks for 2018

Bass synth pedals can be novelty items or really essential tools in a bassist’s arsenal depending on how they’re used. They have the ability to generate crazy, quirky sounds which can work great on some kinds of music and not so good on others. Ultimately it depends on how they’re used, and having a great pedal […]

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The Only 7 Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals

In this blog post, let me review some of the best vocal harmonizer pedals.A harmonizer is a device that samples the audio input and automatically creates multiple time stretched versions at different pitches and combines them all to an audio output. Everything happens in real time. You hear this piece of equipment on the radio […]

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5 Simple Home Studio recording Tips To Implement Now

Recording audio may sound easy, but it's a complex process of various scientific approaches that allows an audio artist to depict precise audio. These 5 simple home studio recording tips could make that exact audio quality reflect out of your walls too. Home Studio ProductionIn the last couple of years, the viral spread of hybrid sub-genres of mainstream […]

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